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i know a guy with vegetarianism... i hope they find a cure soon, his manliness is weakening every day

Oh..I'm terribly sorry for your friend, having to deal with people as lacking in respect and integrity as yourself. My manliness would diminish too, if I were to have ignorant, fist pumping idiots shove inaccurate assumptions, that are actually quite dichotomous to the truth, shoved in my face all the time. (I do receive the remarks and stereotypes in question too, it's really grown quite tedious over time.)
I'm a vegetarian, but that doesn't mean I think it's wrong to kill animals for food. I just think that the way animals are killed for food, in today's industry is inhumanely disgusting at best.
Sweeeeeeeeeet, what tuning is this in?
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Well, thats a big shame. The music "industry" yet again shooting themselves in the foot, attacking the very people that keep it on its last legs. I hate these corporates, they ruin all the good websites.

Shame, nice while it lasted though.

A-****ing-men!.....Wait, that didn't sound right, but still, dis is da troof bruvva. h3h3 lulz
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Ire Works is a little "eh" for a DEP album, but I'd recommend watching live videos of Calculating Infinity songs since the album itself didn't do much for you, or the one Aliens Exist mentioned.

Shut the fuck up, everyone here knows he's not.

Lolwut? you got more butthurt than he did. At least HE thought it was funny. :-P
Nein, leider nicht der Mensch. Durch die Art und Weise eine deutsche Metal-Band? wie köstlich von Ihnen Hipster.
Is it weird if this story gave me a chubby?
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Get out.

That's exactly what I'd expect an A7X fanboy to say..
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Well, I was saying it from a subjective point of view, rather than an objective one. I consider them "not bad," because that is my subjective opinion. I'm aware they're good objectively, but I don't enjoy them as much as others. I'll give them another go: which would you say is their best album?

Option Paralysis. Or 'Ire Works'
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I like Psyopus a lot, but only when they aren't being immature: I love Chris Arp's playing style and general sound. DEP aren't bad, and The End are pretty good. If you don't know them, check out Car Bomb, as they're a good lil' fusion of tech metal and mathcore:

****, I love Psyopus, Chris Arp has set the bar for insane guitar playing to an all time high. He' a bit of a ****ing bawwss, just saying.

Btw, I just uploaded a 'Mathcore' song I wrote to my profile, you guys should totally check it out! haha oh and while you're at it, the second part to my guitar lesson? Fans of Psyopus, DEP and Architects, should find it helpful...Haha.
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I love this genre. The chaotic side and the complexity of the songs make me really enjoy that style.

My favorite bands are Botch, Achilles, The Armed, The Chariot, Crydebris, Narrows.
Bands like Number Twelve Looks Like You or Curlp and die are more noisy and I don't really like when Mathcore is mixed with Grindcore.

There are some really great bands in France like Comity, Plebeian Grandstand, The Rodeo Idiot Engine.

I like your taste. I strongly advise that you check out, 'The Arusha Accord' They are my new favourite band atm, along with Architects haha.
As If My Dreams Were Boring
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Hey mum there's something in the backroom, hope it's not the creatures from above.

I just knew I was going to live to regret this username.
So who else here indulges in the delicious complexity, unpredictability, dichotomy and unprecedented musicianship of Mathcore? And what are your favourite bands who play this sort of style?
Don't press your palm so hard on the bridge?
You're not alone haha, I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was about 9, and this year (I'm 17) I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, so if I happen to go into mania, my already hyperactive as $H1t mind and body go faaarrrrkkiinnnggg crazy, and I play guitar better, but still get distracted REALLY easy, because I actually find it painful to sit still for longer than like 2 minutes, I need to be doing something exciting, constantly.
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A glass door smashed, flung glass directly at my wrist, slashed my tendons in half, three times. This was my right hand, luckily. :-/
Yes. I mean, music works in the brain much like a drug, thus releasing Dopamine and such, but another way of releasing said neurotransmitter, I've found, is to listen to the 'strangest/most unique' bands I know of, then continue on with my own songwriting, with the sole intention of doing something so ****ing crazy, nobody would ever have done or even thought about it before. I hope I'm succeeding, anyway.
Yeah, I'm going to have to side with the majority on this one, 8-12 hours a day in front of my laptop, either writing music, studying stuff that interests me, talking to friends or watching videos/listening to music.
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I hate memes, but I won't lie, I laughed my dick off a little.
Anxiety is not a personality disorder. But for this 'Anxiety Disorder' that you suspect you may have, I suggest 'Cognitive Behavioural Therapy'.
Yeah i agree with Marley, Tender Surrender is simply amazing.. a few other good shred songs, i think, are: Caprici Di Diablo - Yngwie Malmsteen, Paganini's 5th Caprice (guitar arrangement by Jason Becker) a shorter one would be B.R.O by Paul Gilbert, but if u REALLY wanna give the whammy bar a workout, yeah just stick wit Vai..haha
Is Myles (Kennedy) a vegetarian? jus thought u'd know, from touring and stuff...ive just always wanted to know..
christians like myself don't ever push our beliefs on people who don't seek it, i think some of you must have us confused with Jehova's witnesses :P
i personally think ur write wit the bigger strings bigger sound theory, thts wot i always thought
ooooo Take off the pickguard, and paint it black, then put a red "X" below the neck pickup, nd then give it some black hardware, it would look freakin sweet!
that is mighty confusing....btw, i have sanded the finish off my first guitar lol!! but its a piece a crap so yea....
wel, u have to be REALLY good at guitar, OR, just make really good songs
all those guys are terrible examples of singers if ur looking to not damage ur voice, i like all of those singers but yeah, the guy from A7X had to go to the hospital for effing up his voice box, and yeah it is ok to clasp ur throat a little to get the raspy sound, but only to activate ur diaphragm sorta
i went through that too, try making some little customizations to ur guitar, just last night i put an X made out of tape on my les paul, i got the idea of deryck whibley, do u have an idol? like a person who inspired u to play in the first place?
jus try nd b modest i guess nd show em tht above all else ur a nice guy...if u r
yea definitely some sort of strat copy, iv seen 1 lik dat b4, freakin awesome, but i wouldnt kno the brand sorry mate