Ive been getting blisters on by strumming hand lately, especially on the thumb. I either pop them and go on figuring the pain makes the music sound better, or just leave them and try to make them into callouses. The best thing to do is stop playing that way until the blisters heal, but if you are getting blisters, you are using way too much pressure or attacking from the wrong angle. The more you play the more your fingers will become toughened from the strings, just don't get an infection. The only reason I'm getting blisters on my playing hand is because I'm trying to learn flamenco styles and I am also beating the loving hell out of the strings with my fingers, but enjoyment is more important than proper form sometimes.
you have to cut out the shape of the touch screen in your guitar, and then take apart the case the screen came in. its all sorts of "dont make a mistake" fun!
yeah i saw a long video of a guy playing with this, basically its a touch screen modofied to fit in the body of the guitar, it outputs with a serial cable to the effects box. you can program your own effects with it, and program your own control of the effects, its nice, but it would take a bit to learn i would think. you can use the pick on the touch screen, which is damn cool.

i think the touch screen is somewhere between 200-400 dollars itself, i dunno how much the kaos pedal costs
always move when you play, i find myself constantly moving my feet to the rythm while i play, and usually i also move my whole leg to the rythm. playing with a metronome will help but try playing to the actual song, play in sync with the original song and eventually you will remember the timing perfectly.

its all about practice, practice it to the metronome, practicie it to the song, practice it moving your foot, but no matter how much practice you do, it will take time. just do it over and over again and eventually youll get it. slow the song down at first and then speed it up.
my best friend has a schecter blackjack, which looks the exact same as this. it also has the seymour duncan pickups... amazing sound and amazing look, honestly when i go to buy another electric, this guitar (the blackjack or other schecters in that style) will be a major area i will focus on. the pickups are just killer on it
all i can reccomend is turn the tone knobs down all the way, and then lal the way up, you might have to force the knob a little bit

i had a problem where my strat-knockoff didnt make any noise at all and i had no idea what it was, so i opened it up and emptied all the sawdust out of the body and looked at the knobs and then i figured out that something happened where if i turned the knobs all the way they still went a little more, and then if i truend them back up it would make sound again.

if it worked on another amp i have no clue whats wrong, but try a different cable, maybe its a grounding issue where the guitar is overloading the amp and as a safety feature it turns off automatically, no clue.
your voice is amazing...
keep at it i promise you will get somewhere with that!

i wish i had a voice like that, mine is too deep to sing much of anything very good, which sucks!
eventually you get to a point where you can pla ythe guitar perfectly, without thinking about it, where you know where to press to get what sound, ive only been there a few times, and i think i wasted it but thats the level you have to be at pretty much.

i started singing and playing to simple songs, try some beatles, some simple strumming stuff, just look up chords for a song and it should be pretty easy to sing to it and play at the same time.

and yes, practice is the ONLY way to get good at guitar, that and being intoxicated

just dont try anything too complicated, i can usually play the chords to a song once now and sing to it after i know the chords... it gets easier but at first your going to SUCK, you just have to keep at it really. i suck at singing really, but thats a different story
yeah i dont have the money to buy new strings every day, but i also stopped breaking them every time i played, but yeah any time you break a string its a good idea to replace them all, or you could do like i do and buy an extra high e string when you buy a new pack because you know thatll be the first to go :p

but ive seen the a string pop on my guitar before any of the others lol, hows that for crazy :-O
yeah it took me forever to inotate my strat clone. in the case of my guitar the saddle pieces go from low to mid high then do it again from left to right so its like 2 sets of saddles going up... that might help i dunno.

but just adjust it slowly, it takes forever, but once you get one of them right just set the nextone to that and work from there... it usually takes a good 20 minutes to do the whole guitar, its boring but worth it
eh ive played smells liek teen spirit in a guitar shop, i played the progression once to see how it sounded ont aht guitar but really neither of those songs are very complex when it comes to the part most people play, the power chord intro for smells like teen spirit and that smoke on the water jingle that gets stuck in your mind and you cant get it out.

that and really if you want to play anything in a guitar shop to piss off the other peopel there its either stairway or invent nonexistant chords or act like you cant play a guitar at all just play your open e chord hahahaha

but i think the question here is really about being one of those "oh if you play nirvana your a noob" sort of things... you can play whatever you want to play if you suck at guitar you suck at guitar period, im sure there are just as many sucky rock guitarists as there are punk guitarists... i know i used to be a sucky rock guitarist and i am still pretty sucky at it i think.
yeah i just jump around songs learning the interesting and challenging parts... i thought i was the only one
ive got the strat indiana, its a nice beginner guitar but thats ALL it is. it has the tone of a cheap 70's daytime childrens show and an action about half as good as a real strat.

not a bad guitar to learn on, i still paly the hell out of mine and all but i need a different guitar.

like i said its a really good guitar for starting on tho. if its your first guitar go for it, if your looking for a real good guitar id say there are other things out there that are better but this is a decent cheapo.

im typing this as i strum away on my indiana btw...
all you have to do is practice, every day i get better and better at guitar and you can pretty much learn to do anything on the guitar if you just put your mind to it and play the hell out of it.

try stuff like making your own chords or your own solo, i dunno. just play a lot, play all the time, learn to talk in rythm with the playing, learn to move with the music, it all helps you play better the more your into it and the better you can follow the rythm
they are similar guitars, the stratocaster was developed to be the predecesssor to the telecaster and it was supposed to have all the improvements that guitarists wanted... i love my stratocaster, you can do anything with it and it is comfortable, and rugged.

the only real difference is that a stratocaster is a double cutaway, so you can reach the higher frets, while a telecaster is only a single, so you cant reach your thumb around the neck at the 16th fret so well...

the stratocaster has 3 single coil puckups while the telecaster i think has a humbucker and a single coil treble pickup.

they are both going to be very similar, just go to a local gutiar shop and see whick one you like the most