I've never seen you before. Banned.
Even though you copied it from the internet.... It was the thought that counts!

Banned because I have to get up and go to work now. Blah.
Banned. I can't believe I actually just read all that! And it didn't make me fall asleep either.
Oh well, that was a great story! Job well done.
Yes please!

Banned, I can't sleep.
I'm a saver simply because I hate spending money.
However my bank statement shows that I spent over $2,000 in the past two months on stuff I didn't need. Plus all the money I spent on stuff I needed like gas for my truck. So I've cut myself off from buying anything unless I actually need it.
Banned. I've always wanted to be in a band as well.
Banned. I commented about the whole Pokemon thing.
I try not to swear. But sometimes one will slip out. Especially a "Oh sh!t" when something bads about to happen. But normally no ones around to hear it, so it's okay.

I don't care if other people swear as long as every other word out of their mouth isn't a swear word. People that swear excessively make me think that they don't know any other words.
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Banned it's summer over here. It's really really humid

Summer > Winter. Everytime.


Also, I know what Pokemon is but I never played it simply because it didn't interest me.
That was perfect.

Banned. Stealstrings; don't hate on the heat!

I want the heat.
Banned. Do you want a e-family?
Banned because today has been a good day!
Banned because I haven't seen you in forever!
Banned. Whoa, Mark was here!
Foetus or freefaller. I can't sleep at all on my back.
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Horses are scary though so I guess it's okay.

Poor horse. Why didn't the Amish boys parents realize they were missing a horse? Especially if it was one they regularly used for transportation.
Banned. I haven't seen you in a while! Hello!

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Banned because here it's cold as shit, don't brag

It's normally not this nice out. It's weird.
It's supposed to get colder again later this week though.
Pens. My writing is always too light and hard for some people to read when I use pencils.
Banned because I wish winter was always this warm and sunny!
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It really depends on your definition of self harm, I would be willing to say most people do something that hurts in one form or another on purpose. Football players are a prime example. They lift wieghts sand "feel the burn" ever felt that burn? its actual pain. people just get used to it and the brain registers it as any other sensation. same with the soreness of your finger tips after a couple of hours of guitar or bass playing.

Yeah. Like people who do extreme sports. They know they're gonna get hurt pretty bad (or even killed) eventually, but they still do it.
Do I cut myself? No. But I do partake in sports that have gotten me hurt pretty bad on more then one occasion. So if that counts as "self harm". Then yes.
Banned. My pony almost bit my thumb off today.
Banned. I would cook you guys something. I love to cook.
Banned because I had to highlight your post in order to see it. >_>
Banned because I don't feel like getting up at 3AM tomorrow.
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I'm going to a party with a lot of friends, even though, to be frankly honest, I'd rather not go because it will be utter shit for me. I don't really drink, and all of my friends/people going to party do, so I'm always the guy that ends up cleaning up after everyone, and not getting much sleep. But in short, no, I won't be alone tonight.

Pretty much this.
Banned. I'm spending new years eve by doing nothing. Until later.
Average, I guess.
Banned. That's the best I can do for now. I'll try to find a better one later.
Banned. It comes and goes. But I'll go find a new one if it'll make you happy.
Banned. It's snowing.
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So, what are we? 2nd cousins now that me and your pop are e-Cousins?

Actually, I'm married to your dads brother, so wouldn't that make me your aunt?
Banned for being greedy. His return is enough of a gift!
He's leaving in three and a half weeks.

Banned. DO IT! Then I'll have a brother!
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Well well, I'm not around and I acquire an e-Daughter . @Stealstrings, must have been the result of all those e-hugs you gave me the other day!

Hi Daughter, just remember your Father didn't actually steal those strings he just borrowed them!

I want Deathdrummer as my e-Son, I could knit him another balaclava!!!!

Hi mommy! And okay, I will!

You should totally get Deathdrummer to be your son. Then I would have a brother!
Banned. I'll trade you till after Christmas, then you can have it all back!