It sounds like the neck is too straight and needs more relief. Just Google truss rod adjustments.

Also, be careful when adjusting it--too much of an adjustment will snap the neck. Keep it to 1/4th to 1/8th of a turn at a time, and give it a few minutes between adjustments so it can settle. Try to adjust it as little as possible to fix the buzzing issues.
I would think playing on a crappy guitar would do a lot more for technique than playing on a crappy amp. The more difficult guitar will make you work harder than a nice, well set-up guitar. The crappier amp probably won't affect your technique; it just won't sound as good.
As for your first question, it's not something you can modify. You're just going to have to swap out the pickup with a non-reverse wound one.
There's probably no problem with the pedal; it's probably the 1 Spot that's causing the noise.

Yes Vendetta, the 1 Spot is great for people working on a budget. But you sacrifice quality to save some money. Don't believe me? Let me Google that for you.
I didn't realize this thread (and my stupid beginner question) would carry on this long.

Yes, I'm micing an amp. I'm starting with the placement advice from this article (hence the Shure SM57), and I'll make adjustments from that as needed. I'm not a guitar beginner, so I already have pretty good gear to play with. I'm just new to recording. I'll probably get a condenser mic at some point, but I'm going to see how the Shure handles it for now.

Thanks again for all the advice.
I realize this is a stupid question, but I'm brand new to recording, so here it goes: What kind of connectors would I need to connect a Shure SM57 to an M Audio Fast Track Pro? Would it be a 3-pin male XLR on one end and a 3-pin female XLR on the other?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a dumb question.
The Stomp Under Foot GRM is supposed to be a green muff clone. I haven't played it, but based on this video, it doesn't sound as full as the green muff, and it doesn't seem to have as much bass.
I'd like to vary my playing style a bit by learning to play jazz guitar. The problem is, I have no clue where to start. If there are any jazz players out there, could you recommend some songs (preferably with good tabs available) that I could start learning from?

The first 90 seconds of this YouTube clip should give a pretty good idea of what jazz style I'm interested in.

Check out the first five songs on the Doubble Donkey Disc by Ozma. That might be what you're looking for. Very Russian sounding.
There's a bonus track on my Valleys of Neptune album called "Slow Version," and it's awesome (I would link to a YouTube video for this song, but I can't find one). Does anyone know where I can find a tab for it?
Quote by ibanezgod1973
mine work fine, i use the planet waves ones .....swear by them

If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been using them? Have you ever had to recut in that time?

Quote by Zamorak
If you don't want to spend $$ on those, you can purchase connectors and cable yourself and solder them if you're good with that stuff.

I've only soldered once in my life, so I assume I'm not very good. That, and I don't have the tools for it.
I've been looking into patch cable kits like those made by George L and Planet Waves. The custom length concept sounds cool, but a fair number of the reviews indicate that owners frequently lost their signal due to these and had to recut often.

Does anyone have experience with these sorts of kits? How often do you lose your signal and need to redo them?
Quote by Zamorak
Sounds like a tube problem to me. Check to see if any of the tubes are microphonic... you can do that by lightly tapping them with a pencil head or something like that. That's what I'd check first but be careful doing this as tubes are potentially deadly... If you don't feel comfortable I'd take it into an amp tech and they can sort you out really quick.

See it might not be the amp at all, and just the tubes. If it's the tubes you can replace those without replacing the amp.

Thanks for the advice, but if there is a problem with this amp, it's going right back to musiciansfriend. They advertised it was "like new," and I don't plan on paying to fix it if it's not.
Quote by kacper_j
Faulty cable? Does it happen more when you move around? If so then its definately a faulty cable.

I don't think so. I tried it with two different guitar cables, but the problem persists with both. Also, the cables work fine with a different amp. As for the speaker cable, I only have one, but it's brand spanking new, and nothing changes when I move it around.
I just got an Egnater Tweaker head from musiciansfriend. It was described as used but in "like new" condition. I plugged it in to start playing with it for the first time, and I heard this crackling, staticy sound. I've uploaded an MP3 of it in my profile (the only MP3 I've put up). I'm assuming it's just defective, but I wanted to ask here to see if anyone has an idea.

If it helps, that's with the amp set to clean and the master at about 1:00. The MP3 kinda makes it sound like this is a subtle problem, but I think the mic just didn't catch it well--the crackling is actually pretty damn loud.
Quote by sixstringedmatt
So, I ordered a Egnater Tweaker at GC because I could not pass up that coupon they offered. The thing is on backorder so I have some time before I get it, and no shops here have had it in stock for me to demo -- again, not such a wise idea, but the coupon brought the thing down to a great price.

You're in Hampton Roads, right? I was in the Virginia Beach Guitar Center on Friday, and they had at least one Tweaker (I think I saw two, actually). They had a used Tweaker cab too, but I took that off their hands.
This thread is in need of some pics, so here are a few photos of my Ikea Gorm pedalboard, which I just finished.

This is just after I finished painting it:

Top view:

With some Velcro:

The top view, showing the support plank I put in:

And here's the board with my pedals. I'm going to get a George L patch cable kit, but for now I'm just using Spectraflex cables (not pictured). I've also got a Barber Trifecta on the way.
Awesome, thanks dude!
Quote by Dave_Mc
wow, that's the first speaker cable thread I've seen where people list the music they play. are you from the gear page?

No, I just don't know anything about speaker cables and don't know if my genres matter. Well, that, and every time I post here, everyone asks what sort of music I play, so I thought I'd just volunteer it.

what's your budget and what country are you in?

USA. Budget is flexible, but I don't want to spend a lot if something cheap will do. I don't need any great length, so let's say under $50 (about 40 euros).
I'm about to buy my first head/cab, and I'm curious about what is the best speaker cable for connecting them. If it matters, I'm getting the Egnater Tweaker and matching cab. I play classic rock, hard rock, and blues, but no metal.

Thanks in advance!
Quote by BobDetroit
I wouldn't recommend anyone buy one without playing one first.

If it's going to be something that fits my genres, I'll ask the guy to try it. I'm just trying to figure out if it's worth the time for me to do it, because I don't want to bug the dude if it's not likely to work out.
I've found a pretty good deal on a 1990s VHT Pittbull 45W 2x10 combo amp, and although I've never gotten to play one, I've heard really good things about VHT. I'm hoping someone here has some experience with them and can tell me about the Pittbull.

Genres: I play a lot of 90s rock (Stone Temple Pilots, Toadies, etc.) and classic rock (Zep, Hendrix, SRV, etc.). Absolutely no metal. I want something that will get a good crunchy overdrive while also maintaining a nice, warm clean. It also needs to be suitable for blues. Needless to say, I need versatility.

Gear: I mostly play with an SSS MIA Strat, although I occasionally switch to a customized POS Ibanez with Seymour Duncan HBs. I play with about 6 or 8 pedals, so the amp needs to work well with pedals.

1.) Will this amp fit my genres? Will it give me a nice, fat sound out of single coil pickups?

2.) Although I play mostly in an apartment, I will be getting a new band going soon. 45W should be enough to play over drums, but will I be able to dial in a decent tone at apartment volumes as well, or is this just too damn big?

NOTE: I am not looking for suggestions about other amps. I am only asking about the Pittbull.

Thanks in advance!
Quote by bogg808
People here seem to like the GORM shelfs from IKEA.

I'm in the process of doing this right now, and I think it's going to come in under $40 when it's finished (I haven't bought the velcro yet, but I'm at $18 with everything else).

Here's a thread on it if you want to learn more.
Quote by josephde
Yeah, as far as the gift thing, I just meant if you were worried and trying to play it safe. I typically don't have a problem with it if it's a well known user. Especially on more expensive things :/

So if the seller's got over 1,500 posts and shows up in a sig or two, it's pretty solid?
Anyone have experience buying pedals (or I guess anything) on The Gear Page? What's the best way to set up a transaction to protect yourself from getting screwed? I ask because there's a pedal I'm interested in, and I've never bought off something like that before.
I've heard good things about the Budda Bud Wah and the MXR MC404 CAE Wah, but I don't have any personal experience with either. I have a Crybaby 535Q, but I think it sounds a bit too harsh in the toe down position, and I probably won't keep it forever.

Edit: Those might be a little bit over of your budget.
I think I've figured out that this is probably a 2003 version. I'm going to post some details on why, just in case anyone else has the same problem and runs across this thread.

First, Proco didn't start using the OP07DP chip until 2003 (source).

Second, as you may have noticed in the third and fourth pictures, the pedal I received has a big blue 3PDT switch. It was gray on the 90s ones. The rest of the guts looked substantially different as well (picture).

Third, the etchings on the pots indicate they were produced in the 23rd week of 2002, which seems consistent with them not being used until a 2003 pedal production.

Thanks for the help, everyone. I guess this is why eBay has buyer protection.
Quote by nightraven
looks like he swapped out the chips then. negative feedback that mofo. what was his ebay user ID?

I've contacted the seller to see about resolving this. I won't out her if she can fix this or give me enough of a refund to let me resell it at the price it deserves. I guess I've got eBay Buyer Protection if I need it.
Quote by Griffin Effects
You've probably been had. Does it have a sticker on the bottom that says Vintage Rat? Might have peeled it off. Vintage Rats were made between 91 - 05 so technically it could be an early 90's Vintage Rat. If the chip says OP07 on it, it's not a LM308 in there.

Quote by nightraven
it is the big box model he sent you right?
the vintage reissue rats did all have the elusive 308 IC (i think) but that chip inside is what they use in them right now so it looks like he's sent you the small box reissue. is there not a sticker underneath with the number on it or something near the jacks?

I've edited the original post to include this info, but it says "Vintage Reissue VR-110622 Made in U.S.A." on the sticker. It looks like a Vintage Reissue, and it's a Big Box model.
I just got a Proco Rat off eBay, and I think I've been had. The seller said it was an early 90s Rat with the LM308 chip, and although I'm not versed in this stuff, I think he was lying. Could anyone help me determine whether any of that was accurate?

Model: Vintage Reissue Rat (Big Box)
Pots: ER3977 0223 (I can't find any other number on them)
Chip: the chip says OP07DP
Sticker on Bottom: Says "Vintage Rat VR 110622 Made in U.S.A."

Is there any way to date this based on that info?

Try the search function.
Zvex Mastotron > Zvex Fuzz Factory
Quote by AcousticMirror - the swart spacetone is arguably the best single coil tweed sound ever. It cranks and you get full pwoer tube distortion.


I think you'd like the swart a lot.

Of all the amps I've ever played, Swart is probably my favorite. However, the one in this link is not so great. You'd have to go over $1,000 to get their good sounding amps. The Space Tone Reverb Mark 2 (around $1,350) is way, way better and well worth the price increase. I would not recommend the Space Tone Tweed 6v6se.
Quote by full_ride_311
i've just looking about tone and features

If I'm deciphering that correctly, you're looking to find out more about the Tweaker's tone and features.

I played one for a few hours the day it hit my local Guitar Center, and I liked it a lot. I was comparing it with the Vox Night Train, Orange Tiny Terror, Fender Blues Jr., and Egnater Rebel 20.

I liked the cleans on the Tweaker better than the NT and TT. To my ear, both the NT and TT made my single coils sound thin, while the Tweaker produced a fatter, fuller sound.

In comparison to the Rebel 20, the Tweaker won me over. I think the British/AC/American switch gives a wider range of tonal varieties than the Rebel 20 offers. I couldn't hear a lot of difference in tone based on the Rebel 20's tube selector and wattage switches, so I think the Tweaker lets you achieve a wider range.

I liked the cleans better on the Blues Jr. However, if you've played a BJ, you probably know it barely breaks up at all, even with the volume all the way up. The Tweaker breaks up very well for the sound I like (classic rock and 90s rock).

I'm very heavily considering getting the Tweaker, but I want to wait for the combo. I'm still hoping to try out some VHTs and a Dr. Z before making a decision too.
Is your question limited to whether the Tweaker is loud enough to play with a drummer, or do you want more info about its tone and features?

If it's the former, you're going to be hard-pressed to get answers. The Tweaker head/cab literally hit stores less than three weeks ago, and the combo version won't be available for about two more weeks.
Quote by hendrixftw
supposedly modern Rat's aren't very good quality these days...I'd be hesitant to purchase one.

This man speaks the gospel. New Rats sound like ass. If you decide to get a Rat, look for an old, used one. 2002 or older.

EDIT: I've heard Keeley can mod a new Rat to sound like an older one, but I have no personal experience to confirm or deny that.
Quote by CephalidHunter
Hughes and kettner cream machine (1watt) or bluesmaster(4watts)

I can't find either of those. Not on eBay, Craigslist, or Google Shopping. Not in my local music stores either.