I have found a park MK-2 anybody know anything about this? Its going for 40$ and its an older one because it says

Park BY Marshall
What pickups do you use? Guitar?

Try 350k.
I use a well... really moded thinline telecaster
Haven't tried ernie balls.

What do you recommend?
Oh, yeah I do alot of bending, ive tried:

D'addarios: didn't like them, broke

DR Blues: okay still not there though

Fender Bullets: okay, broke
Has anybody tried one of these they're awesome!
Basically twang machine talk (you know telecaster, Gretsch, esquire, Rickenbacker etc.)
It really depends what you play.

Twang-Machine: Esquire
Classic-Twang: Gretsch or (if you got a stuffed wallet) a Rickenbacker
All-round twang and Cleans: Telecaster
What strings would you recommend for playing the Beatles, Rolling stones, von halen, led zepplin, carlos santana etc.

I don't use distortion that much, but i do use fuzz.I like a clean warm twangy sound.
Go to if your looking for a telecaster
The Clash-Should I stay or should I go (really easy)