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my vote to crying
Woah, I just realized it's been almost 4 years since I joined. DAE **** I'm old??
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I don't know how to

So never

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Swagmasta and the Turnt Bitches. It'll appeal to the youngsters.

EDIT: *Bitchez
I haven't been here regularly in a while. So all I have to say is a strong wut.
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AAAAAAAH YEAH. Commie here.

I am a poor artsci student. You and your ****ing Starbucks.
Queen's U, ON Canada. Word up to my Queen's bitches.
If you haven't seen the movie Don Jon, I think you might enjoy it. Part of it looks at how porn messes up men's perception, similar to how romantic comedies mess up women's perception. I think it might be coming to Netflix at the end of the month.
Haven't been here in a while. Glad to see the first, and second, and third, and fourth response was to bone them. Some things never change.
So I'm going into Poli Sci in September, and I'm just doing some preliminary reading on some of the political theories and philosophies that I don't know too much about (right now my "specialty" is in Anarchy, and I'm strong in Communism and Democracy too, so I'm trying to... expand before I go to school). I was just wondering if anyone knew any relatively unbiased (as unbiased as a good political theory paper can be, I guess) writings on the theory of Fascism, apart from Hitler and all that. I'm just wondering if there's anything on the theory that isn't centered around Mussolini or Hitler or the like, and is focused on the philosophy as much as possible.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out!
Wow, I haven't copied and pasted anything in a while, because this is from a good two days ago...

I DO not propose to speak of those political associations by the aid of which men endeavor to defend themselves against the despotic action of a majority or against the aggressions of regal power. That subject I have already treated. If each citizen did not learn, in proportion as he individually becomes more feeble and consequently more incapable of preserving his freedom single-handed, to combine with his fellow citizens for the purpose of defending it, it is clear that tyranny would unavoidably increase together with equality. Only those associations that are formed in civil life without reference to political objects are here referred to. The political associations that exist in the United States are only a single feature in the midst of the immense assemblage of associations in that country. Americans of all ages, all conditions, and all dispositions constantly form associations. They have not only commercial and manufacturing companies, in which all take part, but associations of a thousand other kinds, religious, moral, serious, futile, general or restricted, enormous or diminutive. The Americans make associations to give entertainments, to found seminaries, to build inns, to construct churches, to diffuse books, to send missionaries to the antipodes; in this manner they found hospitals, prisons, and schools. If it is proposed to inculcate some truth or to foster some feeling by the encouragement of a great example, they form a society. Wherever at the head of some new undertaking you see the government in France, or a man of rank in England, in the United States you will be sure to find an association.
The movie "the strangers" was okay in my opinion, nothing phenomenal; but one thing I really liked about it was how there were scenes where the camera would be focused on the scared-shitless main character or something, and then you would glance off and notice the "stranger" was be walking by in the background. He wouldn't be in focus, almost as if the cameraman intended you not to see him, but when you did, it created a creepy kind of feeling. I don't know, I think that could be explored a bit more to create some cool creepy stuff.
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Not much different but i dont get how to play these one type of notes.

Capo on 4th fret

e blank
a 3
d blank
g blank
b blank
e 3

How do you play this?

Will be the most awkward bang ever.
My bedtime was 22 minutes ago, but I'm still here.


I'm gonna stop now
To show my anarchy, here is a double post.

As long as you don't Bing it. I refuse to vote a man into office who Bings!
Anarchy, Bitchez!!!1!!
due iz poopy, lol

EDIT: I thought over my words afterwards, and have decided this was super mean. Hindsight is 20/20. My deepest apologies.
Does anyone know if Bakunin or Kropotkin did anything regard law and order, or the possible lack thereof, under the anarchist model? Or really, does any prominent Russian anarchist between 1840 and 1940 have any works of the sort? I need some sources for an essay, and I'm having trouble finding some.
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Isn't that a Ghost note?

That's what I'd assume.
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I think you should fire the person who decided the ads go in the middle of the page and the tab selections are pushed off to an un-view-able portion of the site.

And the ads that pile on top of one another so i have to scroll down a descent amount just to view a tab. Oh and the Other randomly placed ads that keep me from using the site.

I can take screen shots if your site designers would like to see how bad its gotten, sorry for complaining.

Not trying to show i am too mad because i understand web design but you guys really need to try for stability if you wanna make the site appealing. I am kicking dirt trying to search for tabs now because they are moved off to a point i am unable to scroll to and select. Its not 100% of the time but 95% of the time i am not able to use the site properly due to these glitches.

I bought a promotional copy of The Buggles' "The Age of Plastic" today for $3; what a score baby.

**** you, The Buggles are cool.
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I loved it, except I thought that Banes death was rather underwhelming, pretty much the only thing I didn't like.

This. It was just a let down. I wanted batman to finally take down bane after getting his ass kicked, and it looked like he was going to until he got stabbed. And then after that, Anne Hathaway just kinda drives in and shoots him. The end for Bane. I understand the point they were trying to make, how she came back and everything after she said she was going to bail, but still, they could've done it better. Only major letdown I had with the movie though, the rest was great.
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I forgot to mention the movie: Teeth

I watched that movie stoned, so I had a ****ed up experience with it. I vividly saw a mans dick get bit off, and then said out loud "wait... where'd his dick go?" Things just didn't connect for me at that point.
I don't often wear a hat, but when I do, it's something simple, along these lines:

Inexpensive and easily replaceable. **** STYLE!
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what is some equipment i need to start one ? just for recording some rough demos for right now before i get really serious with it ?

For rough demo's, you'd still want to get half-decent mics (a half decent dynamic mic would probably still be $40 or $50). Typically you'd mic and amp with 2 (or more if you want a really specific tone), but for a demo, you could probably get away with one. Drums are what's going to kill you in the mic's department though, even for a rough recording. Even just a really rough recording, I'd still want to mic up my kick, snare, cymbals as a group, and toms as a group, which is still 4 mics. But maybe that's just me. And then you'd need your mixing board to put all the mics into. If you're just doing a lo-fi demo, you could get away with a half decent 4 or 8 track board though. Then you'd do some EQing and Compression, and whatever other post-recording effects you'd want, either analog or digital. If you want to keep it cheap, and already have a DAW, I'd go digital for the EQing and Compression. Read a bunch of online articles on producing whatever genre you want to work in.
Okay, I got myself in a bit of a pickle here, don't have much experience in the relatonship field. Basically, I found out that a lady I'm diggin is diggin me. However, I'm self-depreciative, and told her that she's to good for me, and that she should go out and find a nice lad. I then found out that she felt the inverse (she thought I was too good for her), and she just said to forget about the whole thing. However, I slept on it, and have now realized I probably seemed rather douche-y, and that I really have no reason to reject this fine lady because I'm having a pity party. Would it be too soon to try and redeem myself? I don't really want to jump in and be like "hey, guess what, changed my mind all of the sudden!", but should I still strike while the iron's hot? We're talking fine and everything, just like we had been before, but I know now we both want more.
I've been trying to push myself lyrically into writing out of my comfort zone, because I've been finding that all my lyrics are starting to sound the same. Here's one of the less... 'wacky' products of this experimentation that I thought I'd share. Enjoy!

Kneel down like I’m kissing the pavement
When I’m kissing my minute head goodbye
So why even lie
This is where I fall
Pitch black, pitch it right down the middle
Being the good guy never felt so bad
But I am not mad
I die here in smiles

But don’t it sting
Does the blood rush fast?
All over my hands
Like the stains from the past
And don’t make a sound
I had my time to live
But you know it’s still hell
When push comes to shiv

I saved him now, cannot do much else
I put myself first, lying down on that floor
Now he can have more
Have what I got left
He might have family, he might have job
Rather the lonely fool sleeping in the sky
And lonely am I
Let the rich men live

But don’t it sting
Does the blood rush fast?
All over my hands
Like the stains from the past
And don’t make a sound
I had my time to live
But you know it’s still hell
When push comes to shiv
But you know it’s still hell
When push comes to shiv
But you know it’s still hell
When push comes to shiv
Wear a tux. A neon green tux. Because you can. Because this is AMERICA!!!
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I was really expecting a drop right after that first fuck off

I was going to put it before the initial drop, but I couldn't get it to fit properly. So I just put it at the end of the drops
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psssh, why don't real women

I'd agree with this, although it would probably result in a lot more sexual harassment at the work place.

And every other place where both men and women are present.
I challenged myself into producing a brostep (I hate that term) track in one day. Anyone wanna give it a gander?
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I'm doing the same competition!

The transition into your drop is insanely cool, very very nice. But it lacks any real punch.

Not enough bass, kick is too fluffy (is there reverb on it? Why?). The drums in general are just too weak, but the bassline is really cool (just needs a sub or something).

Okay, thanks. I wasn't planning on working on it till tomorrow, but I've got nothing to do today, so may as well get started. I think I may just completely redo the drums and start over. I'll bring up the sub too. I was thinking of tutorializing my drop transition since we need to have a tutorial with our entry; it's actually really easy (I just used a vocoder, that choppy bass synth in the drop is actually me looping Dave yelling "MIIIIIIIND").

But thanks again. Good luck in the comp man.
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I finally released an album! You can pay anything or nothing if you so choose.

Sounds pretty chill. I'd be willing to pay for it if I had 'internet money', but I'll always take it for free I'll spread it to some of my brosefs as payment

Also, I'm entering a remix competition, and I've got the 'first draft' of my first remix (entries are unlimited, so I want to try and get a trance remix done for the 13th to enter too). I posted it on the forum that's hosting the competition yesterday, but since then it's only gotten 5 views and 0 replies. I was just wondering if even just one of you could give it a quick look over and tell me what needs to be fixed up for the final release.

Thanks lads.
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Holy shit I didn't know so many people were this retarded.

wut u say i too bisy eat my ear to reed soury
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We'll reword it then.

Why would you want to sound like Slash when you can sound like you? (Although judging by your forum appearances you'd have to crank the mids and treble to get any clarity from inside your own ass).

It's been said here, peoples assholes are overly bassy.
I've got a belt like that. I just gave up.
I'm going to try and make money, by any means possible.

By ANY means possible