Matt was 19 when ascendcancy was recorded. How awesome is that
The rate calculator on didnt work it said that the rate was unavailable
NO my friend lives in Saudi and he wanted a guitar and i wanted to ship him one
Hey guys im trying to ship a guitar for a friend to saudi arabia through aramex from the usa any idea how much it will cost?
Thanks guys you helped me a lot
I have been learning sweep picking recently and stumbled across a question which is whether in sweeping should the right hand be moving from the wrist or from the elbow? Id be grateful is someone could help.
Hey i was wondering if it is worth buying an ibanez guitar with a locking tremolo if i already have a non locking guitar? and also can i change the tuning by only using the fine tuners?
my amp is a roland cube 15x amp
Recently I've been trying to decide whether to buy some new pickups or simply buy a new pedal. For pickups I was thinking of EMG HZ pickups or maybe the Zoom G1 guitar pedal. Please recommend any options.