Banned because this weekend will be interesting... to say the least

Must you corrupt the minds of innocent children?
Banned because i can't believe i got her number... all the way from New York
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cancel my UG Plus subscription

OT: Go out fighting of course. Knives should do the job
Kind of an advantage to religion, you might actually go somewhere good after death.

Of course, if you don't believe that, then get ready for nothingness
Publicity Stunt.

And yes, that name is terrible.
... And then there was one.

Banned because damn ditto
4 in APUSH
2 in AP English

it came out as i expected. Now i owe the school $150....
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Take a picture and black mail.


Hell, videotape it and post on youtube for the lulz.... err evidence.
Nothing to speak of. I'm pretty sure it might be illegal around here...

But if i had the choice, a switchblade would do it.
Vladimir > all other names

I suppose my first name is cool too.

I'll be going now.... later everyone
Banned because later NUMA
Banned because there's ninjas flying all over the bed
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banned oops looks like he's been hanging with me too much

I dont mind being with you

Banned because mods are always watching
Banned because rebel is mine
you got the right

The best pictures taken, are often accidental.
Banned because there goes the neighborhood...

Talk about my choice of words
Banned this thread went nuts rather quickly
Banned because everyone is doing it
Banned because no, seriously though. I usually hate pictures anyway

I would upload if i could but.... coincidentally its my id picture
Banned because speaking of which, i took a picture earlier today. It's like the first picture i actually look good in

Woo! Jumping Jacks!

I'm usually in socks, cant stand shoes or being barefoot all the time.
Banned because its certainly been a while... hey everyone

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but I find a lot of their parents to be ignorant shits.

Once again, I agree with your hateful words
Banned because its about time i get to see the ban king
Banned because I've been thinking alot about working.... seems i need the money now.
Banned because I'll leave you guys alone...
Banned because i'll be back later, so see you guys
Banned because thanks...

Thread seems dead atm.
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Define box..?

Yes, i need a definition too.
I think of literal beetles. The band doesn't attract me at all.