First song: It all sounds really good!  Reminds me of a blend of Cream, Hendrix, and Led Zep.  Even though it sounds late 60's to early 70's, it seems like there has been a market for music like this lately (ala Greta Van Fleet).   I think it radio worthy.     Please review my music at this link:
I had to google "grime music" to even know what it is!  I don't recall even hearing of that genre before.  Glad you didn't seem offended by my questions.
I put 2 songs in my music website: "When You're So Close to Me" is on top, and "What Are You Going to Do?" is the next song down.   Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I promise to C4C!  Here is my link: 
Bleed Away,
Interesting.  Whether a person is from Africa or England, do you think a person that shares your ethnicity is more likely to like alternative rock music more than someone from the USA with the same ethnic background?  Or hard to say?  I knew you were from England, and I know that musical taste is significantly different than the USA (I live near Los Angeles) regardless of ethnic background.
Bleed Away,
Unusual/unique intro synth sound: what did you use for that?  Interesting you would mention NIN on my song, because your song also reminds me of that group.  Your vocals are good.  Audio quality is good also.  Well done.  I'm very tempted to ask a question regarding ethnicity, what country a person lives in, and preferred music, though I am paranoid that I will say something politically incorrect (hopefully I didn't already put my foot in my mouth).  Though I am sincerely interested.
You still owe me a C4C from last month.  You can return the favor at this thread:
"Belle Helene": Sounds rather 60's, which is fine by me.  At 1:06 there is noticeable amp buzz (or similar) noise for awhile.  I think there are some unwanted clicking sounds a few times.  Otherwise the audio is quite good.  I think some good vocals could possibly improve the song, though it sounds good as is.  Nice melodies and song.  Please review my music at this thread:
Tina Louise is 85 years old!  Hard to look good at that age.  As far as I can tell she is still alive.  This wasn't one of your best vocal performances, but don't be too hard on yourself.  I think your singing works best for Neil Young-style, and comedy-style vocals.  Don't give up singing man!  I never like the way my original music sounds while I am driving.  Between road noise, engine noise, and wind noise, I can't hear much of what I have recorded, and it doesn't mesh well with all of those driving noises.  Keep on rockin' man!
Good to see you around here again!  Thank you for the review, I appreciate it.  On my song "You Have to Decide", the drums were 100% programmed by me (with a Korg TR-Rack synth module and an Alesis sequencer on that song).  Though when I use toontrack drums (computer software), the drums are usually (though not always) mostly MIDI drum patterns that are from toontrack that are played by professional drummers.  OK, now onto your recording.  Before I even listened to your song, the title "Gilligan's Redemption" cracked me up!  The guitar playing is good, and so is the mix.  I wasn't very familiar with the original Bob Marley song, so I listened to that on youtube.  Your recording is a clever mash-up of 2 separate songs.   Due to that song, and other Bob Marley songs, I wondered about Marley's religious beliefs.  Long story short, I learned quite a bit regarding Rastafari on wikipedia.  Now the age old question: Ginger or Mary Ann?  Hard for me to choose.  Both were pretty in the 60's.  I am tall and I like tall women, so Ginger has that advantage for me.  I appreciated Ginger's glamour, though I also appreciated Mary Ann was more down to earth.  Glamour can be expensive though.  I had a girlfriend (she dumped me twice ~30 years ago) that was obsessed with fashion and clothing.   She often looked glamorous but her fashion addiction got her into financial trouble with credit card companies.  I'm not usually that keen on red hair on women, though Ginger's shade of red hair looked good on her.  After doing a google search, it seems "Mary Ann" (Dawn Wells) has aged better than "Ginger" (Tina Louise).  OK, I think I'm done making a fool out of myself by objectifying women.  I found your recording entertaining.   
"Rushing": I dig the guitar riffs.  Yes, this could definitely use some good vocals.  On some of the sustained single guitar notes, they sound a little flat pitch-wise.  Audio quality is good.   Drums & bass are fine.  Sounds good overall as is.  Please review my music at this link: 
I put 2 songs in my music website: "Save My Life" is the song on top, and "You Have to Decide" is the next song down.  Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I promise to return the favor.  Here is the link:
I have no clue who Weeabooreacts is, though your (first) song sounds quite nice!  Very good guitar playing!   Everything else sounds good too.  Please review my music at this link:
Maybe it is a bad cable between the mic and interface?
Your song, guitar playing, and guitar tone all sound very good!  We need to start reviewing one another's music on this forum, or this forum will just die.  I'm they only person to review someone else's music on this forum in the last 17 days, which is pretty sad.  It's been very dead around here lately.  Perhaps you can review my music at this thread:
Bleed Away,
More urban than what I typically listen to, but it is well done.  Nice beats, synths, and vocals.  Glad it is more singing than rap.  Please review my music at this link:
I put a new synth song in my music website called "Really Last".  Tell me how you like this song, and how it can be improved, and I promise to C4C (leave me a link).   The song is at the top of this link:
The song starts nicely.  The vocals are interesting.  Sometimes they sound somewhat artificial (perhaps using a vocoder, or Vocaloid?), and other times they sound real (the vocals without lyrics).  Please elaborate how you did the vocals.  I like the more natural vocals best (during the chorus?).  Drum beat is somewhat unusual.  Synths sound nice, what did you use?  Sound quality is good.  Overall, I like it, and it sounds rather 80's, which is fine by me.  Please review my music at this link:
My wife's grandfather was a hard hat diver.  He doubled for Kirk Douglas in Walt Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" (from 1954), in the underwater scenes.  Your song is an interesting combination of styles.  I don't think I've ever heard a song with such distorted guitar and drums, and yet have vocoder vocals.  I still like it though.  Though if it was me, I would have less distortion on the drums.  I like the melodies, especially the piano: it is the most melodic part of the song.  It sounds pretty professional.  Please review my music at this link:
Thank you for the review, I appreciate it!

This thread was already on top, so I didn't bounce the thread up.
I put 2 songs in my music website: "Something For Nothing" is the song on top, and "They Want to Believe" is the next song down.  Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I promise to return the favor (leave me a link).  Here is my link:
I'm guessing you are from Australia?  In 2005 I bought a new Pontiac GTO (in the USA), which I hear is nearly identical to a Holden Monaro.  I sold it several months ago.  It had a Corvette engine, which is stock.  Great seats, I knew I would miss them.  Anyway, I think your song has potential.  In my opinion, you should do a recording with better audio quality, but maybe that's not your thing (I know lots of people just post rough demos on youtube).  Yes, some of the playing could be tighter.  I think you could develop it more if you are willing to spend the time.  Please review my music at this link:
HI!  I've had some surf rock songs get radio play in Texas, so thought I'd check out your song.  Nice song and guitar playing!  Please review my music at this link:
Worse than Global Warming!  Or is it Climate Change?  Pretty funny!  Majoring in mechanical engineering, I actually had a machine design class where I designed an artificial hip.  It was not actually fabricated and tested out though.  Should I fabricate it, and have you take a spin with it?  I knew an old lady that stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake pedal; fortunately no one was killed or injured.  I'm trying to remember what she crashed into.   Someone's car, mailbox, or house?  Anyway, before I forget, please check out my music at this link:
Just a couple of comments before I review your song.  Perhaps you mistakingly came up with a better lyric than I did.  My song lyric was actually, "Eternity is a long time".   The lead synth in my tune was a Korg TR-Rack (circa 1999), with a built in wah-wah effect that I activated with the keyboard joystick.  Good thing you showed up yesterday, things have been mighty quiet on this forum lately.  OK, now your tune: I read the lyrics before I listened to the song.  Pretty heavy my friend.  The lyrics seemed kind of depressing, but when I actually heard the song, there was way more of a feeling of humor than I anticipated, even though I'm very familiar with your music.  What is kind of funny (in a good way), is the instrumental is upbeat and happy, compared to the subject matter of the lyrics.  It is an interesting contrast, kind of like CCR's song "Bad Moon Rising" (happy instrumental with pessimistic lyrics).  Anyway, the song ended up more amusing and entertaining than I anticipated.  Instrumentally everything sounds good.  The lungfruit vocal style adds an element of humor.  Since I am spiritually inclined, I had a hard time not fixating on your lyric "And I don't care much about the heaven's above".  Perhaps that's how you really feel, or perhaps it is something you didn't seriously mean.  If it is a topic you want to discuss (since eternity is a long time), send me a private message.  Cheers!   
Couldn't get the top song to play (sometimes I have trouble with youtube, especially when it's the first video attempt for the day).  Got the bottom song to play.  Yes, this sounds pretty rough & live.  Not bad for live though.  I could do without the F-bombs, but I knew what I was in for when I played the song.  Most of the singing is pretty good, though sometimes pitchy.  Guitar riffs seem pretty good, though there is so much reverb, it makes it harder to tell what you're playing.  I say do more of a studio version with bass & keyboards; record vocals & guitar separately, and let's see how it sounds.  It seems to have potential, some good melodies.  Please review my music at this link:
I didn't know grungemetal is a genre.  The vocals are strong, and instrumentally everything sounds very good too.  Video was pretty well done.  The song ending was dramatic, in a good way.   Well done!   Please review my music at this link:
I put 2 songs in my music website: "Attack of the Zombies!" is the song on top, and "Everything You Do Effects Tomorrow" is the next song down.  Please tell me how you like the music and how it can be improved, and I promise to C4C.  Here is the link:
Thank you for your comments and question!  I didn't write the song lyrics until after I had at least part of the instrumental worked out.  Check out this link:

The first dinosaur fossil was found in 1677, yet the Jewish Synagogue Umm-Kanatir (400-700 A.D.; on the Golan Heights) has a sculpture that looks like dinosaurs attacking a horse. How can that be?  Young earth creationists (bible believers that believe the earth was created in 6 days, and less than 7,000 years old) get into stuff like this.  Though I think the Hebrew word that was translated into "days", can also mean a period of time.  That is: the world was created in 6 periods of time (and who knows how long those periods were?).  I think the world is most likely much older that 7,000 years, though evidence that dinosaurs lived a few thousand years ago fascinating.  Years ago on the TV news program 60 Minutes, they interviewed a woman who soaked a T. Rex fossil in acid, and the fossilized rock turned into some fleshy/flexible substance where blood vessels could be found!  Initially paleontologists couldn't believe this was possible, though the evidence was there!  Young earth creationists argued that there was no way the fossil was ~65 million years old.  I'm into dinosaur stuff more than most normal people.  There's lots of artwork that looks like dinosaurs that is only thousands of years old.  Here is the link to the 60 Minutes segment (no religion is mentioned):  

I listened to the first song.  I like the synth, organ, and guitar tones.......Wow, it suddenly got more intense; more than I anticipated.  I liked it; thought it was well done.  Very good audio quality.  Would go well with a video, TV show, or movie.  Please review my music at this link:
Your recent review was so kind, I thought I would review you again: the lyrics just before the guitar solo at ~3:10, and the guitar solo gave me goose-bumps!  There are certain elements of the song that remind me of Pink Floyd, mostly because of the vocals (a compliment).  I wouldn't be surprised if it makes her cry if she likes this style of music.  It kind of choked me up a bit, darn you!   On first listen, a few of the vocals sounded slightly pitchy, but I didn't feel that way on second listen.  Instrumentally, it sounds top notch!  Very well done!    I have no idea who Ed is, but did anything happen with Ed and the landlord, they got married?
I'm pretty sure I recognized the song in about 2 seconds.  The guitar arpeggio thing is what I seem to remember.  It sounds good.  The playing is nice & tight.  Oh, the 2009 mix is playing now.  It is a lot less loud, perhaps from compression?   While the new mix is louder, I think I hear the compressors pumping the mix, which I think is the only negative part.  Both mixes have their advantages.  Either way it is a nice song.  Please review my music at this link:
I put a new song in my music website called "The Big T. Rex Grabs the Horse".  Please tell me how you like the song, and how it can be improved, and I promise to C4C.  The song is at the top of this link:
I listened to the first song.  Usually this type of music does not excite me, though I did get goosebumps a few times, so that is a big compliment.  Audio quality is good, and everything sounded pretty real to me.  This would be good background music for a movie or TV show.  Your video was simple, though it has pleasant imagery, and matched the music.  Nice melodies & well played.  Nice job!  Please review my music at this link:
Not sure why I was expecting a metal song; I guess that is what is typical on this forum.  Once I got over that surprise, it reminded me of the 80's group Squeeze (a compliment).  Singing is quite good.  Instrumentally, everyone is playing very well.  Very good melodies all around.  Audio quality sounds like vintage 80's; not sure if that was on purpose, though it fits the song.  The video is OK, someone must like Mazda Miatas (I like sporty cars).  Please review my music at this link:
It's good you sent me a heads up (I got an email notification, which surprised me; I don't recall ever getting something like that from a thread that is not mine), because I missed your review, which is very unusual for me; makes me wonder if it was visible for me earlier.  I have a difficult time setting up a new thread where it gives me an email notification when someone replies to my thread on this forum (been that way for at least a year for me).  I spent several minutes just now just trying to get a "Post reply" box in this thread, which is also very unusual.  I booted up Google Chrome again at least once before it worked right, after leaving & coming back to this forum several times.  Not sure if ultimateguitar has been updating their website, it looks a bit different to me.  Anyway, I listened to your song 10 minutes ago, and now I can't get it to play again (not unusual for me with soundcloud).  From what I remember, it sounds quite pleasant, and the audio quality is quite good.  For me the song got better after the intro.  Drums sounded nice.  From what I remember, you said my drums sounded robotic, though most of the drum patterns were stock toontrack drum patterns played by a real life drummer.  I hope this forum does not stay buggy for me.  By the way, are you from a particular state or country?
Haven't seen you around here lately!  Your lead guitar is quite good, as usual.  On the first half of the song, the quick-picking on the rhythm guitar kind of steps on the lead guitar quick-picking though; my only complaint.  Please review my music at this link:
I think the rhythm guitar riffs are quite good.  If there is electric bass, it is barely audible.  The drums sound very thin.  Lead guitar is good overall, parts of it are impressive.  Kind of long for an instrumental.  Please review my music at this link:
I listened to some of the sneak peaks.  Sound quality is good.  Some vocals would probably help, though maybe they are later on in the songs.  The playing is tight and the melodies are good.  Please review my music at this link (the song's lyrics are not to be taken too seriously):
Mr. RabidBadger,
I dig the guitar riffs.  The drums fit the song.  The first vocals kind of remind me of music from Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album (not a bad thing). The subsequent vocals sound more creepy, which fits the vibe of the song.  I am glad there is the combination of creepy and less creepy vocals.  Audio quality is good.  I don't detect any timing issues.  Well done.  Please review my music at this thread:
Thank you for the review, I appreciate it!  I can't say I listen to much doom music (typically too gloomy for me), though I still found this entertaining.  Strangely enough, your vocals remind me more of Gary Numan (a compliment) than Neil Young on this song.  Perhaps none was intended, though because it is a lungfruit song, I felt some elements of humor in the song; at least for me.  Though I've had friends occasionally laugh at my songs, even though the song was not intended to be humorous.  The quirky-ness of my song made them laugh.  Your lead guitar was so heavy (feel free to elaborate how you did it), it made the turntable turn up-side-down and violate all known laws of physics.  No timing issues. The audio sound fits the vibe of the song.  I would put a smiling face, but how can I for a doom song (wink wink)?  Well done, even if I can't detect much melodic similarity of commonly known versions of 'The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia'; except most of the lyrics are the same (I just listened to the Reba McEntire version on the youtube).  Maybe you can get Reba to sing background vocals on your recording (ha ha).