thank you for all the help guys. I bought a set of 10s by Elixir, put them on and it's all fine. I got them on for a few weeks now. I think it was just the weak strings, cos they were 9s.
ok, so i have snapped 1 on my Squier, and 2 on my Epiphone LP 1959, they checked the nuts and bridge and everything in store when i bought it but i will definitely have a look now. It usually snaps when bending but not always, and it snaps towards the bridge! 5-10 cm above(from) bridge.
thx for the advice!
Hello guys,
I will ask you this because i got really annoyed yesterday when i snapped my high 'e' string. it was the third time within 2 weeks. Obviously i did change the string after i broke it :L.
I use 9s and i dont know why but the high 'e' string seems to snap very often.
My suspicion would be that its because I change the tuning very often, from E to Eb.
Any ideas?
Thank You
Ok. I went into the shop, i tried it , it sounded okay. Not a 100% i would like it though. I went home , thought about it and i sent the person a letter asking if i could have it for £250. She said ,
"at this point i cannot let the amp go for that price sorry, there are several people interested at £295 as it is a very good price."
To let you all know the price INCLUDED a Big CAB as well (4x12 Celestion) ! (It included the Cab originally )
So 2 days after she sends me a message saying the the amp has gone. Who bought it? One of my friends...
It might be better this way, i will get to play it sometimes and i didnt pay for it. I'll just have to save up money.. way more money... by the way i want a Guns N Roses tone, or just a general 80s tone. I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard 1959 .
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The MG series isn't what you buy to get that "Marshall" tone. Most people are referring to the Marshall tube tone. Check the store and see if they have anything else up for grabs on the cheap.

just MGs
the small MGs and 1 MA50C (tube) which is a combo and is now £395 instead of £500 and something.
what about the underlined?
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Why do you want it exactly?

99.9% you can find a better amp thatll suit you better.

i have £200 ... yes i might save up if you all say this amp is that bad... i've heard it and i liked it. wasnt put too loud though.and it wasnt me playing it.
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If you want to resell it and try make a profit (Which isnt likely).

Otherwsie just spend on something else.

is it seriously that bad?
There is a brand new Marshall MG100HFX for £290 , its £290 because the shop is closing down and all the stock must go. Otherwise it would be £500. I have read that this amp doesnt really worth the price. But what if it's £290? Would it worth it?
Please let me know your thoughts, ideas . I would appreciate quick replies though because the shop is closing down next week.

Thank You