Banned because It's been fun, but i must go now. I'll miss you all, especially you wifey
With Love, Vicious

And as Spike would say in that last episode:

1. Ignore mods
2. spam forums
3. ???????
4. Profit!
Banned because thanks renegade. Anyway, i cant be sure, time will tell i guess. i'll probably ask for a 30-day ban from a mod i know. I need to go look for what is missing.
Banned because its that time again, just like last time, many months ago. I need some time to think, my life's been going awesome and yet i'm not going anywhere. Something is missing. I gotta stop focusing on certain things and work on other things, like guitar for once

I'm sorry but it has to be done
Banned because it seems im about to commit UG suicide. Or at least, ban thread suicide
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Motorhead-ace of spades


OT: Usually when a certain band tries to "change" their style of playing (like metal to rock, etc.) It doesn't end well. I've lost alot of respect for some i used to like before
Some people support it, others don't.

In all honesty, I support the death penalty. I have my reasons, I'm sure you guys have yours.
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Is there a better video hosting site out there?

More than likely, yes. Youtube is just clearly the most popular
Youtube as a whole just plainly sucks. Honestly guys, just watch the damn video. Why worry about views, comments, etc?
*revives dead thread*

OT: he posts in the ban thread. he's k koo.
Banned because i just had a very awkward moment happen right now

Oh well, its getting late and its time for me to go. Bye everyone
Another day wifey
Banned because yes it has
Banned because i love you too!
I've heard stories of friends getting their thing stuck on the zipper of pants or shorts, etc. My boxers are the only thing protecting me, man.
Banned because hey, i wouldnt mind that at all

Banned because The ironic thing is, its true.... not that i would know... >_>
Banned because yea true. And thanks dave.

I'll be heading out for now, bye everyone.
You too wifey
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im daddy

daddy waters his plants good

epic metaphor, thats all i gotta say.
Banned because thanks everyone, i'll see what happens
There has never been a more perfect time for "no u"

Thanks for disappointing me, pit
Banned because if it all works out, i'll be telling the whole world
Banned because, hmm... more or less
Banned because we'll have to see how it goes eh?

In the meantime, have fun not understanding me.
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k koo


OT: k koo
Banned because I love her and i think it may finally be time....
Banned because I'll look into infest's patches. Anyway, i gotta go now. Bye everyone
Pear would be nice right about now.
Whoever hasn't played the original DOOM should jump in a fire.
The irony. I'm the opposite TS, i'm actually trying to get to your level

^^ i'm not alone it seems

Banned because apparently its a perma.... so no
Banned because i'm having fun playing my bass for the first time in years

AS for that matter, which i read already, The ban queen is gone.
Banned because it's time for me to go, before i mess up everything here.

Bye everyone
Banned for irony

err... double irony
Banned because i dont remember what type it was, but lets just say we all had a bad day at school that day
Banned because i have friends who would totally bring me the stuff at school. I already did wine once
Bnande ebcasue

/already drunk
My first 5 years in the land better known as "The Savior"

I guess up till now, here in Cali.
Banned because you're not stupid! Heck, you're like the most cheerful person i know. I guess you'll be better off without him though. Try not to think about it too much
Banned because I can't imagine if that were to happen to me...