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Deliriumbassist Let's be real here. If your child (who's anything older than a toddler) decided to eat Tide pods, he/she deserves to die for stupidity.
lmao wha
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Say Jeeney
I did not say this.

I would like to report mod abuse.

Porn websites have plenty of facking lessons
Who the fuck are you
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i always x2 when i joke ban because i worry that the person i joke ban will make a thread and then the mods will realise i don't do anything except for joke ban and then they'll take away my special privileges
Bake him away, toys
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inb4 OP's perma ban
Does the FotB still exist

Do you use instagram

Adam Levine's shirtless bod is the worst thing I've ever seen in my life

The "California" text looks like something I could whip up using Microsoft Word's wordart in 5 seconds
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It'll just be a sea of yope and ripple threads. In a few thousand years their threads will be considered scripture for the new religion. Be excellent to each other.
Don't forget Jay Seeney
Decrypto is fun
PHOTO comparison #youtube #PHOTO COMPARISON #samsung #jayseeney

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Guarantee this dude’s a bot
How fucking dare you say that to me
Why is there so much collectable bullshit in coastline nil morning

Like jesus fuck I just want to smash robodinosaurs with my stick

Also the writing in this game is horrendous

Don't listen to Ondore's lies

Alright which one of you fuckers is this

or are there spambots on the PlayStation Network now
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This is so sad, Alexa play Despacito
Well since OP is a coward

I love the grace, forgiveness, and love that Jesus reveals in the New Testament, but the only Christians I know promote judgment, fear, and shame.

I enjoy being around people who are kind, generous, and caring, but the only Christians I see picket funerals, preach hate from the pulpit, and authoritatively delegate people to an eternity of torment in hell.

I get along great with my co-workers, but I’m an outcast at my church.

The best conversations I have happen everywhere except church — I’m not allowed to ask any questions there.

I learn new things all the time, but every sermon I hear always sounds the same: old-fashioned and irrelevant. I’m starting to doubt everything I once believed in.

I’m tired of my faith being defined by the political views of my pastor.

My Christian friends betrayed me — I feel isolated and alone. Nobody within my faith community understands me.

I feel like I have to jump through a million hoops in order to be “saved.” I’m constantly afraid.

I’m sick of famous Christians saying stupid things! I feel like I can no longer relate to Christianity!

Sentiments of frustration are growing among many followers of Jesus who admire Christ but despise certain things associated with him.

They look at the New Testament and are attracted to Jesus’s selfless acts of generosity, service, and love, but don’t see the same spirit in today’s “Christian” institutions, churches, communities, and faith leaders.

Modern faith is often a complex minefield of theologies, doctrines, practices, and expectations, where individuals carefully walk on eggshells to avoid a litany of “sins” and “heresies” that will inevitably attract the wrath from religious friends, strangers, and authorities.

Christians are tired of having Jesus defined and judged by the political views, denominational affiliations, legalistic theological beliefs, strict traditions, social networks, and attitudes of others. They’re sick of the hypocrisy, judgment, infighting, fear, and shame associated with institutionalized “Christianity.”

It doesn’t take much to get burned out on the Christian faith when churches are filled with stern rules, authoritarian doctrines, and manipulative propaganda — promoting a wide variety of agendas that have nothing to do with Jesus.

Surprisingly, many people aren’t abandoning God. They’re simply disassociating themselves with things that falsely represent him.

This is what many churches get wrong: They mistakenly believe that people who stop attending services have given up on God. They haven’t.

For those facing discontentment, take heart and realize that you’re not alone. Nearly all believers eventually face trials related to this at some point in their lives. Try not to become cynical.

Instead, put your hope in Christ, be patient with others, offer forgiveness, communicate openly, and don’t withhold your suffering. Ask for help!

Be a lifeline to those who are going through similar struggles. As frustrating as Christian culture can be, don’t withdraw from community. Surround yourself with supportive believers who can empathize, pray, comfort, and uplift you — and do the same for them.

As the New Year begins, if you’re sick of “Christianity” and ready to abandon it altogether, try giving Jesus one more shot. Don’t mistake God for the things that falsely representhim. He knows your pain and desires happiness and restoration. He loves you.
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because u touch yourself at night
goddamn he's got a family
Also I saw footage of the new Kingdom Hearts

I wish I could go back 18 years and grow up with the series
I was able to play Dark Souls 4 EARLY ACCESS today

Game SUCKS you can't even pause
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I assume Joggers are sweat pants?  If so, Girls HATE that!!  If there are all suits in the building you work out of.  I guarantee  that there are also some well dressed, good looking girls in there also.  Try looking half way presentable, and see what changes for you.. 
Dressing up is awful. I work in a building full of suits, and I never sport more than a t-shirt and a pair of joggers

Fuk dat playing pretend shit 
I come in late and leave early
I go against popular opinion for the sake of being an edgy contrarian
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real talk the thing that fucking bugs me about this is how about three fifths of the top of his head has hair spiked up but then two fifths are just kinda flat
Seeney taper
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I thought everyone knew this at least? guy mentioned it before I'm sure
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You make me want to put a screwdriver in my ear. Your freaking Canadian (i think if not you ain't American that i know) for crying out loud. Your just mad that trump ended Canada's free ride on trade .

Oh and the only reason their were no scandals is because hes black. Every freaking tried to confront the dang kenyan we we're called racists and told to move on.
Hey libtard

Hey libtard