Banned. We call it both, it just depends on the person.
Exactly. And I like when all the trees change colors. It's so pretty.
Banned. I prefer the spring and fall.
Banned because it's not so bad. Could have been worse.
Banned. No, it's the ring finger on my left hand and I'm right handed.
Because I got ran over by a horse today. Broken finger, huge welt on my head, and the whole right side of my mid-section is bruised.
Banned. I have such bad luck.
Quote by StillSublime
Banned because I don't know. Other than like 2 of my friends, I've become invisible lately

Banned because you're the one who stopped talking to me.
Banned because ponies are the BEST!
Banned. Not those kind of ponies.
Banned because I'm sorry to hear that.

Double banned because my ponies are sleeping and don't want to get up. *Sigh*
Banned. I love this thread.
Banned because BASTI!!!
Quote by davrockist
Banned because I feel so left out in this thread these days

Don't feel that way. We still love you!
You just need to post more. I miss you, and Snowman, and Skyler, and Rebel, and Vicious, and Numa, and Mark, and K-train, and Metal4eva, and Andrea even though she still posts sometimes.... And Basti too for that matter! I don't see him much either.

I haven't slept much this week at all. It's awful.
Exactly. Constant thought out and constructive conversations are bor-ring!
Banned. There is nothing wrong with our conversations! Randomness is good.
Banned because I read your last post wrong.
Banned. No, it didn't.

Night Stealstrings!
Banned. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I think I only got a couple hours.
Banned. It's not like we can see.
Banned. Good morning people!!!!
I'm with Stealstrings on being irritated. It snowed last night.
Banned because I feel like hiding now. Google gave me the creeps.
Holy sh*t. I just googled myself... and that is creepy!
Banned. You can google me?
Banned. I'm curious on how you did it! Did you use Megan?
Banned. You're the first person that was able to find me without a mutual friend!
I thought she said she added you a page back? Now I'm confused! How did you find me?

Edit: Whoaaa. You're not friends with her! In this case, job well done.
He has Andrea as a friend, my guess is he went to her friend list.
Banned. Messages are sent. Good luck boys!

S0n1c '97; do you live in Michigan?
I'm a troll by the way.
Banned. I can send you my last name as well, if you want.
Quote by rjaylaf
banned i tried...

Really? I didn't even give you my last name to work with.

Banned. Okay Stealstrings, I'll give you my last name and you can see if you can find me.

So many ninja's, holy crap. But I'm a Troll! A very at the bottom troll.
WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! Congrats Kane!
Banned, who, me?
Banned. Most people can't find me on Facebook.
Banned because that's what I usually tell people.
But here, have a hug.
Banned because I just ninja'd you. Yessssssss!
Banned. Don't leave Andrea!
Banned. Oh. What for?
Banned because I'm surprised you're on! Usually when I'm on you're not here.