I'm working on another thing at the minute, will turn out at least 10 minutes long, so I can provide some beef.
Sounds good to me. Are you up for making a thread? I'll probably end up neglecting it if I do.
Get in shape guy but mentally not physically. Every time I try to exercise I injure myself so fuck that.
My tele's neck snapped so I went out and impulse bought a new guitar, an ESP Ltd with huge frets that I never bonded with. Sold it a few months back for 1/3 of what I bought it for.

About a year ago I bought an old Squier Bullet, without reading any reviews. Lovely neck but the body was made of plywood. Nasty sounding guitar. I fucked the finish up so I wouldn't get decent money for it. I may buy a decent body and stuff and make a partscaster with the neck.

A few months back I wanted to try a few decent acoustics to get an idea of what I may want to buy eventually. Ended up buying the first one I tried. It's a decent guitar but I probably would have been better off with something else. I also fucked it up a bit with my fingernail so I wouldn't be able to sell it for as much as I want to so I guess I'm keeping it.

I bought a TC HOF Mini, didn't like it so tried to sell it. It got lost in the post so I had to refund the guy.

I also have a few impulse purchases I'm actually happy with.
I mean to read War & Peace at some point. I'm reading Tolstoy's Resurrection at the minute, it's good stuff. Man knows how to write about young love.
^ Good stuff, could have made an effort not to be such a total Talking Heads rip off though.

+1 on the TC reverb. Sounded like some shitty VST to me. 
I love the sound of my DD3 with drive and fuzz, either before or after. Having very clean repeats definitely helps.
Cooking something up. Prog-ambient-acid tings.
I'd like to keep this thread going, although I still probably won't post here much. I'll post my current setup this weekend, maybe with a few clips. I've got a decent chain going for my solo ambient stuff.
I'm on a bit of a classical kick at the minute. Kapustin's Suite for Solo Cello has been a bit of a revelation - somewhere in between modern classical and free jazz.
I think it's the only album from this year I've listened to in it's entirety, but the good tracks on this are wonderful:

Cemetry Gates.
Ah sheeet. I was just playing the opening riff to Rock n Roll Singer earlier today. It's my standard test for a good crunch tone.
Probably about 7. I've been to 10 though and that's really not fun.
I never managed to listen to the whole of their next album. Seemed to weird for the sake of weird.
^ Not bad but nothing even approaching special. Oracular Spectacular was one of those masterpieces they'll never be able to get close to repeating.
New Steven Wilson is the best thing he's done in years

They're totally different, no point comparing. Perhaps a small dose of mescaline would be somewhat comparable but a full dose is closer to acid etc.
Lol. Totally get where he's coming from. I have had DMT experiences like that. But I was living a pretty meaningless life. DMT cuts through that shit like a knife.
Well done man. Be careful with the weed, if you're anything like me it can easily lead back to the drink.
I kind of like that ES song. Gets repetitive though. I stopped listening really by the time their first album came out, except for Adieu, which makes me cry pretty much every time. Are their 2nd 3rd and 4th albums worth listening to?
Quote by FryingNemo
Anyone have experience with kratom? I don't really have the options I used to have, before anyone recommends a better facsimile. 

I enjoyed it, although I rarely experienced it on it's own. Mixed with MPA it was pretty fucking euphoric.
whats some good trap? non-cloudy sounding stuff
why is punk so limited to people with terrible viewpoints
Nice. My last breakthrough was unbelievably beautiful and profound. It's definitely worth trying again.
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Always assumed the goal of DMT was to reach that state of "being mind fucked by an alien deity" lol. I guess first time you want to low dose it, like dip your toes in the water before jumping in head first.

I'm sure some people enjoy that but no, slightly lesser breakthrough doses are much more fruitful. 
I think my horrible one was between 60-80mg. 100mg is pretty fucking heroic. 40-50 is supposed to be good. The really good ones I didn't have a method of weighing it out so I don't know. 
Don't overdo it! First time I broke through was like being raped by a deity.