Thanks for your review on my song. I must say I'm not really into this kind of music. You have interesting vocal lines and ideas, but it sounds a bit empty. I don't know if it's the lack of acoustic instruments in the mix or the drums that are a bit akward... I think the bass could change a bit so it makes some parts sound more different. I don't like the guitar tone, but the synth parts are cool, love the arppegiator. Reminds me of depeche mode
Thanks for your comment on my songs.

First thing that came to my mind as soon as the song started was “In flames”. When the vocal came in I was like… oh that’s not Anders (In Flames’ singer). I’d say overall it is a good song, but it sounds so much like In Flames stuff to me that it could be a cover of a song I never heard. It is definitely good though, so you can take that either as a compliment or not. I’ll check your other songs, because I like it. Nice solos.
Thanks Jathon, I just commented back on one of your song. I appreciate the detailed feedback on our song. Thanks for all the praise. I agree with you on most things you said, especially regarding composing more "coherent/mature/crafted" songs. I think it'll come naturally with the experience of being together. The band and I already talked about the fact that our songs were pretty heterogeneous and that we were still trying to find our own identity. I'm sure it'll come with time, but I really appreciate all your comments.

I'll let the other band members read both of your reviews btw. Thanks!
Hey Jathon, thanks for your comprehensive review of our 2 songs.

Dressed to kill – I was NOT expecting that lol. There is so much passive aggressive stuff in that song haha. Are you wearing a skirt? I thought the beginning has that same kind of chaotic feeling that you can find in songs from Zappa (or more metal bands like Unexpect and Haken who like to go from a heavy riff to a “sarcastic” light riff). Despite the song being weird/quirky in general, the chorus really sticks to you, it is catchy. Overall, it sounds like a pop rock song made by someone with a bipolar depression disorder or having a psychotic outbreak.

I hope you take those comments positively, it’s a refreshing song, I swear the chorus really stuck in my head. I am pretty sure you put that touch of humour intentionally. Also I’ve listened to other songs on your channel (Hell for Leather) and that seems to be a style in this one as well. Love the bass line on that song.

See ya mate.
Merci! Notre drummer commence à apprendre comment enregistrer, il n'a fait que 3 toones avant. Si tu as des commentaires précis ou des conseils pour la production, laisse-nous savoir ;-)

Va voir notre page facebook et "like", si on passe dans le coin du Saguenay, tu pourra le savoir et tu viendra prendre une bière avec nous autres.
Hey Tommy, thanks for your review on my two songs.

Rain - I liked the main lead a lot, you play very well. The great weakness of the song is definitely the backing track. Although it starts great and does indeed sound like raindrops, the backing track has absolutely no progression and that ironically distracted me from the solo. It could use real drums in bass I think. The first slower part of the solo carries more feeling than the faster parts, and you are really good at it. A real rhythm guitar could have added more depth to the overall song. Nonetheless, there is someone captivating about the beginning and the ending also.

Dyad – The beginning reminds me so much of Breaking Benjamin although it is obviously not the same (I think the song “So cold&rdquo. The slowly fading in guitar harmonies in the beginning are pretty sweet. The fake backing track kind of kills the feeling of the next part, but being used to listen to songs via guitarpro or midi, I can tell it would sound great IRL. I found the interlude part a bit uninteresting, there’s room for something different. The structure of the song makes it like you could have done a song with lyrics with it too. What I like the most about your song is this kind of “darkness but there’s still hope” feel to it. I’d suggest trying to vary the rhythm guitar rhythm troughout the song. The syncopated punches at the beginning (1:10 and onwards) are good, but I would have changed them for a different riffage about 1:23. That’s maybe only me trying to prog up stuff though.

Nice job man. Will check on your other songs later.
Thanks TommyGun for the very detailed review of the two songs. I'll forward your comments on production to our drummer who did all of it, I'm sure he'll appreciate all your tips. I agree with all you said. I am at work at the moment, but I'll comment back on your songs tonight, I promise.
Hey guys,

We are Colliding Parallels, a new "progressive metal" band from Canada. I don't like to use labels, but I think it's the genre that is the closest to what we are doing. We have 3 songs uploaded on our Reverbnation page, and will upload 2 others in the upcoming weeks.

We are basically 4 guys currently living in Quebec City and music has been our hobby for a long time. We do it for fun and we try to experiment new things, that's why our 3 songs sound very different from each other.

We are self-produced and we decided that we would not use any kind of "drum triggering" or drums VST, as well as autotune or anything like that. Our drummer pretty much one-shot every songs (I mean the whole song is one attempt, not triggered nor quantized). We think that is different from the mainstream way of doing it and you can hear it, you either love it or not I guess.

Check us out and let me know what you think! Any comments/criticism/pro tips would be very appreciated.
Hey guys, I'm the keyboard player from the new canadian progressive metal band "Colliding Parallels". I thought I would share two songs with you.

First one is "In the Mind of Homunculus" and has a bit of an ambiant-electro feel to it. The history of this song is that I came up with that lead idea before a jam and then we improvised around it all night until we got it as we liked it. It was pretty much the first time that we made a song out of a jam, it was a pretty cool experience. IMHO, our guitarist did a wonderful job in the solo, let me know what you guys think. I also got to have a lot of fun with the keyboard tracks.

The second song is "A Fit of Anger" and has some metalcore vibe to it. I do the metalcore "screams" back vocals in the beginning. Overall, I think the song still has some progressive elements to it.

Please, let me know what you guys think, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism or praises. I'll C4C your song as soon as possible, just put a link to it in your reply.

Facebook page (like and become a fan if you like it :-))
Listened to "Have the time". I'm not into that kind of music that much, but it reminded me of Depeche Mode by moments. The vocals are great, I like how the phrasing ends. I don't like the drums very much though. The solo part sounded psychedelic by moment, it was great. With respect to progression, some moments felt weak compared to what was expected, e.g. after the solo (it feels like a buildup, but then no release). Did you record everything by yourself? Nice job.
Thanks guys for the good words. @KingCity and @gabrielcesapo, I've critic back your songs on your threads and sorry for the wait.

Quote by Pete-V
Sounds great, though the production feels a bit weak at times.
I will definitely check your future work out.

Thanks for your review! Do you have any specific advice that could help us get a stronger production on the next songs? If you could pin-point what's feeling weak, that would be very helpful.
Hi, thanks for your awesome review on my song (the band was really happy to read your good words and thanks for the guitar recording advice). Oh, and sorry for the wait.

Love that lead tone, really awesome What did you use for recording? Is that a plugin? Because it sounds rather realistic.

My favorite part is at 20-34 seconds too. After that, your tapping is real good IMO, you can ear each note very clearly.

Do you have a band?
Sorry for the wait, and thanks for your critique on my song.

Overall, interesting song. The chords of the "main" riff are very great, kind of a "sad yet hopeful" feel to it. The disonnant notes at the end might not please everyone, but I liked the feel it gave the song.

In my humble opinion though, the drums are not interesting and rather a weak point of the song, sound-wise and notes-wise. Your song will definitely benefit from a better drums programming. Maybe it should feel like more of a progression. I agree with Pete-V for the breaks, Not sure about the lead at 1:15. Sounded like I received an email notification at first :P. Not sure about the second lead sound (just the sound) after the vocal sample.

It has potential, keep up the good work.
Hey guys,

I am the keyboardist of the band Colliding Parallels. We just released our first song "Blank Stares".

I think we are still "searching" for our own identity/sound, but it definitely has some prog metal vibe in it and some "original" elements. Let me know what you think! Hope you'll like it! Comments are very appreciated, we are in the process of writing 4-5 other songs.

PS: We will release more songs in the next few weeks.
When the only reply you get is from a bot...

... forever alone.
Hey guys.

We recorded this cover to test our gear before recording our first tracks for our album. My band is Colliding Parallels and we play progressive metal.

We lost our master tracks for bass/guit/drums due to a computer crash during the recording, so we had to deal with an already mixed down track for bass/guit/drums and play around it, so you'll definitely hear some artifacts...

Let me know what you think! I'll C4C.

If you like it, share it :-)

PS: Both Truls and Michael (drummer and singer) from Circus Maximus commented our video and left very positive feedback, that rocks!!!

Here is our Circus Maximus cover :
Hey there. Thanks for the in-depth crit on my song! Sorry for the delay, I was out of town in the last few days.

In general: pretty good song with an outstanding effort to create variations/modulations/dynamics while keeping the song flow pretty naturally. As another user said, this sounds pretty mature.

Intro: feels a bit boring, at least until the other instruments kick in at 10. Could use a motion pad synth or something in the like to create a richer ambiance. It sounds very melancolic but a bit plain. Maybe midi's fault.

At 18: strummed chords adds a nice texture to the riff.

Love the transition to riff B: this riff is very awesome. Feels like a laidback riff, yet so powerful. Love the signature changes. The song flows pretty well in this part. It's hard to describe and my english isn't top notch, but it sounds very good.

C: the first time I heard this part when the tempo slowed down, I was a bit confused because I was still hearing the beats of the previous riff. There is maybe place for improvement in this transition. But the riff in itself is very great even though drums are getting a bit repetitive.

D: love the triplet feel in D riff Still an heavy and melancolic atmosphere is coming out of this riff. Hard to describe... like a dramatic event flashback in slowmotion :P Maybe should I say a powerful mid-tempo feel?

Nice variation back to C riff.

D again: hmmm not sure. Gets repetitive.

109 (Break): awesome. Feels metalcore a bit, but much better than usual metalcore stuff and at 117 it doesn't transition to a typical breakdown you would imagine. I was happily surprise, the higher guitar felt good.

142: Lead starts well, but at 144 I'm already bored... It doesn't feel epic at all and is not really catchy. I would rewrite from 144 if I were you. But that's only my opinion Love the double bass at the end of the riff though.

F: cool blast beat over a slow lead and pretty fast riffing, nice feel.

Same comment for E, lead guitar 16ths notes felt very great on top of the rythmic. Drums were cool.

Harmony: good idea, but it lacks any emotions for me. The lead doesn't feel catchy as well and is not very interesting (sorry!).

A-1: very cool and really heavy. End of the world atmosphere in here. Nice variation!

At 228, I wasn't expecting a return to B, but it sounds great. This is a powerful riff. However, I would have change the drum rythm this time to add something more.

E-2 : good!

F-2 : I would work around that idea of the higher guitar playing some 8ths and try to create a lead that stands out more of the mix. Something that could feel very dramatic.

Nice outro, sounds good to me.

To conclude :

As I said, many variations, but the core elements still feel a bit repetitive. Also, I feel like there is a lack of a solid lead or theme to really "hook" the listener. The bass is also so-so. Not really bringing anything more than doubling the guitar in most riffs. Also the drums in some parts really hold back the energy of some riffs, as said the other user :P

After a few listening though, there are some riffs that you really start to enjoy more, such as B. Your song definitely needs 2-3 good listening to be really appreciated as it deserves.

What kind of vocal you expect to put on top of this? And what genre do you consider this to be?

Good job!
Returning the crit, thx for your good words on my song.

Well prophecy is definitely a piece of art! The two first bars let me like :-| ... but as soon as the other instruments kicked in, I was like OMG The song is so good, I don't mean to blindly praising it, but it's difficult to find any flaws in it. I was totally impressed.

I don't know if this is intended to have some black metal / death metal vocals, but it has a lot of symphonic/melodic black metal sounding parts. Reminds me of good Dimmu Borgir's songs or even COB in some parts (harp arpeggios).

The intro is an excellent build up for the "Kick it". Chord progression is perfect and modulation at bar 17 is very great, loved the lead.

Melodious estrangement is awesome, gives your song a proggy feel and a kind of mysterious "aura".

Grim fate revealed is great too. I hope your drummer has done his cardio workout in the last few weeks :P

Lead thing is pretty great and totally rocks on! Same for hapless descent. What a great way to transition to the next riff.

I'll be Bach.... My favorite part. What a good breakdown. I was about to say the song had "rushy" feeling to it. But this part really is awesome and brings out what I was hoping for. I guess your drummer will be glad also to have a small break.

Intense rumination is my least favorite one. It's good, but at this point it's hard to distinguish it from previous riff. I think this is the only critique I can find about the song : some of the riffs appears to be very similar, at least at a first glance. It's not that the riffs aren't good, but some don't really stand out of the rest. You really need to listen to it a few times to appreciate it, because it is so rich.

Bar 107 is great. The chords are so great. I don't know why but I had reminiscences of opeth's songwriting style.

Guitar solo is not bad... but I don't feel like it's very good. That's my second least favorite part. I think the problem is not the solo itself, but the backing rythm. It feels a bit weird.

The ending is very great. You really feel a kind of release of all the energy that have been building up since the beggining of the song. It really feels like a good closure with the tempo slowing down.

Well good job on that pal! That was awesome, and this is an understatement. Can't wait to listen to it played IRL. I'll sure check your other songs when I'll have some free times. You are a hell of a good songwriter.

PS: laughed at the name of the bass track hahahaha :P

@Soulshredder: thanks for the good words. Yeah the idea of "continuity" is what was "bugging" me the most for this song. I felt like it was a bunch of riffs glued together... I guess that's what I meant by smoothness, to make it feel "round" and less heterogeneous.

@BurningAngel: I agree with the low B, it's very predominant. However, I did not feel it was out of place in this kind of song, especially with the two interludes that changed the overall feel. Although, to be honest, once I start to write a song in a certain scale, I find it awfully hard to switch to another one. Lack of experience and musical knowledge I guess... About writing with your own identity, I think this is something that comes with creative experiences, I feel that I didn't find my own sound yet and that I'm rather a mash-up of several influences. Anyway, if you have time, I'd appreciate to hear HOW I could improve this more specifically . You got any song I can crit?
Hey Kirk!

Intro: nice "laidback" melancolic riff. I'm sure with a nice pad that'd sound pretty good IRL.

Bar 18 : I'd replace the guitar lead by piano , but I guess it's only midi messing up the feeling :P

Bar 23: The end feels a little poor (single note). Personnaly, I would have thrown a nice chord there.

Bar 24: Love the return of the chords but with a more dynamic playing. I'd definitely improve the drums in this part though, to make them more energic.

Modulation at bar 32: this part has a lot of potential, given that you change the drums (in general they are pretty bad). You absolutely need a bass line there. It could be simple as 8ths note of your chord's root. It will give it way more drive than actually and this is probably what you want for that part.

Bar 40: the chords are superb, but the strumming is kinda off the groove. There is something with the drums... lol :P If I were you, I would keep the same chord, but with some faster parts in the strumming to keep that energy building up since the intro into something even more powerful. Don't be afraid to use 16ths and muted notes (XXXXXX) to add some groove. See my attach file, I rewrote the groove of your first bar... tell me if this sounds better and stays in your original idea. You can see I added few melody notes (2-3-2) this could improve the whole feeling IMHO.

Piano parts: Good chords, but poor leads. not catchy/emotional, at least to me.

Well done, it was fun to listen to

(I'd like if you could crit my song (C4C) Inception - Prog metal tentative [GP4] )
lol don't worry with trolls :P

btw, you think you could take a minute to critique my song plz?
Rock on! You did it
Well I'm pretty sure it's because of riff A because I totally get what you're trying to achieve and I also feel that it's not quite like it should. Let me know when you try something else and I'm confident it'll sound more like you want it to. (e.g. Arrival of Love from Circus Maximus)

edit: I wonder if someone else will corroborate that impression
Solid stuff! This has to gain more visibility, it's very good.

Melodies and overall atmosphere is great, but the mix is not very good IMHO, some instruments should be lower (flutes) and other louder (guitars, drums).

On the contrary of one youtube comment, I really appreciate the transition at 1:30, but I would immediatly put guitar strumming in the background.

Transition at 2:40 is cool, but again the flutes are way too loud, sounds weird a bit. You should try to vary your voices, for instance violins instead of flutes, or even piano, because it gets a bit annoying in some parts...

Well, nevertheless the melody is catchy, the guitar riffage is really great!

This really has the potential of famous power metal band

Please critique my song as well
It's a good start, feels a bit generic but not too badly. I feel the same thing about your idea of "feeling good" riff and I think riff A is the problem, the chords sounds too dramatic IMHO, because the rest is flowing very well into this idea, especially the small lead part. Prechorus is really a good start to continue on, but I won't repeat the progression like you did, I would use bar 24-25 to continue that progression of chords (higher) to get a kind of "building up" feel, then you put your chorus with something that feels like a "release". Riff B is very great.

Hope it helps, please rate my song as well
Hey guys.

This is another song I wrote for my band (Colliding Parallels), but there are several things I am not satisfied with and I'd like so much to have your feedback and suggestions for improvement. Fingering is probably wrong because I'm not a guitarist and didn't care to tab the guitar correctly. RSE is set correctly, but it sounds ok in midi too.

In general, it feels like some riffs are too fast like the keyboard in the two verses (bars 28 and 37), but if I slow it down, it sounds ... weird... :P

(20-27) Bridge: I tried many improvements on measure 23 and 27, I need a drum fill that fits the riff.

(120) Solo Guitar 2: need to write a decent solo in continuation of solo 1. The updated solo I might run from bar 87 to 135....

(139) Any idea to improve that transition?

(144) Need to improve the drums, the key solo. Guitar part is a lot improved in real life, but not tabbed yet.

(156) Worst transition ever, any advice?

(267) Is the end tooooo long?

-Any idea to improve some melodies and keyboard?
-Any idea to improve transitions and general "smoothness" of the song? Some riffs to change or to delete?

I'd really appreciate detailed critique

PS: I'll c4c your song too.
Hey guys.

I didn't know where to put this thread in, but I think you might be able to help me, even if it's mostly a guitar community.

My band and I are planning to cover Evergrey's song "A Touch of Blessing". I'm not very good to learn a song by ear and I use Guitar Pro files or Sheet Music when they are available. However, the guitarpro file for this song available on the net is pretty inaccurate, mostly on keyboard (as it happens very often with gp files).

I am wondering if any of you could help me transcribe the keyboard part of the main riff (when the band kicks in). It is a kind of plucked harp / eletric piano sound.

The guitarpro file is at

Could you guys help me out? I've already started from an available tab but it's very hard for me to go further (check track Lead Keyboards).

If you don't have GP, can you write it down on a score/sheet/chords or whatever that could help me.

I'd be very grateful!

Thank you!

Some links for the song : (studio version) (live but you can hear the keyboard better)
Quote by jof1029
^ as cool as that thing sounds (and it sounds pretty cool) its rather expensive.

nightale, most of the headphone amps that im seeing under $100 are for only 4 outputs. and then most of the ones above that have a bunch of features it sounds like you dont need. this one looks to be a nice compromise of price and outputs.

thanks this is a good price even new!

I'm just wondering, if there are 3 inputs, let's say you use the 3, how do you balance the mix with that kind of gear? Let's say you want more input A and less input B ? I guess this is not possible?

I understand now that a mixing console is not what I want because I need 6 outputs.
I'm just wondering, if we want to use the sequences live, can we use a 1/4 jack from the headphone amp, let's say channel 6, to the main board, even if it's "amplified" ?
thanks this is all very helpful information. i'll check for a headphone amp and i'll check in the used market to get a good deal.
Quote by cjmabry
Maybe I'm missing something here, but if you need the tempo, and the drummer has a click track in his ear, shouldn't his drumming be the tempo for you guys?

sure if the drummer is tight and we follow the drummer, everything should be ok. but there are some parts in our song where there is no drums. so this becomes very helpful (especially if its very long) and this is why we need this.
Quote by MortifiedLizard

this looks a lot like what i had in mind.

but what are the 5 inputs for? there's 1-4 and mix on the specs. does that mean you plug the pc to channel 1 and you get the sound into all the 6 output? let's say you have a keyboard synchronised with the pc on output 2 and the pc on output 1, how do you mix them ? ... i'm kind of lost.

ps : sry i'm a complete noob to that.

edit : is this too much? because on afterthoughts, this is like 4 stereo line-in and 6 stereo-line out. we only use MONO since we have only one ear with a headphone one. I also forgot to tell this must be easy to move to gigs.
I never head of this before. Can you direct me to a product as an example?
yeah , but more than one input could be useful. we are looking to buy something, we are not really into DIY things.

edit : am i in the wrong forum? just noticed it was for gear BUILDING and customizing
Hey there.

We are 6 musicians in our band and for now, our drummer is the only one who has a clic audio track playing in his headphones while we jam. We do have some keyboards and samples sequences that are triggerred automatically (the sounds come from cubase from his laptop).

We'd like to have the same track in our individuals earphones (we do have some noise cancelling earbuds) but we try to find a very low budget way to route the source sound from the laptop to our 6 individuals earphones.

I'm thinking about a kind of mixing console where the audio from the pc will go in and then 6 outputs to our earphones.

Unfortunately, I do have absolutely no knowledge about this.

I might not have expressed myself very clearly, but the goal is to have all our members (6) to hear the tempo track and sequences playback coming from the laptop.

Also, my earphones are a small earbud (only one ear) with noise cancellation but they are very used and I think about replacing them. Do you have any suggestion?

Please, let as many suggestions as possibles with average price and comparison.

Many thanks for your help and sorry for my sometimes lame english skills.

We speak french.

Contactez moi si vous êtes intéressés ou si vous conaissez des gens intéressés à faire partie d'un band de métal progressif à Québec. Nous avons plusieurs compos d'écrites et attendons d'avoir un 2e guitariste, un vocal et un bassiste pour pratiquer. Nous voulons faires des spectacles et un album dans la prochaine année.

Contactez moi à maxime.dd a hotmail point com
I listened to your song and honestly I don't like it. I'm glad if you're proud of it and stick with your vision. If there is only one reason why you should continue music, it is definitely because you are passionated by it. You don't have to justify your work if you like it. Tastes can't be explained.

For me, a song isn't only about theory and being theoretically correct. It has to have a feeling. For most listeners, this genre will not be appreciable. It does sound way too dissonant and to me it is a complete mess ; but a calculated mess. Just be careful to insult other listeners by your attitude, because they only try to help you, even if, i agree, some are rather unskillfull at communicating their ideas.

Don't take my opinion too seriously because it is only one among many others, but keep up the work if this is the way you see it. People here are there to help you achieve what you want to achieve, not by imposing their point of view.
Quote by dervishguitar
Just one thing to say: the alternating 7/8 and 9/8 at the beginning mathematically works out to being 4/4. It has that feel anyways. Seems a little overcomplicated to me.

Yeah that was very stupid of me. I wrote the original riff with a 7/8 4/4 alternating groove, but then changed the 4/4 bar with a 9/8 ... But anyways in the new version of my tab, I've put everything back in 4/4 where it should. Anyways, you can call it a FAIL prog attempt haha.

Quote by DreamScape
dude im lovin this. great sound and riffs. very symphony x / circus maximus sound. definitly post the full GP5 when your done!


Thanks! This really means a lot to me because SX and Circus Maximus are among my 2 favorite bands. We do covers from both in our band (Accollade II and Sin). I'll post more advanced version of my song this weekend, because I'll have more time to work on it.
I don't have much time ahead of me but I can say this is a good start, but I hope you'll add more to this song. The main recurrent riff is very easy but it's a good hook in the song and feels epic. The black metal verse sounds weird on GP but I can see how this will sound very good in real life. Stick to your solos too, they sound good. If you want a more black metal feeling, try adding some parts, because to me, except the verse, this is very power metal.

It's a good song, but it's way too repetitive, even your interlude is with the same chords and doesn't bring anything much to the song.

Try to keep working on it and add some new riffs. This will sound great in the end.

Good job!

C4C? 2 songs on my profile!

Hey there.

I've continued working on this song a little bit this weekend and came out with a sequel to the riffs I already had. Unfortunately I don't have access to a PC with GP right now so I uploaded the mp3 version of my song on my profile. Could you please take a look? I've raised the tempo to 140 instead of 130 and I think i'll raise it to 145. Faster than that is too fast IMHO because of the keyboard in the verse. I also continued the prechorus and add a small 3/8 silence gap with a bass drop. Then I wrote my chorus. I think it is good, but I want to know what you guys think. It is in 2 part, a more proggy part and a more dynamic part.

I'll write a solo right after this.

PS : if you C4C, you can critique my song on my profile That'd be appreciated!