I leave the shampoo there for a small while. I think its more efficient that way
Banned because there you go, man. That's the spirit. Heck, i dont even have her for a class, i only see her at lunch but its still totally worth it.
Average, perhaps not that intelligent.

What i am good at, though, is faking my way through school, tests, etc. I appear like i am pretty smart to everyone, but really, i'm not. Gifted maybe, but not smart.
Banned because i remember dreaming about her too... It really does get to you.

But hey, they say dreams come true and stuff... who knows?
Most of my posts are in the ban thread, feel free to join
Everyone, including my "core" family. They all hate me too, so the feeling is mutual.
Banned because cheer up man, i'm sure your time is coming pretty soon

I get the clip and throw it at their head. That way, its both a good and a bad thing
Banned because first day of school!

I saw her again
Banned because sadly i cant today, i have to go now. maybe next time.
Quote by page.slash
Fellas, come on now.
Being a dickhead about Snickers vs. Oh Henry is different than being a dickhead about a huge factor in social and relationship lives.
Religion is a huge channel for a dickhead to achieve his/her full potential of Dick. Another such topic is politics. However, we need politics.
We don't need religion.

You sir, have no clue what you are talking about.

Now be quiet before you get banned or something for flaming.
No. Once you get English, you understand it. An exception to the accents, i have no idea what people say in the south
*looks at pics*
*ignores rest of post*


OT: tl;dr's..... useless.
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Or choking on the apocalypse in the middle of a sandwich!

It's the only way to go.
Banned because crazy music is crazy.
Imagine chocking on a sandwich in the middle of the apocalypse.

Banned because girls are strange
Looks like every other user in the pit
New shoes, and school on monday. Can't wait.
Showering in cold water. It just energizes me
Banned because i am about to eat.
Banned because its not like you've interrupted me before....



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If you bothered reading any of my posts you would know that I'm quite stupid

Well then, Nice to meet you
Quote by genghisgandhi
He didn't ask for an explanation

He didnt ask for your smart comments either
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Because I said so.

my life is now complete.
Anyone care to explain why?
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just life your life and enjoy it.

I've thought about this, but we cant all live our lives to the fullest every second. There's always gonna be some time that we may have wasted, its natural.

How much time you misuse, is up to you
You should do drugs and the like, just to stick it to them.

You shouldn't care what anyone thinks of you man.
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If anything is possible... how are you an atheist?

We have a winner!

^^ Doesnt mean it's true or fake, just unproven.
Who says aliens exist?


Seems I'm losing everything atm, but there's still so much to be done.
I hate getting asked anything

"Sir, have you been drinking tonight?"
I wore briefs right until i started middle school.

Now its boxers all the way, never looking back
Beavis and butthead. Right before the death of MTV.
Banned because nice
Banned because go for it.
Banned because I like that one.
Banned because its a rainbow