Booo. Haha, okay thanks. Now I must figure that out >.<
Thanks for the help, though(:
I'm not sure if this is the right thread, but if it's not, please ask a mod to relocate it for me.
Anyways, hi, I'm Yanii. I've been entered into ACT-SO (an NAACP sponsored competition) and I'm doing Musical Composition and Contemporary Vocal Performance.
One of the requirements for the Composition category is to have your music written so that "any professional musician could play it," and it must be written on music transcript paper. Now, I've never really gotten into the habit of documenting my music in that way, but would tablature be an appropriate way to document the music? Or would I have to write it on regular treble/bass staff paper?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
~Yanii M.
Hey hi. I'm Yanii Marie and I'm releasing my first EP entitled We Are Alone on September 17th. Check out my bandcamp page and click on the album art to take a listen. There is only one song that needs to be finished and that's the 2nd track, Solitude.
Any input is greatly appreciated. I want to see if it's worth the $4 that I'm charging.

~~Yanii M.
I could definitely help out if you'd like. I typically do a lot of alternative punk or pop music, and a lot of rnb, but I can sing almost anything. Just not screamo. I can't scream anymore
Hey there, I'm Yanii.
I've had my FirstAct guitar for about a year and a half now, if not longer. I kinda wanna decorate it. I know stickers aren't good for it. And I know that painting it can affect the sound and what not, but I don't really mind because I'm getting a new guitar soon anyway.
Just want to know if it's alright to paint the guitar without sanding it down first, because my mom won't let me get sandpaper, and she won't help me, lolz. And I'd be using those cheap paints that you get from Wal-Mart. If that would do too much damage to the point that my playing it wouldn't sound remotely okay, then would markers be okay to use? I'm pretty beastie with a sharpie
So yea, any help would be greatly appreciated. Much thanxz in advance.

Blessed Be )0(
~~Yanii M.
I just wrote a song called If I. I just did a video on youtube of me performing it.
Check it out and lemmee know whatcha think. (:

Blessed Be )0(
~~Yanii H.
I wrote a song that is basically finished. All I need is a bridge. The song is in 4/4, key of F, and the progression is F-C-G-D. I cant come up with a 2measure bridge that sounds right
Can anyone help?

Blessed Be )0(
~~Yanii H.