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They want to disable my thread so they can chew on it

come again???
cool story bra.
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Kyle Chipchura is better than that tool.

LOL at this guy who tries to troll with every post in this thread.
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well id consider this final series to be far more goon hockey compared to most final series

so far atleast.

well yea im just saying that I didnt see them complaining too much when they were up 2-0 lol
I like Vancouver, but some of their fans are extremely irritating. Apparently the Stanley Cup finals are "Goon hockey" when things arent going their way...
anyone else wander over to the Kim Kardashian pictures?? no???

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It's out?

I enjoyed Rise, so I'll check this out.

i dont know if its out officially yet but its definitely floating around haha
and yea im not a huge fan of the artwork either
nice knowin' ya
anyone listened to Khaos Legions yet??
im really diggin' it.
if they really do deserve it then you shouldnt need any help remembering why they make you angry

disclaimer: violence is bad mmmmmk?
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You two Bruins fans know the rest of the League thinks this guy is a joke right? Dude can't sing and he probably does the fist pumps cause he did it by accident once and everyone forgot he couldn't sing.

hahaha truth.
strap him down and force him to watch Viva Pinata.
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There is a reason harper will never acknowledge Mulroney. Open your damn eyes. have i ever said i like mulroney? no hes a piece of shit, same with cretien.

Crethien's government is probably the only reason people dont notice how bad Harper is.. The liberals took a $43 billion deficit Mulroney's conservatives left us and turned it into a $13 billion surplus. How about you actually do some research instead of just following your friends k??
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Don't worry, 2015: The Conservatives WILL FALL (or at least lose majority)

we can only hope
what are you going to do to me TS?
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You're not doing them right?

no you must be doing them wrong. while depending on the body angle your chest may help a tiny tiny tiny bit, your chest will not get noticeably bigger by just doing pull ups.
to be honest, pull ups will do next to nothing for chest. push ups or bench press will.[ull ups will work mainly biceps and back( mainly lats)
hit a J.
honestly it doesnt matter how jacked you are. as long as you practice youll be able to play faster.
definitely go with that.
In no way are they apologizing for someone else, they are just stating that they are not all as 'crazy' or 'intense' as some of these other followers of the same view (this can be applied to politics, religion, and a lot of other things).
sorry TS, in no way do i agree and have the same feelings as you do.
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put it in your shoe or sock?
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I'm still working on it. It's a hell of a lot of work, but I'm determined. I'll probably finish a basic version by tonight, and upload it for you guys. Kinda like a "beta" or something, if any of you wanna tell me about any bugs or improvements. Then I'll go in and work on the more obscure images and buttons over the next couple days.

Glad you guys are interested. And YES it will of course be green. The colors have been tricky though, since green doesn't look all that great for a browser...

im down for testing
liar is obvious.
eat. a lot.
dont worry man haha
it happens to the best of us.
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They're good for high-gain and nothing else. Also, they are noisy as **** when you crank the gain up. Not to mention they aren't very durable.

agreed for the most part except for the bolded part.
These amps are built like tanks.
^^ well that was interesting...