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only i'm allowed to kill me 
Modern smoke detectors use light absorption/transmission, rather than actual chemical reactions, to detect smoke. The reason for this is simple: chemical reactions require new chemicals, constantly. All the physical detectors proposed only work based on chemical reactions, and are not practical (or wouldn't work... hemoglobin?).

Detecting cigarette smoke, in contrast to regular smoke, is difficult. Since most smoke detectors use light absorption, cigarette smoke is not all that different from "regular" smoke in that context. Cigarette smoke contains several thousand chemicals, as well, so finding one chemical reaction that will definitively identify cigarette smoke is almost impossible. Carbon monoxide is in lots of smoke, not just cigarette smoke, for example. Furthermore, a lot of those chemicals are in trace concentrations, so I'm not sure if a lot of them could use physical indicators for reliable detection.

I did read about some polymer film-based detector that detected organic compounds found in cig and weed smoke that was different from conventional smoke. Smoke usually contains organic compounds, too, so something of this level requires some pretty complicated chemistry work.

That being said, I have no idea what I'm talking about.
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So, I have a bit of a situation on my hands here.


I say distance yourself a little. Let her sort out her own drama - seems to me like she's roping you in to toy you. Regardless, I would keep a low profile.

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Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some help/advice. [snip]

I'd say you have a shot. Just don't get too friendly with her at risk of falling into the friendzone. Be confident and upfront. Don't pussyfoot, say what you feel.
Going on a date with a ballet dancer oompf never laid a dancer before.
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Hey there, I have a story I'd like to share but it is kind of long. Is that okay?

I have a friend who is 5 years younger than me (she is 16), and we have been best friends for over 7 years. I have grown to care for her very, very deeply. Sometimes, I find myself thinking of being in a relationship one day with her if life so wills it. No matter what, I am simply happy to share in her life and hope to make it the best life for her I can (without sacrificing my own integrity or being overly dependent of course).

I simply want to show her in as many ways as I can that she is loved and cared for and worth fighting for, not because I like her, but because she deserves it in my eyes and because it is what I would do for anyone I am friends with.

Even when I am doing things right and living in the moment and letting time pass, it can be difficult though. It is difficult not to think about "what-ifs" no matter how much self-love you have, especially when I have never had romantic love reciprocated (though I know I don't need a relationship to make me happy and I know that I don't need another to complete me, but simply should be open to someone who compliments my life who will share in my completeness and me in theirs)

Even though if my friend did like me now (hypothetically), I'd want to wait awhile before seriously considering a relationship because I'd want our maturity levels to balance out, I'd want things with her family to get better (she is having some problems at home because of her dad even though their family does like me and I have known them for years) and also because in time, 5 years won't be as much of a difference and she will have a clearer vision of who she is and what she is looking for in this world (note that the age of consent where I live is 16 so there'd be no legal issues, but I would not be in a relationship for that anyways and would want to take things slowly and build that trust naturally).

No matter what happens at the end of the day, I just want her to be happy and to live a fulfilling life. My happiness doesn't hinge upon her and I know love is not something that is won or earned, but is willingly given and grown between two people and whether it be with each other or another, I hope we both find a love worth waiting for and the contentment and fulfillment in life we deserve. (I am 21 btw)

It's just hard at times to keep reminding myself of this. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by emotions, both positive and negative, and simply am so grateful for sharing my time with another whose presence is a once in a lifetime kind of thing to me.

You're 21, the girl is 16. You can not do anything romantic with this girl. The legal shit you could end up dealing with, alone, makes it not worth it. Strongly advise against.

I think you need some breathing room with this girl. Go distract your attention away from her a little, clear your head so you can better analyze the situation with her. You may decide that in the future, you guys can try something out; but, a lot can change from age 16 to 18 in a girl.

Either way, give it some time. Hang in there bro, I know it sucks.
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holy crap, long time no see

while you were gone i got a username change, then i resigned from modding, then i came out of retirement (and the closet, but that was long before)

How am i supposed to know who you are if you got a username change?

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dude snowman whoa

do you remember me

i remember you

I do remember you, sir. Good to read you.

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Only positive thing of note is the closing of the drug thread.

I like drugs
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but yeah thanks dudes, even you snowman. I just can't believe how well she fits me. She's like...a female version of me, it's ridiculous.

For real dude sounds like a good chick. Sounds like this one girl I was with for a while, huge gaming nerd and loves everything I love etc. Super hot etc. Sad thing is was that I was 19 she was 26 and she felt like a creep. I told her that she rocked the whole cougar deal but she wasn't for it, said she was looking for long-term husband material.

Don't get infatuated with the girl but don't lose her either, if you think she's worth it.
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So SFSU's pretty cool. Suprised at how much free time I have.

Welcome to the world of managing your own time.

I'm currently at my local community college, and am trying to transfer to Northwestern. I have a 4.0 GPA, dean's list and all that shit. Philosophy major but trying to go med school.
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Did Kensai actually die?
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Holy shit.

I met a girl. An amazing one. One who is finally, truly on my level.

Link me to the website you bought her from, please.
Holy shit Nini!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You're alive

For the first time in a year and a half, I will have enough money to buy an amp. Playing an electric guitar without one is pretty boring. I would appreciate your guys' help in finding one.

Budget: $300
Genres: Diversity is key here. Death metal, jazz, blues, country, you name it. Cleans and distortion necessary.
New or used: I don't give a shit. I'll do used if I can get it online.
Home or gig: Home. I used to gig a lot but now I live in a bum**** town in Idaho. No gigs. However, since I live in a bum**** town I can play as loud as I want because no neighbors nearby.
Current gear: I have a Sterling by Musicman JP50.

I live in the middle of nowhere please provide links to online places for me to buy the amp thank you
I was gay for you long before then.
Hey guys,

It's been a while since I've browsed the Pit. Some of you might remember me, most of you probably don't. Last time I was in here, Jackal58 was re-running for President of the Pit with me as his VP.

What's been happening since then? Same old shit, or what?
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Mate you just described all there is to do in MC and then asked if there was more.

Plugins can change the gameplay vastly, and there are a ton of plugins out there. I probably should have phrased it "is it just vanilla minecraft or are there plugins (I'm assuming Bukkit)?"
Hey guys, what's the server currently like? Is it still building and general dicking around, or are there other things to do as well?
Having a MILF girlfriend is like having.a mom you can bang, she'll buy you things, cook and clean for you then you get to ****. It's awesome.
What are your guys' opinion on research drugs that are meant to mimic LSD? I've tried 2ci, 25c and a couple other meaningless number/letter combos, and whilst the comeups and come downs were cleaner than acid, I felt like they were empty. More of a visual experience than anything else.
You need to get her to talk to her parents. Then you and her parents get her help. No other options, really.
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WHYYYYYYYYYYY are guys so cheesy? This is the second time after meeting a guy (me looking to only be friends and them looking for more) do they ask me via text message to send them a picture of me for their "contact picture". The ****? Do they think I'm stupid? I'm pretty sure thats not why you want a picture of me. And then they say "Oh I was just looking to be friends" THEN WHY THE **** DID YOU ASK IF I HAD A BOYFRIEND!? and tell me I'm pretty and all this other stuff. Please tell me, what the ****.

You are being way too open with guys you don't know. Amend that and come back.
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So, something that's always confused me are the words dating and going out as well as boyfriend and girlfriend. I've spent a lot of time trying to figure this out and talking to people as well as reading things (like this Pit discussion thread) and no where do people's answers really line up. Back in high school, it seemed almost an unspoken given that you didn't go on dates, you'd ask someone out and be in a relationship even though some people I spoke to begged to differ (some agreed). It seemed the actual process of testing the waters with dating was reserved for adults. But, I've found that's not strictly true, you see the same process or "skip-the-dates" happen where people go straight into relationships. I find it confusing because people/places will say to do one or the other. To the best of my knowledge it seems like it's really dependent on whoever actually would go on a date or be going out; whatever the two of them "agree" on (I put agree in quotes because often times people don't have a prolonged discourse on this, someone just asks the other out on a date or to be their Significant other). What do you guys think?

I think it's weird that you're asking this out of high school. I also think that unless two adults are in a really close friendship before moving onto the ****ing, then they are going date first. Or at least hump at parties.

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Hello, perhaps this isn't totally relevant but maybe someone can steer me in the right direction.

Pretty relevant. Some would say that in your situation not to get with this girl simply for the fact that you'd hinder your recovery on her, but I don't think you are dumb enough to do so. I say take a shot with this girl, take her on some dates, have some fun. If she actually likes you she won't care about your problems, at least for the time being, and having a woman to look after you could benefit your well being.

Go for it.
Hey boys. College is fun. Sex everywhere.
I vote new thread.
Jake Who Is That
It's always strange.
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oh okay. Because this guy that I'm going to live with in a few weeks keeps saying that to me about everything and he is cuddly and I think I want to eat him.

this is a terrible metaphor

actually, ignore this post. I just realized that he has no redeeming qualities beyond being cuddly and knowing where to find cheap food and making inappropriate jokes nonstop during Spiderman. Sorry for spamming

wait, sorry for triple edit but I have another question. Is there a way to platonically cuddle with people who are extremely unplatonic with their cuddling? does platonic cuddling even exist? if not wat do

thank you for reading this, sorry i suck at asking questions

Cannibalism is never the answer.

To answer your question, yes, there is a way to platonically cuddle. And the answer is...

To not give a fuck and just do it. If you find yourself worrying if it is or is not platonic, or of what the one who is being assaulted by your cuddles is thinking, then it's only going to lead to awkwardness or awkward sex (unfortunately I know of no other). Just cuddle and if they really have a problem (I couldn't imagine why, you're a babe) then he/she (please be she) will speak up.
Yeah, **** Chinese!
I didn't think UG still existed.
Hi. Miss you all. I get really laid now. Here's a testimonial:

Hi, I'm Snowman388 and I approve of this thread.
Minecraft is gay.

I suck at building.
You ****ers forgot about me.