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I was thinking more along the lines of part of him wants to help injured/sick animals and another part wants to whip a horse until it runs itself to death

^Davey, you have the voice to SPEAK in commercials.

Whip a horse until it runs to death? What?

Have you ever even personally been around a race horse? Or really just a horse in a high demanded sport in general?

A lot of those horses LOVE to run. They're not beaten into submission. And any GOOD trainer takes it easy with the horse until it's built up the muscle and stamina to run full speed for long periods of time. We don't push the horse so far that it breaks. Of course there's always freak accidents, but what sport doesn't have them?
And most of those horses continue to have long happy lives even after racing. Ever heard of a Off The Track Thoroughbred? I owned one. He wasn't "whipped until he ran to death" like you claim they are. We continued to ride and show in 2'6" jumpers until he was in his 20's. He's now 28 and still living.
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Banned cos @Music101: Fine thanx, you?

I've just come back from london so i'm hitting the bed right about now

Banned. Busy, but good.

Also, goodnight!
Basti; Yeah, it has been a while. How are you?

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Banned because it's been a looong time

Is this to me?
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Veterinarian, working on it now.

Same as this guy.

Or a Jockey. Being paid to race horses would be awesome.
Banned. I wish it would stop raining.
Banned. Acres are your yard size. There's like 43,560 square feet in an acre or something like that.
Banned. I'm only lazy when it comes to raking leaves. But I'm sure you wouldn't want to rake leaves on 15 acres either.

But you have fun with that! Non lazy raking leaves person.
Banned. I don't even waste my time raking leaves at our house. It would take too long.
Banned. I personally wish it would be Fall all year long.
Banned. Crazy, right?
Man. Winter's gonna be here before we know it! I need to figure out what I'm gonna do and make arrangements.
Banned because I can't believe we're half way through this month already.
Banned because..... I GOT A PONY, I GOT A PONY! (Imagine me singing that. )

He's 33 inches. And his name is Tony.
I'm only married to Skyler. Shouldn't be any e-incest for me.
Banned. Hmmmm. Tempting.....
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haha I was just going to say that if you wanted a kid really badly I am sure Andrea would let you adopt me. I can have 2 moms xD But you dont have to take me..its fine but I was just trying to help you out lol. Banned.

Ohhhh. Well, I don't wanna steal you away from your mom.
How old are you?

Banned. You should get married. Then you can start your own family!

And lol. Are you gonna go find me a kid?
Banned. I've always wanted to E-adopt someone. But I need to find someone younger then me and my husband!

And nothing much with me. I'm too sore to really do anything. How are you?
Banned. I don't think you could fit your whole family in your sig. That would be a LOT of people.

And hello!
Banned. Yes, Skyler is Andrea's kid. Which makes him your brother.
Banned. I'm married to your brother. So you're my sister in law.
Banned. I have no E-family. Well, I guess I kind of do. Andrea is my mother in law. And I have a bunch of brothers in law. And I guess you're my sister in law! Dang.
Most days during the week I don't really care about how I look. I just throw on jeans and a tank top/t-shirt.
If I'm going out though, I'm pretty conscious about how I look. I always dress nice going out.
I like my first and middle names. Last name is alright, but people always misspell/mispronounce it.
Banned. The weathers been really hot and sunny here.
Banned. Yup, that's the Chevelle song I was talking about.
Banned. I have all of their albums. I highly recommend getting Sci-Fi Crimes. It's one of my favs.
I really like the song "I Get It", that's from the Vena Sera album though.
Banned. Yeah, I haven't met many people that like them either.
Banned. Chevelle is one of my favorite bands.
Banned. Good morning!
Banned. My back and hip reeeeally hurt.
I can't stand Ramen noodles. They're nasty.
I'm gonna say yes. Me and my dad have very similar tastes in music and even like a lot of the same bands. Me and my mom, not so much. She's more into the pop/country while me and my dad like to listen to rock.
Banned. I think Andrea is really nice.
Banned. I don't know them either.
Banned. Kinky.

I'm really bored too. Not tired though.
Banned. Oh yay!

I'm good by the way. How are you?
Banned. Hello hubby!