Banned because memes dont work well IRL life either, i know because of a friend i have
Banned because that reminds me of what i'm going through....

Happy times everyday with her
Banned because
Banned because really dave?

how did you know?
And yet all of you support science eh? Where's your god now?

OT: i still don't believe in any sort of bisexual person. Silly myths these days.
Banned for irony

Perhaps i came at a bad time
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banned yes...vic Ive been prego since january

Banned because
Well, at least i enjoyed our nights together
Banned because awesome, we have a family going on now.
No one should ever have to cover any of Mozart's songs. His music is perfect, it doesn't need your silly remixes
Banned because people remember me!

missed you too
I'd be cool with asking but just dropping my pants in front of them.... very awkward.
Never heard them play, couldn't care less, hate their name though.
banned because i gotta stop leaving UG so much...
Banned because i'll just stop posting right about......... now.
Banned because its from some random song i found of Kreator.
my fingers hurt already.
I've walked 4 miles everyday in the hot, 100F+ weather for the past 3 weeks now. I still got about a month more to go, until the temperatures cool down. Not an easy task, mind you.
Afterlife: Heaven or Hell.

I dont care how much you guys whine about it, they exist damn it
Banned because that riff sounds evil
Banned because the irony is that everyone argues, yet the pit is pretty much one-sided on these subjects. Unfair, much?
Banned because yea i guess you're right. The action is dead now anyway. Spiderman took over
Banned because go ahead. I haven't gotten a good laugh out of trolling for a while now. Perhaps you could pull it off.
Banned because from what little i just saw, they are fighting over AC's

Banned because there goes our salvation.
Banned because what happen? Sorry, i just lost touch with the entire thread for this past week or so.
Banned because i feel fine, it's the thread that is depressing me for some reason.
Banned because why does everything feel all gloomy here? Might just be me, idk.
Banned because Its funny seeing people complain about 7am. I gotta do 5am everyday
Banned because TC again? I'd rather not.
Nope, i'm just friends with everyone. I do know people like that....
Banned because Its all quiet, eh?
Occasionally. I will admit I'm a bit narcissistic, so people are always watching me >.>

All the hate on religion wont fix anything, quite the contrary.
Banned because .....
Quote by CPDmusic
I remember the time when gay was an insult. So young, so stupid...

It's still a very funny insult around here

OT: Not specifically, no. A couple jokes here and there but not a genuine tease.
Banned because there's always tomorrow, i suppose...
I suppose Mayhem fits the bill quite well

Um, as for my music, not that i can think of, no. I'd probably make good friends with some of them
Banned because i have to keep going, i cant stop now....
Quote by DimebagZappa
Favorite 2 artists slammed together.

^^Everyone knows anyone who's 'e-married' is vicious.

You might not be too far off there, pal.
Banned because i'm out

Bye everyone.
Banned because my last post here was over an hour ago. whatever