Banned. I love the weekends, that's when all the fun stuff happens.
Banned because that sounds awesome!
Banned. Goodnight Stealstrings!
Banned. Good! I'm glad to hear that it's better.
Banned. Nothing, it's only 9:20am here. The day is just starting! (Not really because I've been up since 6 but whatever)
How are you?
Banned because I have no reason to ban!
You don't even live in Canada! Banned.
Banned. I'm gonna ruin this party, NOT CANADIAN! WOO!
Only when I'm not adding in letters that don't belong. Banned.
Banned because you didn't ninja' me the first time. You just like to think you did.
Banned for creeping on my page and seeing me lay on a horse like that!

Ninja'd. Ugh.
Banned because I think we chased everyone away.
Banned because I'm okay with that.
Banned. I know. I always add E's and then have to go back and take them out.
It's fixed though, so it's all good!
Banned for pointing out the obvious.
Banned. That's.... interesting to know.
Banned because he must not have seen this one yet:
Oh baby.

Banned. Such a dirty mind, tsk tsk.
Banned because we're fast.
Quote by StillSublime
Banned because you have an underscore in your name.

You just now noticed that?


Edit: Who are you going to go see in concert, Ryan?
Banned for being more well-known then you thought.

I know you!

Also, that was great Stealstrings!
Yes. Yes we are.

Quote by StillSublime
Banned because I refuse your high-five.

That's okay, it wasn't aimed at you anyways.


B*tch please. I've been using NO U since before you even joined!
Banned because you did not! I seen your post before I posted.
Banned. I guess being tired can be considered as good.
Banned. I don't really care anymore. If she doesn't wanna spend time with me, fine. She was the one that was complaining yesterday saying how we never see each other anymore. But she's the one constantly running off to her boyfriends house, not me.

But enough of that. How are you?
I guess because I wanted to hang out today? I don't know. We were gonna go shopping but then her boyfriend decided he didn't wanna come. So she got mad and said "I can't do this anymore" because apparently if she goes to hang out with him, I'm mad, and if she hangs out with me, he's mad. So she ditched me and went to his house.
Banned because I'm bored. And my sister is apparently mad at me.
Banned because I seen you lurkin'!
Banned. Hello Basti! I'm doing pretty good. How are you?

Also, I don't think we're alone.