Yeah, I notice it's all still full of trolls
Man I haven't been on here in four years. 😳
Pen. Everyone complains that they can't read it if I use a pencil, because I write really lightly.
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Oh, sorry, I misinterpreted your post.

Understandable. Things always come out sounding wrong when I'm tired.
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Well in that context I'm picking up a bit of a passive-aggressive vibe from your previous post. What's that all about?

Not passive-aggression, just an observation. I honestly can't keep up enough to supply any commentary.
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If anything, I'd think the less you use an internet forum, the more likely you'd be to be able to communicate with people properly

I was referring to the people on here.
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what is going on in here?

No idea.
But then again I'm starting to learn that I don't use UG enough to be able to communicate with people.
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Woo! Congrats to your sister and your family.

Thanks! She's the first grandchild/niece, so we're pretty excited.

And no offense, but I think Blake is more of a guys name then a girls.
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Name it Blake.

You have my blessing.

...It's a girl.
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:3What's up? How come you're waiting at a hospital?

I'm waiting for my sister to have her baby.
I'm stuck waiting around in the hospital by myself and I'm bored out of my mind. I need someone to talk to.
I get moody in the winter due to being inside so much.
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Muse used to do good acoustic versions of their songs, but they don't really do it anymore.

I second this.
I voted.
Because I can go from 5'1" to 5'6" or taller. Don't get me wrong, I love being short. But sometimes I just want to feel tall.
The two most important things in my life.
I don't really mind either of them. But I prefer cats to dogs.
But.... He's my dads cousin!
Yeah. It's life!
Uh, we never talked and then he took me out of his sig.

Haha. Nah, you don't have to kick his ass.
I think my e-husband left me.
I don't hate girls. But there are some girls that I just find annoying as all get out and would never hang out with them.
But that's the same for both genders.
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My brain wants to get back into it, but my body says otherwise

While riding at Indian Dunes (Yeah a long time ago) I went over the bars, and as I was going over, my left foot caught on the crossbar and messed something up. Either a tendon or a muscle tore.
It was almost a year before I could walk normally.
I could walk, but only about 30 - 40 feet or so then had to rest.
My endurance level on my left leg went from awesome to pathetic.
I would run either 5 or 10 miles (Depending on the day of the week and when my last and next race was). So I was in damn good shape.

One of my neighbors took me to the very first supercross : Los Angeles Coliseum in 1972. Marty Tripes kicked everyones ass that night.

Several years later, I watched, in the LA Coliseum, as Bob Hannah won, almost lapping the 2nd place rider (Forget who it was). And after crashing in the first turn at the start.

Ouch. Did you ever find out what really happened to it? I'm guessing it still bothers you, that would suck.
I know how it is though. I tore my ACL and it took forever to be able to walk and ride. I also broke my collarbone and now have a plate and 6 screws in it. That took me out of riding for a almost a year.
Honestly, I should probably be slowing down as well, which is sad because I'm not old at all.

That's awesome. Do you still watch supercross?
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I used to race motocross.
Any other sport bores me.

This. Except I still race.
Banned. Why's that?
Texting and riding. OH YES!

Our lives are ran off of technology.
Banned. That's great! Congratulations.
You and me both. Banned. Time differences suck!
Strawberries are my favorite.
Have fun!
I didn't know what to get you.

Or a troll. Banned.
Banned because you didn't ban.