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I'm not even going to make a joke out of that one.

My small American brain doesn't understand, please elaborate.
Germany offers alternative service to combat-related service if I'm not mistaken. I wouldn't be against that sort of conscription, nine months ain't no thing.
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dogmatic drinking game. viral marketing.


"Dude, you're not a man if you don't drink this, bro!"
-the lovely owners of Smirnoff

People who don't understand this are willfully ignorant.
Learn all the notes on the bottom two strings. On top of that, I would at least understand how modes work so you can improvise and write progressions quickly(see: ). You will be able to transpose anything. I recently started writing my own stuff after improvising, or "jamming" with my favorite music online. Some of the greats learned guitar by playing with the radio.
Sounds reeeaaaaalllly melodramatic. I know this is metal and lyrics have been pretty weak in this genre overall(my opinion). But I would look outside for some inspiration. Read Leonard Cohen or any of the greats who write hours on this topic. Keep making music man. This is only opinion and I am not a songwriter myself blablablabla.
My unprofessional opinion: sounds like you are pouring on the macaroni and cheese there. The chorus doesn't really relate to the verses. If you want to express restlessness and unease, i would use a lot less adjectives and more verbs. Otherwise it's sounding contrived like something those karate-kicking hardcore bands would write. I know you didn't write this, but if you are the one singing the song, you should write the lyrics(they mean more that way). Only my opinion, I don't make a living as a musician or call myself a songwriter. Good luck and keep making music!
I've been playing the guitar -5 days
I would start didgeridoo busking ASAP.
I own a Blue Yeti and it's excellent for this kind of stuff. Got mine at around $114 USD from Amazon. You can throw on the omnidirectional pattern (there's three capsules) and put it in the middle of the room. It's obviously not going to sound as good as tracking every instrument individually, but it will sound decent. If you plan on doing a demo I would play to a click track or something and record everything in isolation (best solution for how much you are willing to pay).

Really good, didn't enjoy most of the songs at first because I enjoy a lot of textures etc. but it's definitely awesome.
Nina Simone, or more recently Victoria LeGrand from Beach House(Not like a super talent but I love her voice)
Any other country and I fail miserably.
Seriously, don't you all just put some illegible "super-satanic death shit" on the cover in red ink? Y'all sound the same anyways.

@sadSTATUE beat me to it. ah well.
Their profile doesn't credit a drummer. Is the token Indian guy from Letterman the drummer that they tour with?
Freddie King's version of Ain't No Sunshine; the man looked like he was going to explode every time he went on stage. Unreal performer/musician.
Leonard Cohen - The Stranger Song
Will Ferrell - Mouth Trumpet
Kerry King - Flute
Simon Gallup - Bass
Barack Obama - Drums
Guitar has been done too much
Tortoise is ridiculous. Take notes kids.
The Meeting Places - reminds me of slowdive without the crazy synth stuff