Banned. I'm a Garden Gnome.
Banned because it's storming and I hate storms.
Banned. Don't worry, I get lost too. So I only come in here every now and again.
Banned. How rebel-ish.

Edit: I just got ninja'd like 4 times.
Snowman is banned for not banning!
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I have ice cream in boxes all of the time. I didn't know it was out of the ordinary in the states. If I got to any grocery store and look in the frozen goods section, there are hell of ice cream boxes.

I see ice cream in boxes all the time. I never realized it was strange.
Banned. Hello Rebel!
Banned because it's super hot out today.
Tea. I can't stand the taste of coffee. Even when my sister puts a ton of sugar in it, it's nasty.
Banned. The wedding is finally over. Wooo!
Hello. I'm good, how are you?
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Banned. Thanks
And that's great! Personally, I'd prefer a job that I like, compared to one I don't. To go to work everyday, knowing I loathe it, wouldn't be worth the money.

Now that it's the summer, I'm hoping to start to finally record.

Banned. No problem. I would probably give you a massage or something if I could.
Yeah, I agree. And I hated my old job, so this works.

Yay! If you end up uploading any of them onto your profile let me know so I can listen to them.
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Banned because I'm good. I've been out of town for the past week, so I haven't been on UG for a week.
I'm working full-time now for the summer so I feel great, despite being sore and tired from work today lol.
How are you my love?

Banned. That's good. I'm sorry you're sore tonight though.
I've been good. I got a new job! I just exercise horses for people now. It doesn't pay as good but I like it better.
Banned. Hey hubby!
I haven't talked to you in ages. How are you?
Banned. I'm not a huge fan of cheese.
Banned. Night Dave!
Banned. I know that song. It's called Dreams Are Real or something like that.
Banned. First dates should not be to weddings.
My family would be all "Aw, who's your boyfriend?" and I would be like "I just met him". And that would be super awkward.
Banned. I don't plan on accepting. That would be kind of weird.
Banned. Some guy that works with my sister wants to be my date for my other sisters wedding. I don't even know the guy...
Banned. Thanks guys.
It's just hard because it could have been prevented, you know?
Banned. A good friend of ours died late last night. From a heat stroke.
Banned. Life sucks.
Banned. I'm happy with my weight.

Double banned because I just got back from jet-skiing. Stand ups!
Banned. I'm bored too.
Banned. I'm leaving for the day. Adios amigos!
Banned because we are not friends.
Banned. I'm still here....
Banned. That is true.

That's to what Leaf said, in case I get ninja'd again.

Banned. Neither did you.

Edit: I got ninja'd.
Banned. I'm with everyone else KitKat. It'll get better the older you get. We're all just pretty immature at this age, too immature for real relationships. The fact that the guy got sick of you because you worried about him proves he didn't deserve your love.

And I've never had a real boyfriend. I don't want a guy at this age.
Banned. Have fun with school Leafwhisperer.

Thankfully I don't have to go back to school until September.
Banned. Not for me. It makes me sad. Time's flying by too fast!
Banned. I can't believe today is the last day of June. D:
Banned. I love summer. Although I'm always much busier in the summer which sometimes sucks.
Banned. I'm tired.
My brother tried to dye his hair with Kool Aid once. It didn't work.
Banned. He loves them. I once had a whole bag of them sitting on my tack trunk outside of his stall and he ended up grabbing the bag and eating them all.