You're right. I think, i am to old for lots of Mails
Sorry, i can't make Songs with Guitar Pro
The Chord Version here is very good.
I take a look, but say me the Title in German (you will have this song in German i think)
Hello, I'm not so good, to make A TAB Pro. But i can try to make a normal Chord Version.
Yes, sometimes i love some of these old Wirtschaftswunder Music. As i was a young Boy
(approx. 6 Years old ) my Mother hear it every day
By the Way: In Germany you can make big Partys with Schlager Music
Greetz to you and also to your German mother  
I've played in Hamburg these guitar, and i think it's not bad,
but better for you is to test it by yourself. Neckshape, handling,
weight etc.
The first is an F chord. he uses his Thumb for the 6th string.
1 3 3 2 0 0

the second chord is an C
X 3 2 0 1 0
Hi Guys, my favourite Band is Grave - Digger.

Here is a link for a Youtube Video:

Grave Digger Video

Grave Digger is a German Power Metal Band
Hi Lewadra, help is coming to you I have uploaded my Tabs on 31.December 2010. Waiting for add.
Many greetz and Rock on from Germany