Banned because its on a scale of 1-5, and its mostly for college purposes...

Still, i did way better than i though i would
I live in the desert, where you cant go out for days. Your hell is nothing...

I just got my AP test scores... 4 on history and 2 on math
Quote by Woffelz
Burning is the most painful.

He's a witch, get him!

OT: struck by lightning.
Banned for banning
Banned because i know how that is, happens too often...
OS wise, they are equals.

Look at the hardware specs, thats what you really want.

Good night Andrea, i'll try my best
Banned oh well, everyone missed it.
Banned well, there goes another ban to my count.
Of course. I'm just that type of person who just needs to be with someone, being alone isnt my thing really, though it is often the case
Banned because i dont think i'm allowed to say...
Protip: play good music.
Banned because i did get banned....

that was a fun game. And of all words....

And yes, i know i suck at this.
Alrighty then, next.

Quote by Butt Rayge
You are the worst hangman player I've ever seen. Don't you understand you're meant to guess the word before you hang?

No idea what it could be at the moment. Guess we'll find out soon.

EDIT: vv Winner!
Here goes, last letter. At least i tried

Banned because just in case.... I'll miss you all...
Banned because
Lets go with R
Ok then

Banned because lets keep it going
I'm having fun here

Alright then, lets go with letters.

Crap... hmm might as well play


dont hurt me
Banned because for the love of God, i HOPE i dont get banned right now...

EDIT: playing hangman with an admin
Banned i guess scyther is the mastermind then
Wahappen is reading records! Can you do me? i bet i got like... 3 (joke)-bans before...

And btw, it's rather funny when mods dont catch spam at the right time
Banned because they're taking over, maaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn...
Banned because thats why i laughed.
Banned because thats what you think...
Banned because those ponies are evil!
Banned because anyone here?
Banned because bad day was bad.
Banned because talk about a ninja
Banned because i swear, if i get banned....
My sig quote is relevant.

OT: jokebanned numerous times... for the stupidest reasons. i dont mind