Everyone who knows me knows how damn vicious i am
Banned because why am i still logged in to UG?
Ask here:

if you don't want answers like that ^^
Banned because

Seems like everyone is older than me...
Banned because i've found a couple good songs lately. Not much, but very addicting
Banned because i was the same dave. Then just recently i've had to get up at 5am for school. brutal man.
Banned because thanks guys. It's really been going well for me so far
Suicide. Not just a "omg i hate myself!1!1" but on a real, serious side of things. like i had it kinda planned out too. Right near the end of my so called childhood.

I grew out of it thankfully, now i just hate everyone else instead of me
Banned because i'm so tired....

But on a happier note, i got her number
Banned because now we'll wait for the phone call
Yes, some people just aren't responsible enough to care for themselves, much less children.
Banned because girls can sometimes act so predictable...

But thats why i love her!
I'm amazed people still listen to rock. its the br00talz metal all the way, mannn...
Banned because cool

Nice to know someone is out there caring for me, at least...

Alright, bye everyone
Banned because Thanks i guess.

I dont know if i'll be that active anymore, but i'll certainly try.

lol ninjas
Same size or shorter. Just seems correct
Banned because there's so much to do, so much to say...

...and not enough time...
Banned because its time to lift off a year old burden.

Jackal must be on his great-great grand-kids by now.
Quote by Gorelord666

I assume thats your first ban. 3 months after me.


OT: to be fair, i hardly play any at all. I only do it because of some online friends and stuff, but the actual games dont interest me.
Banned because

Not my fault the good ol' days are gone now
Banned because i remember when gorelord first joined....
Banned because ok princess
Quote by genghisgandhi
I think you're hella brutal.

2 first replies too. nice
Banned because i can
Banned for brum
Banned because y clouds no come here?
Banned because slow much?
He's more german than the average german. I've seen him here and there.
Banned because i love my dog
Banned because i'm not sure if i'll go on today.
Banned because they have good reason to hate us

Not that i would know.... >.>
I've been meaning to learn russian for quite a while now. Any teachers out here?
Chocolate > Vanilla

Strawberry is ok.
Banned because we hate you too then...
Banned because hello there. Also, those giant pics are annoying

And ninja'd!
Phones are quite useless. I consider doing this myself