Hi The chords placed above the lyrics are showing when the chord change is to be made- on those specific words in the song. If you're looking up a song that is unfamiliar to you, it would be virtually impossible to know how to play it with just the chords for the song. But if you look that song up on youtube say, and then play along with the song you'll be able to get the strumming/timing down. It's easiest to just strum to the beat. You can do all down strums until you're comfortable with the chord changes and then add 'up, down, ups' before each chord change and then just progress from there. Soon it will all 'click'
Put up the link to the video and maybe someone could tab it for you
Thanks everyone! I'm gonna just call it C/B, which I looked up to be [022010], so it's just a C/B of sorts. Thanks
Hey does anyone know what the name of this chord is -

I have searched through "All The Chords" tab -here on this site- and I can't find it anywhere. Could I call it E/C or E7/C something like that? IDK!! Thanks for your help
Thanks everyone for your help!! It just sounds better than a regular C, and I just wanted to name it right so that it shows correctly on the tab I submit. I'll just put my own chord chart up on how to play the "C"
Thanks again!!
HI, I'm a beginner and trying to figure out a song and I'm stuck. What is this chord called- Its a C chord only using your pointer and ring finger (omitting the 2nd fret D string-middle finger)?

Is it even a chord?