lol im just back from saw 3 n may i say that movie is bloody good lol prefer 2 tho, n i agree with kshelt76
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Fuck off you cunt.

Either, I just want to see what ideas people have.
Hey, I've to design a multi effects pedal for a project in school. What necessitys are required to make a good multi effects unit? What effects/options should be available to the user without it being cluttered? *lyk this post *
iron maiden are metal gods - i wouldn't say they have any "crap" songs, they have a couple that are a bit dodgy but overall theyre musics amazing, get the brave new world album!

roll on december 15th \m/
in media player you can slow it down so its easier to hear, go to play up the top, then play speed then slow it down
it depends if you want cleaner tones blues like bb king and robert johnson etc or some with more distortion, eg people lyk gary moore, i personally like blues alive by gary moore, its live n its got a realy good feel to it
i think it depends on how they play not how well they play - if they pull of wots required n they do it well go for it audition people n see who feels best *that wasn't a sexual innuendo*
guns n roses paradise city and out of the silent planet by iron maiden - those were the first ones that made me want to play after that many followed
i've got a standard and it plans just as well as any custom ive ever played
does anyone know the settings or not?
i have no idea :| i thought i replied to something else :P ignore that
obviously, but what are the settings on that delay pedal
surely you can tell if its good by playing it?
if this thread doesn't belong here, sorry, but does anyone know the settings for the intro to welcome to the jungle by g'n'r for the boss dd-6?
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each company does something better or worse.

i agree
my little brother got lessons and a guitar so i started ****ing about with it for something to do
so i got my own electric and i now have my epiphone les paul ahh.... good times