Really cool band, but I did lose interest after enough listens. The guitar tone is exactly like Ignivomous', they must use the same recording studio.
Followeeeeeers! Craaaaaaaaaaawling Disciples Of Doooohoom! Sentineeeeeeeeeeeels! In The Garden Of The Grrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaves!
GODLY band, one of the best Black Metal bands for sure.

Buried in Time is alright, kind of thrashy melo death stuff. Not good though. Everything else is phenomenal.

Tragenda is definitely one of my favourite songs, ever.
Rainbow - Best of DLP
Witchfynde - Give 'Em Hell LP
Napalm Death - first 2 demo's bootleg LP
Rome - Nos... CD
Watain - Reaping Death pic 7"
Drunken applause, you twat. Did you have fun with Mike and Malcolm too?



****ing hell, every single show I'll see is going to be shit now unless it's Nifelheim.
National Day of Slayer. Listen to Morbid Saint.
Nigga needs to get laid, have a break, drink a beer and listen to Nifelheim.
That sounds like the one, maybe it was Nikki Sixx? Fair play? I wouldn't touch that with a barge pole.

What was the girls toilets like? That's where you ran (well, sprinted) away to. Closest door I guess. The phone call Saturday morning was perfect. "You remember that woman?." "What woman?"
Quote by Stranglehold
Haha werent the lad who got carted off by the Ambulance no??

Nah, he was busy

Haha, cheers!

Not actually had a chance to listen to it yet, still recovering! Managed the get through half of that stuff so far, the Von Veinen 7" has to be one of the worst things I've heard in a long time!!! It's hilarious, the kind of song you'd expect a wrestler to walk into an arena to.
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Craven Idol - Ethereal Altars


This weekend:

Sacrilegious Impalement - Cultus Nex CD
Sacrilegious Impalement - EP CD
Sacrilegious Impalement patch
Watain - Lawless Darkness CD
Von - Satanic Blood 7"
Von Veinen - Tribal Metal 7"
Neutron Hammer - Extermination Kommand 10"
Alice Cooper - Poison 7"
Rainbow - Since You Been Gone 7"
Rock Hard Monsters of Death Compilation 12"
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath gatefold 12"
Europe - The Final Countdown single 12"
Judas Priest - Defenders of the Faith 12"
Led Zeppelin - IV gatefold 12"
2 Repugnant shirts
Nifelheim - Servants of Darkness shirt
Spent a good amount on beer this weekend too...
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Haha werent the lad who got carted off by the Ambulance no?? Von were great despite having to start a song again halfway through, but they were absolutely hammered

I was told that was the Mayhem guitarist!

What a weekend, Nifelheim and Repugnant put on two of the best shows I've ever seen. Simply incredible! Watain and The Devil's Blood was fantastic too, best time I've seen either band.

VON was such a huge disappointment, I don't even know where to start. It was embarrassing to watch really. They didn't make a single effort to look the part, couldn't they at least get some cloaks with big hoods or something? They COMPLETELY changed the songs, I didn't even ****ing recognize the songs and I've listened to the demo countless times. They could've at least rehearsed too, it was so horribly clear that they weren't ready to play.

Well, still an absolutely incredible weekend. UGH!
Finally this DBM trend is dying.
Best announcement since Repugnant, I'll definitely be there, had my ticket for a long time now! Absolutely unbelievable news!

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I bumped this to say that they werent splitting Il change the thread title now.

Aye, I was more replying to the person above me.
They haven't split, I think. They're playing this weekend in Germany and later this year at Black Mass Ritual in Finland.
Craven Idol (UK) MCD: Ethereal Altars out now on Vengeful Attakk/Hammer Of Hate:

Available via or No Sign of Life


Scheduled Apperances at:
4/6 Armageddon Festival, London
30/9 Black Mass Ritual Fest III, Helsinki

Cultivated in the subterranean lairs of England’s capital, Craven Idol is a coven sworn to the cause of the elder dead. In 2006 the fraternity of S. Vrath (Scythian, Crom Dubh) and J. Scourger (Deceptor) spawned three hymns of godless savagery in the form of a self-released demo tape. Heavily indebted to cults such as Destroyer 666, Poison (Ger), Absu and early Bathory, this debut offering’s original fifty incarnations were quickly devoured by adherents of bestial black/thrash metal. Starlight Temple Society subsequently fanned this early flame with a tape re-release.

Now the seals have been broken once more, and four newly crafted chalices are ready to be raised.

Upcoming release: Ethereal Altars EP via Vengeful Attakkk (Hammer of Hate)
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^ Are there still places that stock the Soulside Journey tshirts? Been looking for it in a longsleeve for ages...

I got it from a shop I work in

If you've been to London, maybe you know it? It's called Metal Militia. We don't have LS's of SJ though, I'd definitely get that instead!
In the last week or so:

New Swallowed EP 7"
Nocturnal Blood - Invocaiton of Spirits Pic 7"
Encoffination - EP 7"
Doombringer - newest demo tape
Dawn of Crucifixion demo tape
Putrid - second demo tape
Negative Plane - Et In Saecula Saeculorum CD
W.A.S.P. - The Crimson Idol 2CD
Pseudogod - Two Nights of Supremacy and Witchcraft DVD
Cruciamentum logo patch
Dead Congregation logo patch
Teitanblood Proclamation split artwork patch
Some Sarcofago, GG Allin, Watain and Teitanblood pins
Darkthrone - Soulside Journey T-Shirt
Swedish Death Metal the book

STILL waiting for some Ashdautus and Mata Mata tapes to come too.
I remember listening to this band on drugs. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-
Was about to post that, but aye, tickets are on sale now through ticketweb. I'd get them sooner rather than later, as it may easily sell out.
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This is the band formed from the splitting up of Sacrificial Dagger, right? Sounds great!

Not that I know of. These two bands only have one member in common, that's Miika, the main guy behind Craven Idol.
Blackened thrash, in the vein of Destroyer 666 among other's.

Two songs from the upcoming EP are available to download for free from Last FM:

Best metal band ever.
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**** ,this thread died too quick.Does anyone know when some new Cruciamentum material will be recorded?.I've been worshiping the demo so much recently.The doomy guitars,fast double bass part in Deathless Ascension where the vocals scream "DARKNESS.............PREVAILS!" sends shivers done my spine,best!.

I'm pretty good friends with those wankers, they'll put out some more stuff very soon, keep and eye on Nuclear Winter Records.
Brilliant band, one of Italy's best.

I put Mysteria Mystica Zothyriana on a blog I do sometimes not too long ago if someone wants a link for it:
I made a list of bands from the last few years making old school sounding DM. This was made a good few months ago, so obviously would be a lot bigger by now. But yeah, I'm lazy.

Bastard Priest
Bombs Of Hades
Coffin Texts
Dead Congregation
Father Befouled
Hail of Bullets
Morbus Crohn
Ominous Crucifix
Stench Of Decay
Tzun Tzu
Voids Of Vomit
Got the demo too, need to order the 7". Really killer stuff, even if it is all Autopsy. Can never have enough Autopsy!
GODS. Going to get to see them later this year. Goetia is just amazing.
Quote by MHDrunk
Doombringer is great, I have Primeval Sorcery. Is that the demo you're talking about?

Yeah, that's the one. They've done a new demo, I think it's out, will have to get that. REALLY evil atmosphere to this band. One of them is also in Cultes Des Ghoules, another amazing band. The Odd Spiritually EP is killer.

KILLING FOR COMPANY - the case of Dennis Nilsen by Brian Maste
ALCOHOLIC RITES - Metal Alcoholico - Destructivo EP
SATURNALIA TEMPLE - Saturnalia temple EP
TEITANBLOOD - Black putrescence of evil CD
DEAD CONGREGATION - Graves of the Archangels MC
EXTINCTION - Down below the fog.. CD
GOATLORD - The last sodomy of Mary CD
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the light devouring darkness

Nooooooo. Start with Angelcunt: Tales of Desecration, then ***** of Bethlehem and then The Light Devouring Darkness. Then go onto the others. The live split with Black Witchery is brilliant.

The new album is good, has some great moments. But I didn't like it as much as people are raving about.
Quote by Stranglehold
New album went completely over my head. W of B is still great stuff though, reminds me of the new Vasaeleth album, very similar style.

Really?! They sound nothing alike to my ears. The Vasaeleth album was much more inspired by Incantation, ***** of Bethlehem is very different. I found the Vasaeleth album pretty disappointing, whereas, Archgoat kill. Angelcunt: Tales of Desecration is definitely my favourite.

Not too sure about the description at the beginning of the thread. Archgoat are by no means "war" metal. If you want to use one of these pointless modern tags, I guess "bestial" would fit. And they weren't hated in the underground at all. There was a rivalry between Finland and Norway, but Archgoat and Beherit gathered an incredibly dedicated fan base in the early 90's.
If you want occult atmosphere, check out the most recent demo's of Mefitic, Wrathprayer, Sperm of Antichrist and Doombringer.
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^ You heading over to Germany for that one? Sounds like a killer line-up...

Yep, that's the one. I PRAY FOR TOTAL DEATH, and I'm sure the gig will deliver.
Absolutely love this band, one of my favourites. Seeing them again in 11 days, can't wait!
Yes! One of my favourite Craft tracks from my favourite album. Absolutely killer riff about 3 minutes in, and I love the vocals all the way through. Craft have a very unusual way of playing the guitar, quite original.

Burial - Ghost Hardware

This isn't metal, but I want to see what someone makes of it. Love this song so much.
This is going to be ****ing great!
Know what I like to do? I like building bridges. Big ones, made out of words that are completely meaningless.

I'm just pulling all your legs, I fewking love Warning. Watching is one of my favourite Doom albums, I just love taking the piss out of them as it's so easy Sing anything while holding your nose, sounds like Warning meets Manilla Road.

You have to admit it though, Pat does sound a wee bit like Sahkira at times.