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And there it is.

I'd say that the university president's authority supersedes the authority of the head of your dorm building. If he likes it, then tell him that the guy's trying to shut it down even though you're not doing anything wrong, and ask him to talk the guy down.

You will have successfully gotten past the asshole, built a relationship a little more with your university president - always good to have - pissed the asshole off because you went around him, and you'll get to keep doing things, all without any risk or punishment or anything else stupid.

This. This all the way.

Also, I'd recommend anything whoomit said if a battle royale breaks out on campus.
Alex Hutchings. Guthrie Govan maybe?
Explore as many scales as you can, learn to improvise. I know that's not what you really want, but it really does help. I'd say learn some Gary Moore.
Make a small pie, put it in a toaster oven. You aren't lying, it's just a technicality.
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Look at musical passages that sound "jazzy" to you and find a tab or score for 'em. Look at the time and note intervals and try to figure out what gives it that sound or feel, and then try to put those sounds into your playing.

I know a lot of people associate hooked rhythms, diminished fifth accidentals, and seventh or ninth chords with a jazzy sound (kind of like how people associate the harmonic minor scale with a "classical" sound).

I like this idea. Gonna have to try it.
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Ok thanks! Thing is, i'm from Portugal and local shops here have atrocious prices it's disgusting! Are there any nice European stores?

Then I would say go with T00DEEPBLUE's suggestion and go to the stores, play them, then buy the model you like online for a cheaper price.
Welcome to UG!
A few tips.
- We can suggest guitars in the price range you mentioned, but it's better to get the experience for yourself early by going to guitar shops near you, picking up guitars in the price range you've got in mind, and playing them/seeing how they feel in your hands. You want to make sure you like the way it feels or you're going to hate playing.
- It really doesn't matter if you start acoustic or electric. So pick whichever seems more fun to you.
- I would suggest that you start with the basics before trying to run head first into metal. Practice scales, techniques like hammer ons, pull offs, sliding, bending, vibrato, etc. You won't find very many beginner guitars suited for metal anyways.
I never stretch and I'm fine o-o huh.
Anyways, I'd say do the exercises and see if they hurt more than they help.

"Neck Surgery

Q How should I go about scalloping my guitar's fingerboard?

Nadim Makhoul
Beirut, Lebanon

A Scalloped fingerboards let you bend strings more easily—you can push and pull without the fingerboard getting in the way. But since there is no definite stop for down pressure, they also require a lot more skill to play in tune. The first time John McLaughlin asked me to scallop a fingerboard, I remember wondering if he would be able to play in tune. The answer was clear in the first few moments after he picked up the guitar; he launched into a Bach composition with chords requiring extreme left-hand stretches, all played with casual ease and perfectly in tune.

Before you get started on an ambitious project like this, there are a few things to consider. Scalloping will weaken your guitar's neck, so you should get an experienced luthier to examine the neck (and truss rod) before you start. Also, you are removing the supporting wood that keeps the edges of the fret slots intact when the fret wire is pried out, and if you ever have to refret the guitar, you may lose big chunks of fingerboard next to the fret slots, particularly in the upper fret region where the slots are closer together. So if you think you might be refretting the guitar in the future, I recommend that you remove the fret wire before scalloping the fingerboard, widen the fret slots, and use a glue-in method of fretting that will allow you to remove the frets with heat alone."

just a little something I found. It shouldn't affect the sound as long as you learn to get used to the new amount of pressure needed, but if you finger the fret too hard once the fret board is scalloped, it will.

edit - bringing it to a good luthier will probably cost you a bit, but it's better to have it done right and well instead of ruining your guitar.
I'm with Tempoe, you should probably find out why before moving forward.

But back onto your suggestion, it does sound creative because I've never really heard of an acoustic with a scalloped fretboard, nevermind a fully scalloped fretboard. I don't know how well the scalloping would work for chords, but your doc was right about scalloped frets needing less pressure to sound. A luthier could do it for you, it's not recommended you do it yourself if you don't know how.
If you're just practicing, I say try to start a band or something. If she still doesn't support you in a band and stuff, sit her down and talk. If that gets no where, get rid of her.
I would. I wanna buy a pair but they're pretty expensive. O-O
I'm a bit confused, but from what I have gathered, I'm just gonna kick an opinion out there and hope it helps.

Don't worry about making every single note noticeably correct when you're speed picking. You're not supposed to mess up, but not every note should sound like you took the time to carefully pluck it. It's speed picking. I think you might just be beating yourself up because it wasn't 1000000000000000% perfect (to your standards).
Yeah, just say you want it white. white is no sauce.
Drink a lot of tea (not the bottled stuff. Actual tea bags or loose tea). Eat a (at least some what) balanced diet, but not like "OH MY GOD I DIDN'T HAVE 2-3 SERVINGS OF FRUIT! SOMEONE GET ME A BANANA BEFORE I DIE!". Take time to think, or think while you're playing guitar. Exercise. Hang out with best friends whenever you can.
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To put it simply, guitars are like prostitutes.

Cheap ones are usually worthless, and you should always always ALWAYS try before you buy.

Nicely put good sir.
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May sound stupid, but i'm not bothered what guitar I get.. I'm not that good just need a guitar?

It doesn't matter if you're good or not. If you go and try out different guitars and get a feel for what you like and dislike and you buy a guitar you've played that you know you like, you are gonna keep playing. If you don't care enough to even try one guitar in your hands before you buy it, then it's a waste of money.
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But I can't just thinking of ordering one of the internet.. any suggestions at all?

Why can't you? Just buying online without even trying the guitar before hand is a recipe for disaster. The only suggestion (which is gonna be repeated alot) is to go out and play them and decide how they feel to you.
Wolfgang! The hybrid one scares me o-o
Delirium, isn't that a tad extreme? I don't remember all her records.

Kaptink, It does have built in speakers and it does have a speaker output in the back.

Would the auto feature at least be worth fixing? when I put the record down and flip it to auto, it doesn't do what it should so I do it manually.

Also, is the track supposed to be a little wobbly?
So I found my moms old record player along with a "Hotel California" record (which is not the record on it in the pictures, I know). She said she has Boston and Styx records somewhere too, but being a 17 year old I think this is the coolest thing ever. I cleaned it up and got it running, but I need to fix the "auto" feature and the speakers (which I hope isn't too difficult).

back view

side view

front view

Do you guys think it's worth fixing? I would use it but before I dive into it I want to know if I'd be way in over my head. Opinions pit! GO!
Well, I do say.... Indeed. Yesss. Quite.

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This is a win and another mystery. Double win.

Hinterkaifeck is just.... jhsjkdlfhasjkd. That's creepy stuff.

I've personally always wondered about the Bermuda triangle...
Drop A or even G would be my guess. If that isn't low enough, then harmonize. I doubt that the guitar in the song was recorded, but instead, made in Fruity loops or whatever software Doctor P/Plan B uses.
I'd guess battery. My PRS has EMG's in it and when the battery is dying, it likes to screw with me. -_-
Don't take everything too literally and think outside the box. Try to be descriptive ("Fragile words like these will cut your tongue", Fragile like glass. "And every slow-lit cigarette that nervous hands can barely get the courage", descriptive). I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but it works for me.
Kick him out. Seriously. Find a new singer. I don't give a shit how good he is, he sounds like an uber-douche.
good idea. I'll buy them for my prom in a few months.

I see no harm in it.
Look for Epiphones. Maybe a cheap B.C. Rich? I personally think B.C.'s are shit unless you shell out for them but I've had people try to argue with that.
A Churro or taco or burrito. Deep fry some skittles and m&m's. Maybe some gum. Also, while your going hard in the deep frying paint, deep fry Ice cream, cake, and bread (white, italian, rye, the whole 9 yards.)
My favorite was the second file. I liked 1 and 2. 3 was alright but I didn't really feel the 1-4 power chord thing (if you get what I mean)
Obviously any big company will support SOPA. They all want more money which is what this will do while it completely destroys the internet. It's stupid. I'll move to another country if this crap actually passes. I called my states senator and signed like 10 different petitions.
The only time nokia's were good were when they made those simple cell phones that were practically bricks. I couldn't ever break them O-O
Check out Sterling by Music Man. Basically, I use my Sterling AX40 for anything. When it comes to blues/jazz (in Standard tuning), it's all I use.
I'd guess you have to read them right to left.
Omelet. Everything else I made that was really good, I forgot how to make or I lost the recipe I made and I can't seem to recall all the ingredients. But I always make a great omelet.
Tell him that you guys are really serious about the whole band thing. You two need to lay down some rules since you are the majority. Tell him he needs to know the songs. and he can't just stop mid song. The jokes are just jokes. Don't kick him out. Just let him know you and the singer mean business about the band.
A few brands you could look at are:
-Sterling by Musicman (cheaper versions of regular ernie ball musicman guitars but still GREAT quality).
Idk. Just look around haha. Best bet is to find one you like that fits your playing style and how you like the body and neck and whatnot and go with it.
"ignore what people think, and play without worrying."

You answered your own question. You go to a guitar shop to try guitars and amps that suit your style of playing and your type of music, not to please the other customers.