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Exactly what you did. Post here. This problem has occurred on a few occasions in the past. Till From Kenig or one of the other programmers who works for him, can reset your count so it displays properly. He checks this forum regularly, so it likely will be fixed in a day or two.

Previous instance of the same problem:

Thanks SomeoneYouKnew Glad I'm on the right track
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That happens every once in a while. Try clearing your browser's cache and doing a hard refresh (CTRL+F5). The problem usually goes away after a while anyway.

Thanks ZeGuitarist I'll give that a go
Hello there,

I'm having trouble with my private messages. It says that I have 65535 new messages but when I click on it it says one unread but I can't find any unread messages.

See attached screenshot.

What do I do? I think there's a reply to one of my messages that I can't access.

Thanks in advance for any help
Hello All,

I'm a new member here at UG and am keen to add new friends. At the moment I have one friend so if anyone wants to add me I would really appreciate it

I tried using the search feature and was hoping that I could search for members with similar interests, or musical styles, that kind of thing. But it looks like the search feature works primarily on members names with a few filters like , posted pictures, mp3's and so on.

If anyone can offer me some guidence in this endeavour I would greatly appreciate it

As a guitar teacher, I have used UG as a rescource for many years and have directed my students here as their 'first port of call' when searching for tabs. It is my desire to contribute to the website that I have gained so much from, hence the reason for creating my profile in the first place

Thanks in advance