Banned because about a week ago, there was an actual owl just chilling in my neighbor's tree. I've never seen an owl before.... and in the desert too
Banned because
Banned because i'm on too many chat things
Retribution by sentence of death.

Also, lol @ the silly liberals
Not at the moment, though in the future i do plan to buy some Ray-ban aviators.
I'm rather young to say i know everything about something. Most of you are too.
I have no need for all the extras. Calls and texting, that's all i need.
Tip 25: Actually practice every once in a while, instead of doing other stuff.
Banned because i need to vent, yet no one seems to be here to listen

Oh well...
Banned because its your internet, man. We're all doing fine here....

EDIT: ninjas
Banned because you're welcome to join the TC
Banned because i'm sorry
Banned because we're in the TC Andrea. join!
Banned because i'm cuddly!
Banned because what wrong with that?
Banned because i get up at 5am everyday too. School's killing me

Although the rituals say otherwise
Banned because it actually was

I left out some people, didnt have the right category to put them in

User of the Year - Wahappen

Veteran User of the Year (2001-2006) - Dreadnought

Most Attractive Female User - Blessedrebel15

Funniest User - Goest

User with worst sense of humor - Eric_Fail

User with the Best Advice - Freepower

Friendliest User - Andrea55

User you'd most like to meet - Blessedrebel15

Biggest Troll - Metal4eva22

Best UG “Couple” - :Vicious-- and Blessedrebel15

User most likely to achieve global domination - NUMA-Waffle



Favourite Forum - The pit

Best Thread - Banning thread

Best Phrase - "K Koo"

Worst Phrase - Fog machine

Most Common FoTB Excuse - Hangman



Favourite Mod - Wahappen

Best Russian - Till from Kenig
Banned because i'm voting right now...
Hats off to you, TS

May you continue your shenanigans.
Banned because

Alright, i got to go now. Later everyone

You too wifey

and ninja'd!
64 was definitely one of, if not the, best game in the mario series. I loved it to death, and recently finished it 100% (120 stars )

I cant contribute, but I'd be glad to hear some songs. Any generic rock or metal would fit me nicely.
Banned because i remember getting nominated quite a few times for best noob/10'er last year. I didnt make it to the top 3 though
Banned because no problem. And thanks for going to vote for us

Btw, you dont have to fill out all of it
Banned because likewise, although i do some people outside the thread. might as well do them justice

^^ well ok then...
Banned because i'll put my votes in one of these days
No, its the least i can do since they did have me and all. I'd rather just make their life hell myself
Banned because you can click the link in my sig where it says voting. also theres a thread right in the top of the pit.

Banned because meh, i feel like winning something this time, and what better than this?
Banned because vote me and rebel for best UG couple
Banned because i knew someone would do that! whatever
Banned because meh...

inb4 you guys report me
Banned because Cant be a rebel by following the rules, eh?
Banned because...

Banned because lolwut.
No nudity and you're all set here. Its nice to see band shirts every once in a while.
Banned because hm... well i mean if she really likes studying then i suppose you could join her, to do something together you know? Either way, doesn't hurt to hang out with her at lunch