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The only stage presence in doom metal is the fact that you're present on the stage.

Yeah you don't exactly need a lot of stage presence in doom. I guess I could set up some cool decorations and stuff.
So, I founded a occult/space/sect inspired trad doom metal/rock band, where I compose and arrange all instruments, and I've gone through 3 guitarists, 2 bassists and 5 drummers but none of them either played well enough, or if they did, they were just not into the band, and did not work enough (after 6 months of rehearsals and they still didn't know the songs' structures...) and since I live in a small town I really don't know where else to look. I've spent too much money on rehearsals and stuff and I'm tired of working with other musicians. 

I've decided to really go solo. I play guitar and sing, got my amp, my cab, guitar, and a small PA system. What I'm concerned about is the quality of the backing tracks.

I've recorded every one of our songs so the multitracks are all ready to go. What I don't know though is how to send a multitrack from a PC to a mixing board. Like how do I output each track separately into every input of the mixing board? I guess I'm looking for some sort of reverse audio interface? Will I get noise from my PC's power supply? How can I deal with that?

Also, visually I have makeup, a hooded cape, what you would expect of some kind of prophet of the end of the world. And I guess I can get my hands on some cheap smoke machine activated with a pedal or something. Should I also invest on decoration? At what point is it not enough to compensate for being alone onstage and when is it too much?

Thank you all for your time! The music I'm making for this project is very important to me. I want to show it to the world. Even if that means being alone onstage.
Hello all,

I'm a singer-guitarist in a band, and I have been trouble keeping up in band practice, I always miss a section, or mess up a riff. It's usually small stuff, but I want to be perfect. We can only practice about twice a month for 4-6 hours, so we all practice the songs at home individually.

Right now what I do is that 3 or 4 times a week I'll just go through our entire set, along with the Guitar Pro tabs we wrote for them. It makes for about 50 mins of practice.

Is this the wrong approach? Should I be focusing on only a couple of songs at the time and try and perfect them? That seems the solution I'm heading towards but I'd like your feedback as well. This is in the Guitar Techniques because I have only trouble with the guitar parts, singing seems okay. I'm looking for ideas!

Anyhow thanks a lot!

Gas: 150€ (We need two cars for our stuff)
Spending 7 nights in motels: 250€
Lunch: 60€ total for the 6 days, we ate supermarket sandwiches lol. dinner offered by venue.

That makes up a total of 460€ in expenses and that doesn't include the money lost by two of the members who took 3 days off their jobs without pay.

We made about 150€ in total with a share of the door, and merch sales.
How do you tour whithout ruining yourself financially?
Here in France people won't pay to see three small bands but will spend easily 150€ to see a huge one... With my band we made a short 6 gig tour and in the end we had lost 300€. 
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Put your toe on the pedal while you inhale? 

Best solution yet. I've been working on my pedal placement as well with a lot of success.
Hello there guys! Hope everyone is doing fine.

I'm the founder of MARKARIAN, doomish metal band, and I'm the singer guitarist. For my rig I got my guitar effects pedals at my right foot, and the VoiceLive2 vocal effects processor at my left foot. 

I'm having a lot of trouble activating and deactivating effects without messing something up. I either:
  • Hit the wrong button
  • Hit MULTIPLE buttons (frigging boots)
  • Mess up a chord (or several)
  • Miss the beginning of my solos
  • Forget to sing (or breathe)
  • Several or all of the above

And this is mainly due to the fact that I can't look at my pedal boards while singing, if I could, I would have much less issues. Maybe you could suggest a mic stand position that would allow me to look down while singing? I have tried several but either I'm waaaay too bent over, or my pedals are too far away from my feet to access the comfortably.

counting on you guys!
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lol didn't Ronald just make a thread a week ago asking for info on doom? He literally hasn't learned anything in three years.

Yeah that's about it. I guess I will make my own thread. This guy can't help me.
I recently started a Doom Metal Band but after creating 4 songs that I find fairly original, I have trouble not to accidentally steal big Doom bands ideas like Cirith Ungol (By Reverend Bizarre) bass bridge or Dark Buddha Rising's Chinytid45 main riff. They are not exactly the same but the ressemblance is uncanny. Am I not listening to enough Doom? Is this just a way to cope with creativity blocks and I'll start composing original stuff afterwards? Is my musical instinct in need of making covers? XD I don't know man, I just wanna start composing good original stuff like I used to
I played God Save The Queen and Blitzkrieg Bop as a guest guitarist for a local punk-rock band. It was really fun! Not only the live show, but also the practice sessions. They were very serious, committed, but knew how to have fun while practising. It's weird playing a Sex Pistols' song with long hair and metalhead look, though, hehe.

Also, I disagree with the previous replier's signature: Guitar Hero is what brought me to play guitar for real :P
Hi guise.

I got the Behringer thingie to record, you know, the super budget one. It came with Guitar Rig 2. But it has a little problem. It has no output signal!

I'm using ASIO4ALL v2

What is the configuration I should have for it to have output signal?
Please could someone tab Crank The Heat up? its Sonic adventure Final Egg zone theme

Thanks in advance,

Wow its GREAT!!! Now mine's looks horrible lol
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As you said, it's kinda emo, but that doesn't really matter as long as your material is good. which it is, it's actually pretty nice. Personally I think you should work on making your lyrics less..idk how to say..hmm..obvious? It's like you're stating the obvious of what's going on in your mind. Like why can't you follow your dreams etc. But I think that's more of a personal preferance. I really like poetic, and not so "out there" kinda things. Looking at it from another view tho: the fact that in its "obvious/out there" kinda state, it's nice.
I really like the part where it sais

"But everyone tells me...
To get back to reality...
That dreams never become true...
... In this society..."

Tho I think you should change the parts where it sais

"Tell me please,
What there is left,
To do in this world?
What keeps pople moving on?"

(especially the "what keeps people moving on")


"I don't understand...
Why are some dreams so impossible?

Well I don't care!"

It's all good as an idea, tho slightly cliche. And i guess I don't fancy it too much cuz it's not very symbolic and peotic? (sorry).

But yea, work on it, and it'll become something around with the words and stuff (:


"The Inner Atributes"

Thanks a lot for the comment!!!

This i wrote what came to my mind, I'll fix it later, and yes, there are some cliches there lol...

I wrote it after my dad and i had a "talk" about that i have to pay more attention in school and do my homework instead of playing my guitar, but he started to say that I will never get anywhere with music and that i was going to be a hobo if i don't study and stuff...But I DO study... and have a bit-above-average grades, so i got a bit pissed of and wrote this lulz.

So the latest song I'm working on, it might be a lil bit emo-ish, so read at your own risk...

I still feel the pain...
I felt the day before i was born...

I will feel the pain...
When I get stuck in a routine...

I want to be free...
Free to do whatever I want

I wish I could be free...
Free to follow all my dreams...

But everyone tells me...
To get back to reality...
That dreams never become true...
... In this society...

Then why do we live!?
for why do we fight!?
Why the hell can't we follow our dreams!?
Our dreams...

Tell me please,
What there is left,
To do in this world?
What keeps pople moving on?

I don't understand...
Why are some dreams so impossible?

Well I don't care!
I will follow them to death!
Because otherwise,
I don't see what is life for!!!

Yup... that's all i got.
Thanks for your comments!

Except for you spike_8bkp, you called me tard... not cool bro... not cool... lol
So yeah i was ordering my itunes song and when i get to the "genre" tab i said "let's put something wierd to all of them" so now on my ipod in genres it says: "Vegetarian metal"

So i decided to do a kind of funny son gout of it...

Today we got plenty of things!
Spikes, Leather and a couple of rings
Those things that on our head make cling!
And a bunch of metal kinds that make my head sting!

We got power, trash, progresive, death!
Black Metal, those screams take out your breath!
Heavy Metal! The best thing ever!
Nu? What's that? Heard of it? Never!

But now we got VEGETARIAN METAL!!
But now we got VEGETARIAN METAL!!
But now we got VEGETARIAN METAL!!
But now we got VEGETARIAN METAL!!

Slaying Vegetables!
Cut an onion's head if you're able!
Slaying Vegetables!
Cut an onion's head if you're able!

Get ready...

APPLE PIE!!!!!!!!

And then a guitar solo comes in and the song is over.

What do you guys think?
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I'm 16. Age is never an excuse, don't keep saying that expecting anyone to lower their expectations of you. You should want harsh critiques, they help you get better.

No problem btw

yeah you're kinda right....

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You're not nearly as ****ed up as you think you are. So many people have written about murder, especially by knife, that it just has no effect on anybody anymore.

If you talked about tying him to four horses, one for each limb and them whipping the horses so they start running(they would rip off his arms first; the ligaments are weaker than the legs), and he would be dragged by the legs(no arms, raw, severed nerves grinding against the ground) and slowly ripped in half starting at the groin(because eventually the horses would start running opposite ways) and not die until he was ripped up to about midway through his abdomen(vital organs). Or if you had said something about cutting off his toes and shoving them down his throat and then decapitating him and showing him his own body(you are conscious for 8 seconds after being decapitated). Or even killed him with a carrot. Then you would be ****ed up. And then I would be disgusted and freaked out.

But the problem was that I didn't care enough about the killer or the killed for it to affect me.

...Even for being a 15 yrs old dude?... Okay... i'm not too much of a killing-songwriter, i'm more like a satanist freak, but the main guitarist of my band wanted something about killing and stuff so i said "ok i'll give it a try". Anyays i like how it went out.

thanks for the comment btw
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I have never laughed harder at a lyric before! I hope that you meant for this to be slightly humorous (I assume you did since you mentioned "lol" many times. If this is a parody, then bravo, I nearly peed myself while reading this. Like TMA 2 said, "I runned away with blood in my hands" is absolutely an absurd line, and the ending: "Gonna kill the man over there...
Take the keys, his car, and also that beer!" made me laugh even harder. If you are trying to be serious, I sincerely apologize, but this needs a lot of work! If you want a serious critique, let me know.

lol yeah i mean't to be humorous. and i would e very pleased with a serious critique. and the grammar error was on purpose, btw
So this is my first song... I just wrote what came up to my mind... The title is obviously not the real one... i have to think alot to put a decent title to this lmao, BTW i'm 15... don't be harsh on your critiques and comments lol


First blood,
Starting my vengeance.
Killing people with no feelings in me!

Feel the dark inside me...
Take a look into my rotten soul...

I see someone not too far from here,
A knife starts itching in my hand...
I walk towars him stealthy and calm,
A pool of blood appears on the ground...

Feel the dark inside me...
Take a look into my rotten soul...

I runned away with blood in my hands,
I have to escape frome here...
Gonna kill the man over there...
Take the keys, his car, and also that beer!

Feel the dark inside me...
Take a look into my rotten soul...

Come to a dark place
where death's face
is everywhere!
like if in hell we were

their blood i spill
and the darkness feel!!!

ok now its done! humorous awesomeness! BTW during the song i scream random things several times... lol