Definitely St. Anger By Metallica its pretty crap
not at the moment unless u can sing as well but we'll keep in touch just in case
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Classic Rock 95.3FM for Metallica and Black Sabbath

The Triple J program Full Metal Racket, 105.7FM. Which is on on Tuesdays from 10pm will have everything else.

totally agreed then we wouldnt have to listen to the sh*t of today
Need a good rock metal singer for our band ABSYNTH
thanks everyone well i think i will just stay with jeans a band t-shirt and an open flanno
thanks food1010 your mad ****
I dont know what i should wear next time im on stage any suggestions?
jason newsted backing vocals metallica
An Ibanez GSR-100Z they are a good gutar and they're pretty cheap depending on where you look ebay might be a good place to check and if your want more info
i also sometimes use Sony Acid Pro 7.0
Great Program is Behringers energyXT2.5 Plus