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Melee > Brawl

Always has been, always will
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It's been a while since i've seen you actually
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Dont know why this stuff happens to me, but i'm not complaining
I love them. We sometimes get them here, something about the summer weather in the desert attracts lightning

Makes for awesome pics.
Banned because yea it is, but i just met her

And we've only talked, not really met IRL.

The news turns the world into a mirror image of the pit. Argumentive teenagers who will "change" the world.

As for my stance, i dont believe in news. Hate it, always have
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Banned because I dont know what reality is anymore
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Banned for being right!

Also Vic, you watch too much pronz that's why.

And Dave I don't think I can do that. D:

Nah, i dont do that. I just got my parents mad one time and they took the computer away. I can still use the other one so theres really no point

Banned because i know how that is, i'm apparently not allowed to use my own computer anymore. Just the family one
I have yet to find a decent cemetary with all the crosses and such. We dont even have tombstones
This thread again....
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Go look up clips from 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' on youtube
Old tv show I don't know if you've heard of it but it's very funny. imho.

I loved that show! I'll go look it up.

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Married to blessedrebel15

Hence the sig
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I dont have a preference in picks, nor do they "inspire" me. I make them all work for me in different ways, but i wouldnt call it my source of inspiration.
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The what of what?


Never heard of it, couldn't care less.
The thread is back!
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We "landed" in the moon about 40 years ago. I honestly dont see the problem if our technology has increased exponentially in the last decades. Let's go NASA! oh wait....

And i use "landed" loosely, for all the theorists out there.
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1, anyone who tries to relate the gay history crap to the civil rights movement or slavery is an idiot, taking things waaaayyyy out of context.

2, anyone who thinks that the United States history was just about slavery and that was the only important thing is, again, an idiot.

3, anyone who thinks they will teach slavery as a good thing every again because it's your best counter argument, is an idiot.

Now that's cleared up, I think this is one of the more dumber things California has done, and they've done some pretty stupid stuff. Gay history should not be taught to children of any age in public schools, this is why our public school system sucks, cause we teach children irrelevant things, and not the things they need to know to make it on their own. I don't need to know that bob two fingers was gay and did such and such, nobody cares, and it does not help me in any way.

What this really is, is the liberals just pleasing the gay base so they can get more votes to stay in office and keep screwing up California, nothing more. Liberals in California are both democrats and republicans, just in case you try and criticize me. Two different names, same minded people.

What they should teach, is the history of our nation, and what made our nation the strongest in the world. The good history, and the bad history.

Being in California, and going to school here obviously, i can tell you the system sucks. The only good quality history i've been taught were in my AP classes. Most regular classes are herp derp. Go fix that, politicians.
Germany. They are always the answer. Always.
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Can't even play Ban That ****er any more, since the Members List doesn't exist any more.

Need to go back to using the Ban/Warn Random User buttons:

That seems rather scary actually...
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90's cartoons are best cartoons.
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Yep teaching youngins about all this tolerence is quite horrid. Whatever happened to that Heterosexual paradise we used to live in......

Nice sarcasm.

They're only five years old. Let them be kids and play, don't bring them into all this nonsense.
very impressive, TS

...And i would have expected more KOTH jokes