Whelp, I had one of the better deals in my kijiji history.  Traded my Orange Micro Terror head straight up for a 2005 Korean "1984" Epi Explorer.  Yea it's a little beat up, but this guitar feels rock solid.  Might sand the neck down a bit but other than that, holds tune and has sustain for days.
I've owned the JCA50H and a ValveKing100 and the the Valveking wouldn't be an upgrade in terms of the metal tones it provides.  The loop was pretty good, but I'm more of a meat and potatoes type player who puts most things in front of the amp if I can.

The JCA is the best metal amp in your price range so I would just make do until you have more money.
I wouldn't get a Dark Terror.  I think you're trying to shoehorn that amp into providing what you really need, when it's really not capable. A Boss Katana actually sounds pretty good and is way better for metal than the Mustang.  There aren't many 2 channel tube metal amps in the cheaper price range however.
On the cheap side of things you could get a Peavey Valveking head and a decent cab for around $700. The amps clean channel is really nice, and the gain channel is okay stock and can be modded easily to make it good.

I have a JCA50 Head and my GAS for better amps stopped after I bought that amp. Sold my Krank 1980, and Valveking off once I played with that amp. It's not the best clean amp, but it can be serviceable depending the situation. The gain is awesome however and the amp is cheap as shit. Two channels, so you can turn down the pregain on the normal channel and just use the OD channel for your dirt. I recommend everyone try these amps if they have a chance because they're so good and so cheap.

I would hesitate to play any amp through that 4x12 you have now so I think it's the right choice to sell off what you have now and put it towards something decent.
IMO the Ironheart is a much better amp. I just don't dig the Tubemeister's tone. Too harsh and brittle. The DSL is a much better amp for metal if you want that Marshally type tone. The Ironheart, JCA, DSL, are amps I'd look at in your price range.
Got a new Strat (2013 American Standard) yesterday. Traded my Tele for it straight up. I'm out of town for work so I'll probably do a NGD this upcoming weekend. Here's a stock pic. Nothing too crazy, but I've always wanted a Black Strat with a Maple fretboard. It gives me some cool pickguard options

Digitech Bad Monkey. Best OD for the money and one of the better ones I've tried period. A Maxon is a waste of money in my honest opinion.
Quote by red.guitar

Looking at the prices of those mods, it'd cost me about $3-400 per mod to get them here. So like $9-1200 for a set, plus the cost of the amp itself

When I first moved to Saskatoon I went to the L&M on 8th Street and they had a 50watt Randall RM combo for like $350 bucks. I didn't really know what it was at the time so I went home and researched it, thought it looked cool and went back a couple days later and it was gone Would have been so sweet.

On another note I just traded my Tele for a Strat and am playing it like crazy. Always been a huge fan of strat guitarists, and now I can finally start learning their style
Yeah dawg! HNGD!
Getting a hard shell case made the deal good, as I'm pretty sure a nicer LP will fit into it later if you so choose. They are roughly $50 bucks new depending on the case. The guitar itself is nothing to write home about, but it can be serviceable for a while.
Well I plan on buying a PRS S2 Custom 24 in Whale Blue sometime in the near future. Once I get that. I'll probably sell the SE Custom 24 that I currently own. I wish the S2 had HFS pups, but I can settle for the stock ones I guess.

Looking to trade my 2000 American Standard Tele for a Strat too but no luck so far
That Banshee is a great guitar, and so is that Godin. To me, the Godin is a slightly better deal, but not quite the guitar of the Banshee. That's kind of a mute point though as how you like either one will depend more on how the guitar feels and has been treated over the years. I say go try both.

The Canadian dollar is shit right now, so getting either of those guitars for the prices mentioned is pretty damn good.
I have pretty much the same Agile as dspellman offered and it's been a great guitar. Used it live and in the studio with all stock parts. Sounds great, plays great, stays in tune, and looks awesome too.

Some Gibson Studios are absolute sleepers, some aren't. I've played a couple that just blew me away. I really should have bought one of them, even if they were charging $800 for it.
I like the 6505 model on those amps. I used to alternate between that and the Dual Rec for which one I liked more. I didn't really feel the Dual Rec sounded much like a real one, but it sounded more like an angry Marshall, which was sweet.

The 6505 with the gain around 12-1 o'clock is where I put it. Put your dials all at 12 o clock and adjust to taste. These models have a lot of gain and can easily be too harsh, noisey, and muddy if there's too much preamp gain.
Nah you wanna keep that stock speaker in there, in this case. You may find a better flat response speaker, but Peavey designed that speaker especially for their modelling line. You may get a good tone with certain models, but I bet it'll mess with it just as much as it'll help.

Nice grab though! The Vypyr Tube is a great amp!
Yeah I owned a SS Vypyr when they first came out and I really liked it at the time. Sold it to fund some tube amps for my band. No one has really said much about these new Vypyrs, which is probably for good reason. Don't get me wrong, it was better than the Cube, but to me, their gain sounds were pretty dark and muddy. The cube's EQ literally does nothing for the higher gain settings.

I may have become too much of a cork sniffer to play stuff like that anymore. I guess that's ok after 15 or so years
Went to the local music store today looking for a practice amp and tried out the Roland Cube 40XL and Vypyr VIP 2. Both were pretty mediocre IMO. My POD HD 300 sounded miles better than either of those. I shouldn't have gotten rid of it. I'm thinking of just buying a DI and using free VHTs or whatever.
I doubt you'll find a 6505+ combo for that, but if you do snatch it up. My recommendation is for a Valveking. For a couple reasons:

1) They're super easy to find for under $350
2) They sound okay stock, but with some simple mods they can sound pretty good
3) The clean channel is really nice, and can be a nice pedal platform if you don't happen to like the gain channel
4) The FX loop is actually good, unlike on other amps in your price range.
I'd def like to have a setup like that!

Quote by dspellman
That's largely because what I have and what I would recommend don't fit with the nature of this forum. 90% of what gets recommended here are 6505s, Peavey Vypers, Fender Mustangs or Randalls. And honestly, I don't own (nor would I buy) any of them. Most of what I have didn't come from a Guitar Center and/or isn't available easily outside the US or is...well...oddball. Brands like Two-Rock, Carvin, Ceriatone. I'm not a big Marshall fan, don't own a Vox since my SuperBeatle. My JTM-45 clone is a kit that I handwired. Mercury Magnetics modded Epi Valve Jr? I have three Atomic Reactors. A Hasserl-modded Carvin Belair that does vintage Marshall better than most vintage Marshalls, but with more gain than any vintage Marshall ever had. An old (late '80's) Carvin XV112. I have separates. Carvin Quad-X, Mesa Triaxis preamps and a brand new score, an Egnater M4 preamp that takes "personality modules." Mesa and Carvin tube power amps.

Someone here DID go out and duplicate my Belair (the mods are freely available) and apparently loves it. But most here on UG follow the herd.

But do you ever use them? Seems like you're happy with modelling and what it can do in every aspect of guitar playing.
Quote by dspellman
You have really managed to keep costs down. And I applaud you for that.
I have two and a half of those largish flap-top Costco bins filled with FX pedals, packed neatly cheek by jowl. I don't even want to speculate on the total. I've been told that a number of them have been around so long that they're now "vintage" and worth more than I paid. But my favorite two places to buy pedals these days are and I'd say that the average price-per-each for their pedals (admittedly more toward the top of the line than the bottom) is around $200. And you're running 10 pedals. So if *I* were covering all the bases you are and if I were buying new, I'd have spent $2K already.

But that's just FX.

I've got about 15 tube amps (I'm not going to count other kinds for now), including some seriously heavy iron. I've got some rack-mount tube preamps as well, and a couple of tube power amps. I've just found an Egnater M4 tube preamp (four interchangeable "personality" modules ala the Randalls that Cathbutt loves), and it may or may not come home with me (no hurry on that one, but it *was* on my short list). Each has something different to offer, but I've narrowed it down to about half a dozen that get to live in the den (the rest live in a storage unit). My monthly bill for storage is around $241. Retubing that mess once every couple of years is another bill, and insurance on them can be eye-opening, in part because it would be very difficult to replace several of them.

And then there are cabinets. There are at least four 4x12s, a 2x15 (plus tweeter) and a potload of 1x12s, 2x12s, 4x10s, 1x15s, etc., all of which go with the various tube amps.

The fact that I can get by with a modeler feeding directly into a board (or a modeler feeding a powered speaker or recording monitors or just a set of headphones) pretty much subs for most of that.

It was pretty much the same thing when I stopped traveling with a B3, a pair of Leslies and a piano and switched to an electronic keyboard. I'm not using all of the eleventy-thousand sounds and bits and pieces on it (not even a fraction of them, in fact), but it's the fact that I've reduced my footprint and expense while dramatically increasing the possibilities that keeps me from going back to the B3 and Leslies and piano.

... Why don't you sell some of that stuff, since you've moved on? You haven't recommended a tube amp in any of your posts that I've seen.

IF you wanna simplify things a little I find the treble and presence knobs work together pretty well to eliminate the high end fizz. Treble lower, with the presence just high enough to let enough of the high end through. Works well

Enjoy man. They're great amps at home or for gigging. Those master volumes have a nice sweep to them.
I'm definitely intrigued. I thought the HD series was really good. Not quite good enough to replace my JCA50, but definitely giggable.

There's something to be said about simplicity. I usually just play with with a tuner, an OD, and the two channels on my Jet City. That's enough versatility for the majority of what I play. If I need the music to be any lighter, I just use my acoustic

However, it's really not that expensive, especially for what you get. If I were to buy one premium tube amp new I would spend (at least) that much, and I wouldn't have a cab yet or anything. If anything, investing in something like that for studio in a year or two when it's 999 is a value purchase.

I get the criticism about it's durability as a live unit. I know that my pedals have seen their fair share of beer. I think this is more of of a practice and recording unit however. I guess it has a rack unit + floor board too but that's more of a niche market IMO.
I use planet waves because I'm lazy and they work and last a long time. Used to buy the cheaper no-name cables but then you're going back in a year because itheyre a PoS
I've wanted an Ultra for a long time. Someone was selling a 1x12 combo for like $300 and I jumped on it, only to have them say they didn't want to sell it anymore.

I think the XXX is good too. I just hate the cosmetics of it. The 3120s I've tried are really nice and look decent. I'd like to do a comparison between the two.
you're not going to get anything better at that budget then an Audio Interface and something like Amplitube. This way you can record guitar/mic/bass/drum tracks too if you're interested.
Buy an audio interface for your computer and download amplitube
Seymour Duncan JB and Jazz. If you've never tried this combo it's definitely worth a shot. The JB will be a little higher output and have a little more high end, but nothing too crazy. The Jazz is just a sick pickup in the neck position.
Yeah man. If volume is no issue and you have an attenuater then it will be pretty good for that kind of stuff. Buy an OD pedal was well. Randy Rhoads used one cranked and his sound was every bit as heavy as GNR so it should do you well.
With the CAD like it is, I'd say 550-600 is a good deal. Some people try selling them for a lot more than that, so I would just try and haggle him a little.
There's one for sale at my local store for around $450 and I was interested. Not too knowledgeable about this amp but I hear it's kinda got a classic rock vibe to it? What do you think of it? Any similarities to other amps?
I have a ABY with a 212 that has a stereo option built in, each speaker is a V30 so they can each handle 50watts. For this scenario an ABY is all that is needed.

I would suggest just getting a stereo 2x12 or wiring it in stereo yourself. 2x12s with wheels aren't that cumbersome at all and there's much more you can do with them.
IIRC the lower gain model uses the crunch channel from the higher gain JCAs (instead of the OD channel). I love that channel and I use it it more with my JCA50 than I do the OD channel. It's got that vintagy Marshall tone that really rips with an OD. Without an OD, it's got classic rock written all over it.

I'd even get two amps, and just keep your guitars for now (unless, like mentioned you need a custom built guitar)

JCM DSL 2000
1960A CAB
Vox AC30
Whatever pedals you want
Nice LTD. My bandmate had one and it was a sick guitar, especially for the money. They're metal machines.

Those are the pups I wanna put in my Agile. They sound nice in that clip as well!
Quote by stayfrosty78
Like what? could they do the Mesa sound? and are they in available in a combo form? dont get me wrong, not doubting that you cant but Im curious about what you think

For GNR and Megadeth the obvious amp would be a JCM 800 2203, but you could also look at:

JCM 900 MK3/SL-X
JCM 2000 DSL
Peavey VTM
Laney VH100r
Peavey Windsor
Splawn Quickrod/Competition
Traynor YCV50B
Jet City JCA50/100

I would pick all of those for Megadeth or GNR before a Rectifier but that's just me. I like Rectifiers but I use them more for Pantera, Tool, or Lamb of God type stuff.
A Tremoverb is a very good amp at what it does, but I'm not sold on it as a hotrodded Marshall. Maybe try a Stiletto if you're fixed on those types of bands (though I'm not a fan of that amp).

I could list quite a few better options in your price range.
The SL-X is a beast, but for punk rock I'd say they're pretty close.
JCM 900 DR can be had for super cheap on occasion, same with a Peavey VTM, but if you want to spend you're full budget I'd opt for a JCM 900 SL-X or a JCM 2000 DSL (which may be a bit cheaper). Laney VH100r too I guess