Because we miss it! Plus we currently don't have any snow here so it doesn't really feel like winter anyways.

Ok. I'll go do that.

We are! Oh well. I don't think it matters in the internet world.
Bye Andrea.

Banned. I don't hardly ever go to the beach. But I agree, summer is the best!
Banned because I'm jealous.
I can't wait for summer to be back.
Banned. Boobs covered in butter doesn't sound very appealing to me.
Banned because I am your e-daughter!

Ninja's. I tell ya...
Okay. Woo! Should I add her as my parent as well?
Quote by stealstrings
I assume so. We don't a vicar or anything do we?

No. You just have to agree to be my father.


Wait, do we need the approval of your wife?
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Banned because I squished it.

Oh no!

Banned. Why does your cheese hurt Andrea?
Banned. Probably. I don't see how your cheese can hurt.
Banned. I see it now.
Banned. Mine and yours are similar?
Banned for not laughing.
Either one. All though I have noticed that I tend to use my dominant hand more.

In the summer I ride my bike everyday, just for exercise. But never in the winter.
Oh my. Banned.
Banned. What's UN?
Banned. So do I. Where did everybody go?
Banned. Nothings happening. Apparently.
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That'd be awesome.

Does that mean you'll be my E-Father now?

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Aww thanks

Cheer up. There's gotta be a single girl around here somewhere!
Awwww. Alex. If I wasn't already married, I'd marry you!

Stealstrings; can I be your kid!? I don't have any E-parents.
Banned simply for your awesomeness.
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most of what I see in this thread doesn't look very suited to winter.

I wear a jacket like that ^ for snowboarding.
Peacoat for going out and about
And a carhartt when going to the barn. Because they're supperrrr warm, but I find them to be a bit bulky.
Banned. I got it fixed, Dave. Thanks!
Banned. That sucks Dave. Exams are no fun.

And take your time on the coding. It's not like I need it right away.
Banned because it's more like... ahhhh break! At least for me. No school till' after the new year.

And that sounds fun Rebel!
Banned. Working. School. And Christmas shopping. Fun, right?

How about you?
Banned. Same to you!
Banned. I guess I'll just wing it.

Edit: Yeah, I'd much rather have him ask me. But I think if I wait for him it'll be like a year before he gets the guts to do it.
Banned. Aww. That sucks.
I'm the same though, I really don't wanna ask him over a text. In person seems better. But I was gonna ask you for advice! lol.
Banned. Have you already asked your guy?
Hello, I'm Tracie. Welcome!
Thanks! That's actually kind of the situation. We constantly text and stuff, but in person he's really shy. So everyone keeps telling me to just ask him instead of waiting for him to ask me. But I've never done it before.

Banned for replying.
Banned. Well that was short and sweet! Thanks.

I'm nervous to try it. But nothing ventured -- nothing gained. I guess.
Banned. Do you think it would be weird for a girl to ask a guy out?
Acoustic. I just feel more comfortable playing a acoustic guitar then a electric. I don't know why, maybe because I played acoustic guitars for a long time before I bought my electric.
Banned. I need advice. From a guy. And I don't want to go to the relationship thread.
I work for the Amish. Well technically I'm hired in through the vet clinic, but all the work I do is for the Amish. They call me a "on farm vet technician". I draw blood from cows to take back and do testing. It's the only way for it to be "official" without a vet actually having to be there. I also have to enter all their date (Like tag numbers) into a PDA.
Sometimes I have to tag the cows as well if they don't have any tags in their ears. Or give shots.

I also baby-sit on weekends.
Rebecca Black - Friday
Rihanna - We Found Love
Justin Beiber - Mistletoe
I'm not a huge fan of necklaces. Sometimes I'll wear a cross, or my necklace that's got a music note on it. But that's it.