Joined a band during the summer, but Im moving on for my B.S. in Information Tech this fall. I expect to be super busy. I work part-time and my online classes have been a lot of work in the past. The band im in is just to much work. Meeting twice a week and talking about opening up a bank account and they dream about touring and such. We havent played one gig and dont have one song completed. Hate to leave the band becuase the guys are cool and they got potential, but im 25 and still leave with parents, while working part-time at Starbucks. Music will be there for me when Im done, but im considering leaving this band because I cant imagine having time to be committed to it. Priority #1 right know is starting a career that will provide a livable wage. 

Anyone here go to college for something other then music? Did you gig during? I play at a church also, that Is cool enough to pay. So im playing, just not the same as being in a band haha. 

They going to make it big while im in school?! haha
Its seems to just click for some people and not click for others. I have friends who have a lot of creative confidence and quickly can get some parts/songs togethor. Others have a hard time creating stuff. The overall skill level isnt always a factor. One friend who hardly practices can come up with parts quickly while another more disciplined player my not. I get that creativity is like any skill, it takes time and practice to get better, but some people seem to  just find it easy. 

Ive been playing almost 15 years and would consider myself an intermediate player.  I used to really try to make music, but mentally kept feeling like I was hitting road blocks. Id sit down and just play and try to create even just a riff I liked and would end up with nothing or something I didnt like. Overtime Ive kinda given up, plus Im really busy with college. I just play gigs know at my church and enjoy it, but I get urges to create music often. Just sat down during a short semester break and spent a couple hours again and ended up frustrated. 

Im convinced some people are just born with music creativity and I must not have it. 
Iconic players like  john frusciante or the edge got something going on beyond what a lot of players have. 

What do you think?
would a VHT 12/20 be more of an upgrade compared to my blues jr?
Ive had a blues jr for a long time, its ok but I think im ready to try something new. Not looking to spend more then what i can probably sell the blues jr for... I hear great things about the VHT special 6 amps. Concerned about clean headroom though, I almost always mic an amp live so im not concerned about being super clean over a band so much. I like to have the amp clean or at the edge of breaking up and use pedals for more gain. My Blues jr actually hasnt had the opportunity to be cranked for awhile because of the way my church has us mic our amps, so less watts in my current condition might work better for me. Any thoughts?
Ok So Ive been looking at pre-amp  and cab sim pedals. Maybe im not very bright, but I'm kinds lost on what all you can do with these things. Let me define my purpose for getting a pedal like the Atomic. I want something that I can put on my pedalboard to replace an amp, so I can run direct into a PA. Will the Ampli-fire do all that or do I need something else before going direct ( a pre amp pedal?)... ? Ive seen pedals like the Torpedo C.A.B. and the 2notes leclean, but it looks like you need to ad a pre-amp pedal?  Also can you run a pedal like the Ampli-fire into a real cab if needed?
Quote by kentrock
#7 is the best upgrade you could make!

Im in college. Cant afford #7 or to "screw it up" haha. 
What are some good upgrades I can do to my Strat Mexican. I know a big one is new pickups, but I get complements all the time on the sound so im not in a hurry to spend the money. .
sure I might be able to spend a little more $$ if need, but im really on a budget if I get an acoustic. I sold my Seagull s6 that I loved and I miss it, but it felt really large for me. I really like smaller body guitars like the Martin 000-15m. Not looking for a tiny acoustic. I just dont want a full-sized dreadnought. Im mainly a electric player, but id like have one to play and use live if needed. Doesn't need to have pickups preinstalled, but that is a plus. I know its a small budget, any suggestions? And ill add im not looking for nylon classical guitars. 
Will an admin change this?
CorduroyEW when i switched it on yesterday neither lit up
Played a Saturday night service and left it in the building over night. Next morning I show up and it wont turn on. I know I turned it off the night before after playing, but I did not unplug from the wall. No light and no sound. Tubes look fine. My church offered to pay for the cost to fix it and since im busy i tried to drop it off at a guitar center, but they told me they didnt do work on amps. Called another local place and they said the same. Not sure what to do. Could it be a blown fuse and how would I know if it was?
 Its been almost two weeks know with my new pair of underwear. still feels great. no smell on finger after playing. 
yeah, so Ive been playing gigs for the last year with the same strings and same setup. I use elixirs but trust me new strings were way overdue. Just put new strings on it and setting it up and it plays so much better.  So im posting about it becuase I feel like a total loser who doesnt deserve to own a guitar. plz tell me im not the only idiot here
My routine takes about an hour. Two 25min sections so I can take a 5 min break

first 25 min:
Chromatic scales exercises (do this to  warm up) about 10min
Major/minor scales shapes (all 7) about 15min

Second 25 min:
Pentatonic shapes (all 5) about 10min
spider   exercises, about 5min 
playing along with jam tracks, about 10min

for all the exercises I pick a tempo and go from quarter, 8th, triplet. and 16th. 

for example, right know I do all at 88 bpm and I'll move up once i can get everything clean and easy.

would like some feedback on how i might be able to manage an hour better. 

I've been doing something like this for a long time and it does help, but I think I might need to expand a little more. But if I change what im practicing I feel like Im neglecting what i used to practice. 

My goal right know is kind of broad. I just want to be a better guitar player overall. Better feel, better improv skills, faster playing, etc

hey guys, Im going to stick with the Blue jr for know. I think most of you are right that I need to tinker with the setting a little more. The best thing i could probably do is put better pickups on my Start mim, but right know its not  financially a  priority. 
dannyalcatraz My gig is usually weekend church. Its a big church, we have a isolation box so I pretty much max out the master and turn  the volume almost half way for a little breakup.  After mic'ing it, volume isn't a cancer
I'm looking for some amp advice for someone on a budget. Ive been currently using a Blues Jr for couple years and some of my friends and a well respected guitar teacher of mine have suggestion I need to get something else. I've been told my sound is sorta thin and small. Im thinking about getting a hot rod or a deville. Im on a really tight budget and i don't see myself having enough money to pay more than $400/500 on an amp for the next 2 years. I play at Strat and love the fender tone. Any suggestions? should i sell my Blue Jr and get something with more watts. 
we don't always have the time to stretch, practice scales, etc right before a performance. When I'm at home practicing I always warm up by stretching and practicing scales etc, and my hands feel great like i could play anything(but in reality not lol). Does anyone have a routine they do before playing?
 I have a seagull s6. Its a great acoustic but I'm looking for something smaller. something easier just to play on the couch or whatever. Im more of a electric player so I'm not really into classical music. Im between a martin mini or taylor. any suggestions? budget is under $400
What is the best way to start teaching guitar? Ive been playing for 10 years with experience from instructors, a one year guitar performance program, and playing at churches. This is my thought, if I take lessons at a music school that is looking for instructors and tell my teacher that my desire is to be a teacher then he could train me.( since I have no guitar teaching experience). could this work?
Russia vs America. World war 3 feels closer every couple months. What do you think? is the media overeating or should I spend all my money on a bomb shelter :p
haha this pinch harmonic thing is good example. I have trouble with them too, but apparently slapsymcdougal has no problem with. Im terrible at speed tremolo picking. I tried so many times and had teachers show the technique but i just can't move that fast, but hey my friend just picks up the guitar and nails it first try. smh
Good news! After emailing Elixir they sent me a total of 8 strings for free! great customer service.
do you believe that some people are born with natural talents? I guess I could go as far as to ask the question of born innate traits vs environment, experience, developed traits. Is innate talent a myth or real? I tend to believe its real because some people just pick up things faster. For instance, two musicians who have been playing same amount of time could be at totally different levels. In fact the one that rarely practices can be better then the musician who practices daily for hours. Hard works does pays off, but some people just seem get by without it,
So I've been using Elixirs for a couple years and got 5 or more packs with missing e strings. They seem to break sometimes before I'm ready to restring my guitar. Is there any way to order a set of just E strings. like .10's.
Im looking at a Guild Manhattan X-175 , starfire, Montreal premiere and eastman guitars that are about the same price of the Club king used, does any of them stand out? oh and i almost forgot the Reverend PA-1.
Thankyou! I'm actually leaning towards a Gretsch G5420T.
I want something that can pull off Jazz//blues and still get dirty for rock. so pretty versatile i guess. budget would be anywhere under 1K used. suggestion?
Anyone else seen this? really tempting. I'm in between wanting to replace my bad monkey, ep booster and getting a compressor. the Tone Workstation has it all in one affordable (for what you get) pedal. Anyone familiar with the pedals that come with the Workstation? how does Red Dirt and the Keeley compare with other pedals? should i just by separate pedals. Im really digging the footprint, since my board isn't that big tho.
If Trump becomes GOP i can't imagine what that will do to the Republican party and it'll be even worse if he wins. If the republican party fades away would that send America into the age of Democrats or would another party rise? could we see the end of the 2 huge party system soon?
The website does say that the mustang body comes with "Strat® Shape" neck. which they make mustang and strat necks. tho I've read changing to a longer neck on a mustang can cause problems including the tone. would this be true if the body perfectly fits a strat neck tho?
Im planning to buy from warmoth. a slightly smaller neck isn't going to bother me too much. Ive read that mahogany sounds best with p90s which i can have warmoth make for me, but will it be heavy? if its too heavy it could making it awkward to balance. most popular option on warmoth is alder or swamp ask
Looking into starting a project of my own. Ive kinda narrowed it down to a mustang body. can i put a full length neck on a mustang?
ambient stuff. like tones of delay and reverb with tremolo picking = Glory cloud.
Its like my least fav technique but since its widely used in the music Im asked to play at my church i want to do it well. what would you recommend me do to work my speed up? metronome with working my way up with 16ths would be my first choice
I have a Mac book pro with only 2 usb ports, I would like to have several midi controllers, an interface, and a external hard drive plugged it at once. would a usb hub work, even if i wanted to plug everything into the hub at once. what are the cons. could it "overwork" the usb port?
So i'm ready to drop some dough on a amp sim. I downloaded the scuffhams trial and really dig it, but before i spend the 100+ dollars on it I wanted to know what other option i might have. I want something i can practice and record with that has a good selection of quality amps sim, and effects.
i did some recording for my brothers song and in order to get the sound i wanted I ended up pissing off everyone in the house and probably the neighbors. haha. right know i don't have access to sound canceling room to record/practice in. I was looking on building my own isolation box for my amp but I've read enough cons to second guess it. Can I get satisfactory result from amp sims on my Mac?
I'm sure this topic has been beaten to death. but I'm more concerned with Iso box cons vs amp sim cons
Im thinking on either using primer or varnish, or something else for protection against warping and such. anyone no a thing or two about what i should use? something that the glue on the velcro would stick well to.
yeah i meant like I bought the amp for around 300, if i put $100 to $200 then I've spent 500ish on the amp when a used hot rod is around 400 and resales well. Honestly I had a HOD and sold it for a Blues JR because I wanted less watts, I liked the fact that i could make the JR break up without busting ears. I think ill be happier if I can get the JR sound better with some mods. but my question is, how much better will mods make it sound. is it worth it tho, since i could just sell my amp and buy something else for around $500