Banned because my avatar is best avatar.

And andrea, apparently there was another chat right before us
Banned because yes you should.
Youtube videos were never funny.
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what you really need is a new amp.

Banned because
Banned because

I guess that's a hello and a goodbye >.>
Why has no one mentioned JDawg?
Geebz is also another one. They're both from 2001.

I'm a not a vegan, nor do i like them really. It gets annoying dealing with them at a restaurant i bet
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Banned because bad wolf
The only album (err... EP) i'll ever need is Sentence of Death. It has inspired me more than any other album.
Banned because you read my mind
Banned because there's no one here

And hey love
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you're an idiot

They dont make first replies like they used to...

OT: Funny gifs
Banned because I reserve that right
Perhaps indirectly, but I haven't done so directly. I just don't see people choking on a daily basis
I have no pride in my race, i wish i was born something else

But its not like i can change it, so i don't worry about it at all.
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it's like we're in 2006 again

So true.

I remember being back in middle school in '06, where every damn person wanted attention.
Banned because i'm a one in a million
Banned because i got to go now, bye love
Banned... Same here.

And at picker.

Or Sweden for that matter. I love those countries.
Banned because this will have to wait another day
Tra Tra DUN Tra Tra Tra DUN dun dun dun Tra Tra Dun duh DUN-DUN duh dun dun dun dun

Fail much?
Banned every time...
Banned because I love you!
The Exploited's song comes to mind.

OT: I wouldnt know, honestly. I haven't lived in many other countries to say that the US is better or whatever.

The pear comes to mind every time.
Banned because Certainly been a while....

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you're embarrassing yourself. cheers.

Check and Mate.
Banned because
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You see them in the wild where they are meant to be seen

I'm totally gonna go get lost in a forest to look for lions then. Great idea
Banned because of course i do, my love

Where else do you see lions and such?

And no, the internet is a terrible answer
Banned because at least i still have you
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They suck peoples dicks for money.

Glad you ignored me now?

Now that's a better post.
Banned because I feel like a stranger to the thread now