Always buy used for guitars. Just know what you are looking at when inspecting it. That will save you money. Buy amps used if you can but go for new. I have the Ibanez Tone Blaster. IT gets the job done very nicely. If you like ESP's then go for a Laguna. Same feel and a little cheaper. Probably a Laguna LE300
That movie sucked balls. I was embarrassed to watch it the first time. Nothing like destroying brain cells
not to be an ass but u should really go listen to heaven and hell and see why everbody likes him. plus a lot of people listened to his stuff but it wasnt in the news. we are showing respect to a great musician and all u can do is be a d*ck. i dont think i should have posted that, its not cool
iv submitted three tabs and they wont show up. i stopped submitting cuz they arent counted as a contribution