Banned. That wasn't a very good pun.
Banned. I think they have a new song out.
Banned because I have no idea what you guys are talking about!
Banned because it is night time here.
Banned. I agree!
Banned, never?
Banned because I am jealous! I haven't gotten to snowboard at all this year.
Well now you have.
Banned because no ones posted in here since this morning.

Edit: Andddddddd I just got ninja'd.
Banned because I see no pancakes.
Banned. So do I. And unfortunately my sister and my mom don't get along. So they fight a lot. It's always over really stupid stuff too.
Because my family is fighting. So I'm hiding.
Banned because I had a great day! But then I came home and now my good mood is ruined.
Banned because I'm super excited for tomorrow!
My room.

There's a wall missing in these photos. But it's just my closet, the windows, and my acoustic guitar, so it's pointless to share such a photo.
Banned for being creeped on. That's creepy.
Banned because while I suck at chess, I don't really care to learn either.
Banned. I suck at chess.
Take the snow! I want summer. Banned.
Banned because its snowing. Again. >_<

Edit: Night! Sweet dreams.
Yes. Pretty much always. When I see the person I'll just be like "oh, by the way, bla bla bla says hello".
Quote by rocknroll93
no ya dont. it makes you think without using your brain.

I'm a over thinker though. So that might not be a bad thing!
Banned. I wish I had a penis.
Banned for having a penis.
I'm a girl and I have a penis.

I don't really have a penis.
Banned because hate is a strong word.
Banned because the memories haunt me.
Banned. I wanna sleep.
Quote by Andrea55
banned because tracie used to be friends with me on fb but she unfriended me.

Awwww. I'm sorry! I only did it because I was getting friend request from a bunch of random UGers.
I can re-add you though.

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Banned I'm here now. I went out and finally bought my new amp! Will post pics later.

And now once again I am here and you are not!

Quote by stealstrings
Banned for truth. Sometimes it's me and Music 101 but she's hasn't been in here for a while.

Banned for I am here now!

I think you're offline though.
I don't care if a dog licks me.
Banned. I was back in school a month ago too.
I'm already back in school.
Banned. 6' is very tall! That's a whole foot taller then me!
Banned for being mad, bro.