Regarding people not knowing PIMA

"In Guitar playing, the fingers on the right-hand (the picking hand) have specific names. The letters that represent the Thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers are: P-I-M-A.

These letters are abbreviations of Spanish words..."


It'd be silly to get PIMA though considering the P is for thumb and this is for finger tattoos...
I read that if you combine your closest friends incomes and average them it would be somewhat close to your own. No idea if it's true.

And we pick up on our surroundings, hanging with successful motivated individuals should in turn make you strive for the same. As for your success though that's up to you.
Out, not even worth it but it helps me sleep. Next year I'm gonna win though.
Still in, I can live without it but falling asleep without it is a chore.
One day in and I feel fine.
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I'm not, im thinking of an elbow cobweb tattoo with an Ariados on it

I meant the legendary give away at gamestop lol. I'm getting as many as I can.
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The year long distribution event kicks off today starting with Mew so get down to GAME/Gamestop to get one

Also for those who don't go into the chat thread, I posted a pic of the extension to my entei tattoo. Putting it in spoilers because it's fookin huge.

If you're only getting one of each legendary you're doing it wrong.
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When I say hey check out this song in 13/5

Weren't you the guy who said he made a song in 4/5?
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Damnit I turned signatures back on just to see what it was and now it's gone

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I remember my mom and i went to a furry con and on the second day she said she didn't come and pay money to go see dumbshit.

There ya go.
Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow confirmed for E-download on 3DS in February
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Why did you have a Lvl 100 Mr Mime??

And I still don't want to pay for the pokebank, I just slowly trade my pokemon by borrowing someones 3DS

I didn't have a lvl 100 mr mime, I had a lvl 1 mime and sent it to a friend who pumped it full of rare candies in like 5 minutes and traded it.
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Are they catchable in the Sapphire remake? Cause I haven't seen one yet >.>

I don't think they're catchable at all in gen 6. Got one though, had to trade a lvl 100 mr mime for it Thank god for friends with unlimited rare candies and the option to nickname the pokemon "ur an a-hole"
Anybody have a qwilfish they wanna part with? (Or breed one for me?) If you're feeling really generous you could make it hold a sun stone >..>

But really though just a qwilfish, I have a living dex of Gen I & II (except qwilly) so I can breed anything you want.
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ur kinda bad. the alien TV was awesome. I would watch stealy and the personal space show.

Last weeks episode was sub par and I love the show. Even Justin Roiland apologized for the quality of the episode on twitter.
Wifey did some commentary during evo 2015 and I liked it. Knowledgeable and not yelling like crazy when someone does a hype play.
When is it acceptable to punch a midget?

When he says your girlfriend's hair smells nice.
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I will remember that about exp.share.

so what can I do with a friend code?

You add them and they show up on the PSS as friends. In X and Y adding friends was more important due to friend safaris. I'm typed out so I'll just link what friend safaris do here:

In Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby though Friend safaris were discontinued, so the only reason to add people is to trade and battle like normal.

My friend code is 3024-6378-0202 (Yeah I just noticed friend codes are 12 digits not 16 like I said before >..> Name is Cody, just throw a post on here once you've added me and I'll add you. If you need a trade for a pokemon evolution or something just post and ill be happy to help when I can or someone else will.
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thanks man! thats awesome info! I will def try out the Wonder Trade thing!
IS the playnav (pokemon Amie) thing where I would find wonder trade? or from the main screen of my DS? I got both my system and Pokemon Y second hand so I have no manuals (but I found a Super Potion in a random patch of flowers just on a whim!)
Also, whats EV?

great info here. Thanks guys. Im gonnna run through it once then restart and see if its a better experience. Any rookie mistakes I should avoid the first time around??

harvedit: what is a friend code and how can I use it?

One rookie mistake is most people leave the exp share on and complain how the game was too easy. The new exp share will share 50% of exp earned with ALL pokemon in the party, a big change from the old games.

The Playnav is on the bottom screen of your 3ds when you're playing pokemon and you're in the overworld (the place where you walk around and talk to people opposite to a fight sequence).

Looks like this

And if you don't know what an ev is don't worry about. If you do want to get into competitive pokemon play and go beyond the level of casual play go here and read up

A friend code is your 16 digit number unique to your 3ds, you need to give yours to someone and enter theirs to add them as a friend. You can access your friend code or add someone by going to your 3ds homepage (press home button) and clicking the orange box with a smiley face on the top.
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Just got Pokemon Y and I havent played a pokegame since FireRed/LeafGreen so Im kind lost. Any help/tips would be awesome!

Are you going to get into comp. play or are you just trying to beat the game right now?

Something new you definitely wanna check out is Wonder trade. Go to the playnav on the bottom screen and click the PSS (Player Search System). Wonder Trade allows you to throw a random pokemon into a random trade with someone else. Sometimes you get shit (just throw it back) or you might get lucky and get either comp ready pokemon or 2 shinies in 10 minutes like I did today

Super training is a new addition too in the Playnav. It's EV training essentially without having to battle anyone.

Pokemon Amie (playnav) is a game that allows you to pet your pokemon and play games with them. Increasing affection from your pokemon does have its benefits such as increased critical hit %, more likely to dodge attacks, and can sometimes tough out possible OHKO attacks.

If you want just a guide to Y here you go

Any other questions feel free to ask, or if you want some iv pokemon just ask
Umm why have we stopped using togethertube?
That episode was amazing.
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;an, you feaple who speak english as afirst language donðt understamd how cofusing the word "definitely" is.
Like, its pronounced "definately" but written "definitely" whats with that?

I don't know what you're saying, but
Been working on a national living dex, and I finished the first 150 today Surprisingly the GTS has been useful unlike before.
"nice" - God
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*Cradles shiny rayquaza in his arms*
It's happening rn m8. Go to mystery gift and do the online and you'll get it.
Just a heads up for North Americans with ORAS, Nintendo isn't giving us complete crap for once as mystery gifts.

Shiny muthafucking Rayquaza.
Does anyone in here love Trader Joes instant as much as me? Best instant I've ever had, and cheap too.
I main Ice Climbers, Snake, and Wolf.
Snipel we both know you're just going to chill inside your place getting drunk, you'll be fine
Have you tried gitting gud?
I'm really hoping Hungry Box wins.
Not this first game though.
****ing PPMD listens to the crowd, picks Falco, takes a stock with a gimp in like 10 seconds lol.
Same. PP vs, Plulp or H box finals would make me happy.
I love Mango but seeing H Box get that shit and that 3 peat denial? Yesss
That comeback from H Box so far jfc. This years evo is great, up and down and all over the place.