I know some of yah are. I normally write metal stuff, but lately i've been creating some electronic stuff. If you are interested in anything in that nature, check out some of my tunes.

really, Grain and Derks are the only serious tracks on here besides a couple metal demoes.
downloads are up too :]

EDIT: there is no page 2, so nothing is going to show up. Simply click the Tracks tab!
I may not be of much help... but what you are saying you are sending them the garageband tracks as an mp3? if they are using another recording program they can drag and drop those mp3's into their software of choice into a seperate track and record alongside.
What's up guys? I know there is already a facebook "like" thread, but this isn't metal or rock or black metal, it's hip hop and as far as i know there isn't a hip hop oriented thread, so hopefully i won't get trolled and closed.

Besides, I don't just want "likes" I want people who genuinely enjoy a nice beat and like rap music. Having one thread dedicated for people to promote their band is bollocks, anyway. Check it out>>>

I literally just started this thing so I have one unfinished beat on the table.

For fans of MF Doom/Wu Tang/Dr Dooom

hey guys, check out this song i made last night for my solo project Celestial Sphere. let me know what you think! downloads are welcome

Gear used: Ibanez RG321, Digidesign Audio interface and a POD X3 for maximum tonez.
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there's already a thread on this.

Love the Dillinger signature.
Just noticed you wanted one for an acoustic guitar... sorry man, can't help yah there!
Wow a real guitar player could tune by ear noob


someone said that to me one time lolz I use a planet waves tuner man, and it kicks ass. It's around 90 bucks. Def worth the money and it's built like a tank. (kinda heavy)
Maybe buy a new string? I know most guitar shops carry singles. Sounds like it could be an action problem too.
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Guess his last drag wasn't quite what he was expecting.

"Must have been dying for a smoke."
Well, it depends, what kind of music do you want to play?
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this. it's like a four loko, except not nearly as gross.

Hell yeah dude. It still has that intense kick that a four loko does, but the flavor it contains is ****ing amazing.

I like the Colt 45 "Blasts." It's snoop doggs beer hahaha, well alcoholic beverage, not beer. But... if you want to get drunk clean off your ass, get a couple of those bad boyz
**** the mods man. They are a bunch of assholes. Who cares if you want to post about something anywhere else than the supposed thread. I tried posting a religious thread a day or two ago with a specific question, nothing else, and some guy reported me. It's a friggin forum. These guys need to lighten up a bit.

I live in a super religious home, my parents both study the bible and are faithful etc. etc. They take the bible more serious than the bills they have to pay. They feel the bible itself explains everything and of course, everyone should live by it.

Now here is where i would like to get some input from you non-believers! It's one thing to call yourself an atheist, but it takes more to actually be one. I would like to know what fuels your disbelief in the bible and christianity entirely. I'm really curious.

Note: I am not here to argue with anyone, i am just extremely curious to here your explanations. From what i've heard from a friend, he has some very interesting points. I'd love to hear more.

You should invest in a 7 string tele or strat! The extra low string provided will help you keep the same style with a 6, but just an extra low to get a little heavier if you need too!
What are the best scales or modes to play in? Like the intro to selkies by between the buried and me, and of course the stuff dream theater puts out. I am well capable of playing that style of music, i can cover it and play their material but when I try to write my own stuff i ALWAYS, ALWAYS end up writing in a friggin pentatonic scale and it just sounds like a southern metal song. Which isn't a bad thing, but i'd like to get a different sound.
These amps don't sound half bad honestly, for the price they sound great! Only problem is they seem to crap out on you often.
You can buy stuff that you rub across your frets to make the strings slicker, that might help. I mean, i'm not really sure of any other ways to help yah

I upload music on there fairly often, and it's all free to download. it would be major sick if you checked it out and even "liked" it.

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active = output = gain= metal
passive= 60s,70s sound distorsion , cleans = universals

Passives are excellent for metal and usually have a more crisp, defined sound than active pickups. They definitely have a raw feel to them. I say go for passives.
Dude, this is what I do. Turn your metronome up to around 120 bpm, pick to the point where you can handle syncopating your rhythm with the metronome's, then gradually add in more and more notes, still keeping with the beat and before you know it, you'll have a hang of it, then just keep shooting the bpm's up!

If you still aren't sure whether you are doing it correctly, turn off the distortion until you can do it clean with no errors! using a clean tone will help you pinpoint where you are messing up.

style points: shred on the clean channel!
Nice dude! I'm digging that cover. How do you like that s series? I need a 7 and i was considering getting that one.
I don't know, but it pisses me off that bands like Nickelback and Three Days Grace are ruling the airwaves. Most progressive metal bands have skill that overpowers every radio rock band and even some of the greats i.e. Slash and Angus Young. It seems in only to get recognition you have to be a virtuoso in the metal scene. Other than that, no one cares for it. Sad but true.
Just bought this POD in february. Hasn't left my desktop since I purchased it, and is in mint condition. Looking for any buyers, send me a private message.

selling it for $350
Hey guys, I need a new bridge pickup and i'd kill for a BKP to toss in there. Let me know if you are trying to sell a bareknuckle pickup or want to trade for an EMG 85.
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Eh, yeah in a way I guess so. Say if you write a sick lead part, being able to play it fluently and clean would take practice and mastering of your picking technique. I mean, for me that's how it was! I usually stay seated though.
When you guys hear a knock, knock on your door, be ready because it's me with a loaded shotgun.
I work with my dad at a family owned business, alright? So it's just family working, and you know it's fun, we all crack jokes and make fun of each other from time to time. Understandable.

But it seems there is always one guy who can't take a joke, and who also is so so so paranoid of being made fun of, that they will create a scenario out of something so simple as a person mumbling, to make them out to be offending them lol let me explain this. friggin so ridiculous.

Me and my cousin are sitting there making fun of Glenn Beck right? And my cousin said he just doesn't have that professional feel to him, and I was agreeing with him, but what I started to reply with, made NO SENSE at all, and I realized it before I even finished my sentence. So basically, i ended up mumbling the rest and being like, nah **** it nevermind forget I even said anything!

I'm sure that's happened to all of us at least once, you start saying something, then realize how irrelevant it is, so yah just quit.

This guy, just goes off with the mumbling. He's like "Oh ok, so you like to mumble huh? Just because yah mumblin don't mean i don't know what you're really saying!" And I was like... say what now? "I get it, you are making fun of me, but you know i couldn't hear you so you think you're getting away with it." So basically, ended up being an all out war with me and him because he insisted that I made fun of him the mumbled sentence I replied with, so i just told him to **** off and quit being a little bitch. He still hasn't let go of it.

I mean, what in the heck? Who gets pissed off at someone for mumbling? This guy!
Look dude, genius plan right here.

1. Get Noticed
3. be known amongst the community and achieve airplay
4. Make death metal album

just do it
take her out to a nice dinner and have her home by 11 pm.

aka give her the ol in out, in out
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Not fast enough.. try playing this song i wrote it's called trolls delight!

heres the progression

A F Bb Gm E C D A Bm C Bm A Bm Bb Bm Cm Cb C Cbm A

played at 883 bmp change the chord every click

its pretty easy though

Trolls Delight...

Sir, you have just won a quote in my signature.
Depends on how dedicated you are to getting that guy to sign it! I mean, i'd totally lug around my guitar for three hours if i knew at the end of the night, Misha Mansoor would sign it! It's up to you broski, I say go for it! Probably wouldn't enter the pit with it, you might spear a few guys in the face with it.
Hey guys, check out the mp3 called cackles and giggles. let me know what you think about it :]

I record with an Ibanez RG + POD X3 + Drumkit from Hell
Seems like a real pain in the ass. I'd say get some glass cleaner and a glass cloth, spray it down, throw a pair of gloves on and just wipe away. Just be careful man! Make sure you use a cleaning agent that won't get clogged up in between those pieces of glass.
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Wow thats amazing!

Thanks dude!!
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i thought it was good but a bit minimal, also i wasn't personally feeling the intro riff / piece but the part that kicks in about a minute in is pretty sweet and the ending dissonant part was pretty slick too. all in all technically good clean playing and a nice tone and mix but i thought the song was a bit lacking overall.

Yeah man, i liked the intro at first, but after a few listens i kind of got a little annoyed by it haha, and yeah it's fairly minimal. i wish i had a bass guitar because i could give it a beefier sound to it. thanks for the reply man :]
it's called fresh track and it goes from mellow to heavy. tell me what you guys think about it and if you really feel the need, give it a rating