Mesa/Boogie Mark rock approved?
First page. Like a boss. I will likely be a regular in this new thread! Yay for finally having a home-thread!
^ A PDS 20/20 AND a DL-4? Me being jelly as f*ck. Happy NPD, brotha.
"The Flame Beyond the Cold Mountain" by Mono.
You know your shit

Genres: Shoegaze, Post Rock, Pumpkins esque Alternative Rock, etc...

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Indeedly. I'm one sexy mother****er.
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Why would you put an SD-1 in there?

Genres : Shoegaze, Post Rock, Metal, Doom, Industrial, Goth, Ambient, Drone.

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Guys, I'm probably gonna get a Xaviere XVT-JT90 and do a neck swap( probably a GFS Neck, I need something that doesn't look like I'm choking Snooki when I play ). TPR approved? Also gonna try and get an Alesis Midiverb IV sooner or later (I won't be able to get the rig I posted a few pages back anytime soon because I have to save for a trip to Europe )

Also, my uncle juuuuuuuuuuuuuust might be giving me an Ampeg Reverberocket! He's getting rid of a bunch of gear he doesn't use !
Yes i do, good sir.
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Yes. Sooooooo ****ing much. I'd prefer it if more girls starting getting short haircuts.
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Tele bad...intensified tenfold after seeing this:

How much?

Not the guitar, the gorgeous thing holding it >_>
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Hey bro!

What you hooking up the MIDI pup to?

Also i think the Dreams (both 90 and 180) and Mean from GFS have way too much midrange and would limit you to teh br00tz which you already have covered with the JP. I'd get something brighter with a lower output for the neck. Other than that i'd change nothing from your rig.

Great to see you finally posting here btw.

The MIDI pup would go to various VST Synth's on my computer unless I buy a real life synth

Also, I'll take that into consideration.

And thanks!
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^ Great looking rig. What about a wah/envelope filter?

Meh, envelope filters aren't my cup of tea

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Getting a DL4 and a M9 is kinda redundant unless you really like Minus the Bear or something.

I was planning on using the M9 to handle modulation effects mostly. I like having (mostly) dedicated effects.
Hey guys,
Long time lurker here
Just wanted to get your opinions on my rig plan (for 2-3 years down the road)

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Some of the things in here aren't very TPR, but you should be able to tell what is
The Birthday Massacre.
Sounds like uber core br00tz, actually goth/synth rock.

Genres: Shoegaze, Post Rock, Doom, Ambient, Drone

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My tastes have changed dramatically
Just like to say I've been lurking this thread since day one, and what I've heard so far has given me a case of the me gusta's. Well done
For Shoegaze

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