A few years ago I wanted to sleep over at my friends house, of course my parents said no even though I had no intention of boning her. But if I were a parent, I'd understand why they would say no.
Whats your stance on it and why? I'm pro-choice, if it's not your body, it's not your call.
Hello there, I have never had V.I.P tickets before, and I recently acquired VIP tickets to Testament, I'm one of those meticulous people that needs to make sure every detail/plan is thought out. So with that said, the website Testament sent me too does not say how the VIP members get the laminate in order to gain access to the meet and greet, etc, when you have gotten VIP tickets to a concert, are they mailed to you or do you pick them up? If you pick them up, where would they be located or do I just tell one of the guards there? Thanks so much!
For the past week, Itunes has deleted all my music 5 times, does anyone have any idea as to why and how I can prevent this from happening?
I'm looking for Metal bands based out the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, and Noway. Either Death metal or Thrash would work. Would anyone be able to help?
Hey Pit, I have always wondered this: Why does Metallica cut out a part of The Four Horsemen when they play it live? Is it just for convenience or what? [forbidden link] From 3:27 until 4:35
In response to JohnnyGenzale post. "My heart aches when I am not with her
The loneliness without her arms around me
She makes me feel safe when I need her
She brings the best out of me
I love her so
She takes away my fears, my worries.
I thank god for every mistake I made,
Because each one led me to her
all my fears,
all my yesterdays, wash away,
and only hope remains,
and the promise of her embrace,
And when we finally come together,
I want you to hold me, hold me all night,
Show me the love I know you can
That you hide within yourself
The hair I stroke, soft as silk
The kiss we share, as sweet as honey,
An embrace like ecstasy,
Eyes as deep and as beautiful
as the sea
she is beyond what I could
have dreamed for
she is beauty defined
she is my world
And when we finally come together, I want you to hold me. Hold me all night.
until we embrace, until there is only now. You and I, and now."
I wrote a girl a poem and I'm giving it to her on Valentines day. Certainly hope she likes it.
I've been wanting a replacement for my Lg Rumor 2 for a while now, and I've been eying the samsung galaxy s3, and am curious as to what you guys think of it, what it's like, how long the battery lasts. Etc. I don't plan to use it for anything fancy. Just Facebook and Texting. Thanks, in advance!
Fan base is one thing, personally, I don't like their fan base, but the musicians within the band, I can't help but respect them and acknowledge their talents.
I used to hate Avenged Sevenfold, but I decided to give them another chance and I realized the guitarists are two very gifted musicians, along with the singer, so my question to you all, why do you think people give this band such hate?
I've been playing guitar for 5 years, but I still have trouble with my hands clamping up and getting sore from songs like Creeping Death and World Painted Blood, Does anyone have any hand exercises or advice to prevent my hands from tightening up? Thanks!
A heart breaking video and story about a young beautiful girl who committed suicide on Wednesday in BC for being bullied.
I'm 18 and the thought of driving scares me, so I rarely drive and when I do, it's only in empty parking lots where I dont drive that fast. Can anyone offer any help? I'd love to to drive by the time im 19 but I cant get over my fear.
I'm not gong to get more guitars, I have three already, My brother suggested either a Peavey 6505 Plus 112 High Gain Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier with 60-watt output or a Ibanez tube screamer TS9. I guess the thread has kind of shifted from pickups to Amps and pedals. What's your guys opinion on the Peavey 6505 Plus 112 and Ibanez tube screamer TS9?
My brother lent me his Metal Zone Mt2 so I'll try that out and see if I like it. I'm happy with my amp so that'll be the last thing I replace. If I like the sound of the metal zone, I'll get another guitar, and if I don't, I'll keep looking for a pedal.
I'm fairly happy with my Solid state amp right now, so right now, it's a choice of new guitar(Hopefully with Blackouts) or a pedal. Right now my amp sounds muddy with the current setup. I have a MT-2: Metal Zone pedal that my brother gave me, so I'll try that and see how it sounds, and if I like the way it sounds, I'll go for a guitar, and if I don't like how it sounds, I'll go for a pedal.
In Canada, Alberta to be specific. I'm right in the middle of Edmonton and Calgary which are the two largest cities in the province. I'm going to Metallica August 17th after I turn 18. My brother suggested before I go to the concert, that I could go shop for a guitar, But a pedal would be a cheaper idea. I'm happy with the Amp and guitar I have now. I got the PRS for about $350. Originally $800. The Amp was a gift from my uncle. I still like Solid state, I'll probably move to Tube a little later, right now I just play in my room. Can anyone give me any really good pedals for that pure Metal tone? I'll buy a pedal for now, Amp later, Guitar last since I have a great guitar already. Thanks for your help, guys!
I'm still in school and have a low paying job, I'd say between $600 and $800 is my price range. The guitar I use now is a PRS Paul Allender with PRS-designed Paul Allender treble and bass humbucking pickups. A friend suggested I just get a Pedal. I'm still not sure with what direction I want to go. Option one: Buy a new guitar with Blackouts/EMG. Option two: Buy a new amp, or option three: Buy a distortion pedal.
Which pickups are best suited for Thrash Metal?
Awesome! Would you let me know what you think of my two videos? They're just me screwing around but at the same time, trying to put something together.