Wow the genre wanking is still strong within this place. Nu-metalcore? Come on.
CHON. duh
darkness walks beside me is epic. always reminded me of yearning with the cleans and such and daylight dies
Lol studioforce. guitars sound too clean. can anyone prove this show actually happened? pics or GTFO
someone order me some metal. **** i miss this place
there are no doubts that you are playing the song
a much overdue visit to my old stomping grounds and i see such an epic thread resurrection. very well done, boys. i see this place is still alive and well in music taste.
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The riffs could almost be nu-metal, but I'm liking the Jon Chang-like vox.

This stuff would sound killer live, though, and I'm liking the band name. Reminds me of when my friend thought of the name "extreme mean"

yeah that kill yourself song the opening sounds like a korn riff or something. alot of people think that. dont really know why that riff is there, sort of out of place considering the rest of the album.
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My high school German teacher is the vocalists cousin.

obscure as ****kk hahaa

but rad nonetheless
yeah. lets see if this forum still has any taste.

fuckin listen now
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Listen to Within the Ruins. They are amazing

Idk if they're classified as Deathcore or Death Metal, but Wretched is another amazing band. Their tremelo parts are top-notch

dude. check out my video LOL
lol @ this
well when youre both using the most common chord progression on the radio today. that **** is bound to happen
new album is a win

whole album guitarz are jus going widdly wah widdly wah dabba dow wow
Sentient 6 - Nevermore
Death and the Healing - Wintersun
yeah havent been posting here lately but thought id throw this up for you guys to see. let me know what you think.
my new hair. yeah i cut it all off.
hey alonso haha

Name: Derek


Country: USAAA!!!

Religion (just curious, its optional): christian

How often are you on UG? used to be on everyday, this is my first time in months

Thoughts on the current metal scene? even though deathcore is all the rage, i do like it.

Thoughts on the future of metal? do not know. i think itll always be around in one form or another

Whats your main instrument? guitar

Any other instruments you play? drums, piano

Whats your favorite types of metal? death metal, black metal, grind, doom, hardcore and occasionally a power metal band or two

Do you like other kinds of music? What are they? classical, baroque and renaissance music.

How long have you been playing? 5 years

Favorite song to play? my own

Favorite song to listen to? tons you mother fu]cker

Do you have a band? yes see my sig

What kind of music/name? hardcore/metal. again see sig

Anything else you wanna tell us about yourself:i have asthma
man. havent been here in a while
Totally Fucking Awesome Thread
haha oh man this is old
before the bleeding sun is amazing. cant say much of their other work has done much for me.
eerie cold is a good listen
the breakdown in Leica is probably one of the greatest sections of a song to ever grace my ears.
dude seriously like ive never come to this thread to find a question being asked. its always answered before i even get here. this is ghey
we used to have a CafePress accoutn with everything from shirts to thongs to coffee cups.
actually, CaptainOfSmug, quote this post and youll see:

fuck shit cock bitch
^^^^id fuck your sister too

and kingofkumbacha, quit telling everyone im ghey! goddamnit lol
oooh vocals too. i wasnt expecting that. god job, man. very good cover.


rofl power metal cheese
godamnit. still cant play. everytime i come to the trhead someone else has answeered it already and no one ever starts a new one when im watching teh thread.
Muhammad useing a br00tal Serge Prokofiev riff from "dance of the Knights" at the end of Only Ashes Remain ist wowz0rz
Muhammad useing a br00tal Serge Prokofiev riff from "dance of the Knights" at the end of Only Ashes Remain ist wowz0rz
fuckin people, this is the damn metal forum. i hate it when some of these threads get put on the front page.

Cannibal Corpse blew in the beggining with Barnes the suckfest, but now after over 15 years they are good.

hahaha maybe that is one for the "Bands that are FINALLY good after 15+years"
breakdowns are ok if done correctly. and beneath the massacre's i think are awesome, theres a lack of originality in breakdowns these days (and in metalcore too obviously) but beneath the massacre does some great breakdowns that dont give any sort of metalcore vibe to me at all.