X-127 North Carolina, I'll take note of this. Thanks man!
It was super foggy this morning so I had to go out and take a few pictures of the new wheels.  They fit so perfectly!

X-127 The wicked weed one. Cherry and brett sounds great.
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Some more beer from one of my absolute favorite breweries, the Wicked Weed Funkatorium

This is their Ferme de Chien. Tastes delicious. Has the good wild Brett flavors, excellent souring, and just the right amount of cherry flavor. Their additional flavors are always perfectly balanced IMO, part of what makes their Funkatorium beers so good

Also picked up a half growler of Founder’s Kentucky Breakfast Stout. I love their breakfast stout so I’m looking forward to this

Where'd you find that? I'm planning a road trip to the US this summer and I'd like to try out some nice beer while out there!
Firehawk Indy 500's are being installed on my new RF03RR wheels for daily duty.
RE-71R's are being installed on my Ray's GL57HF wheels for track duty.

Today is a good day! Can't wait for the season to start!
Anyone on here ever tried the Nankang AR-1 tires?

Might be getting a set for lapping this year...
A horse ?

All this is nonsense is distracting you from the actual walk and making you a shittier walker.

A man of classics I see
Congratz Blayney!  Eager to see what kind of wheels  you'll be putting on it! Fill up those arches  

Speaking of the Supra.
I don't care that it doesn't compete with the NSX and the R35 as I realiy don't give a single shit about unbuyable technological flagships anyways.
I'm just glad they're making it a real successor and not some trophy wheels for another wealthy guy bragging about hypothetical lap time comparisons.
The engine is known to be potent and if the last decade proved anything about BMW's turbo sixes, it's that it's easy to make almost ridiculous power with them.
So glad they didn't force another iron block in it and I'll leave it to the fanboys to build their own ''real Supra'' and ruin the weight balance in yet another car for the sake of youtube and instagram fame and recognition.

I feel like the same thing happened with the 2015+ Mustang. They left the past behind to make it better.

It's all worth it in the end to make a few fans mad if the end product is as good as it's said it is.

To be honest, if it had even the smallest backseats for my dog, I'd love to buy one.

In red please.
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They absolutely don't have that rep here haha. If anything they have a much different image, FiST drivers are generally considered to be savvy people who wanted to balance fun and utility in ways that other cars around its price really can't

Pretty much that and people who like the modern minis but don't want to deal with the issues lol

Where I live 2500HD Silverado's and Sierra's are thief magnets. There was 7 or 8 trucks stolen in a single month last year...
Blayney  Ray's GL57HF   Discontinued JDM wheels apparently. 17x8.5 et40 wrapped in 245-40R17 Potenza RE760 last year.

I kept recommending the FiST over anything for a while, but I wanted something RWD or AWD for myself.
Veloster N and I30N are just too expensive and if I recall correctly they don't even sell the i30N in North America? Plus again, they're FWD. I'm just not into that.
According to a lot of people I go the track with, the Veloster N is awesome though. I'd love to try one for a few laps!

So I got myself a 2013 BRZ for a price similar to an NC Miata, which is pretty much THE CAR that started my interest in cars in the first place. I'm not disappointed at all. Plus it has seats for my dog in the back lol
Nah no Miata for me.
I've got my small RWD cravings sorted.

Not gonna lie though, I did want to buy an NA or NB Miata at some point. Decided not to because of tired of dealing with rust buckets.

Quote by Xiaoxi
Buy some wheels / tires that will fill out the width of the fender / wheelwell. The NC looks good only once that's done.

That applies to pretty much every car.

Bicycle tires and sucked in wheels are a no no
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I've been saying that for years lol if i could find a clean example with a 6 spd, and it wasn't across the country, i'd buy it. That still has not happened, these things are rarer than a damn Enzo. Only a couple thousand ever made it to North America. you could, however, import one i suppose. they're fairly common in oz

And hey now, Peavey is at least a respectable brand with a good history

And a guy in the next village owns one... he 6mt swapped a regular GT too.

he said it isn't for sale... everyone has a price haha
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I really don't like how the Model 3 looks like a car that had its grille filled in, rather than a car that was designed without one.

I've always said Tesla should delete their grill.

The result is not what I meant or expected lol
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nope. still stock. maybe it just looks lowered next to that land yacht

i'm enjoying having the rav4. No worries whatsoever.

Makes sense hahaha
You lowered your M235i ?
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Real driving.

That's fkin sweet! 
All those ditching it for it's cute face are missing an awesome car.

So painfully underestimated.
They dominate street class in local autocross events... 3 MR-S podium at the end of the season at the CADL lol
Quote by JustRooster
Good_Lord how'd it go?

October 6th went very very well!
Finished 4th in ST class in my local club, STX class to be exact. I'm proud of myself! First full season of autocross and I'm getting those results!
4th in ST class in the local championship too!

Crashed it's ass yesterday haha The track was super slippery, super cold misty day and I was still over-confident from the previous day. Mostly cosmetic damage apart from the easily replaceable bumper rear bumper beam. I'll find myself a new trunk and bumper cover too.
The taillights aren't even damaged !

I'm still going to lap the shit out of it next saturday! I might unbolt the trunk since it doesn't close properly since the crash lol
Last autocrosses of the season the Weekend!

October 6, 6th and final event of the Delta championship. I'm running in the STX class, 4th position right now.
October 7th 2nd and final superslalom.

Both at Riverside Speedway, 10 minutes from my home!

Then a lapping day on October 13th.

This car is a can of worms, I've never thought I'd participate to so many motorsport events in a single season.

And I love it!
Wow incredible picture

You have time to sell a car, but no time to unscrew the plate and take a clean picture lol

Now I've got to figure out how to become rich somehow
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I'd buy a Fiesta ST even over a Focus ST.

But you've got an AWD Wagon, I'd wager a hot hatch is redundant. My money would say BRZ or ND Miata.

I might be a tad biased, but the BRZ really is a great car.
As long as you don't want/need a huge trunk and awd, you can't hate it.

fuel efficient
fun to drive
easy to park
practical for what it is
very reliable and easy to learn to drive on a track
cheap to put decent tires on it
GIGANTIC aftermarket and easy to work on
very comfy seats for long distances, as long as you're not Ben Swolo sized
swap it if the fa20 doesn't float your boat
Quote by ExDementia

Fuck, now I want one.

Buy one now before the hype train rushes by and everyone starts buying them just to sell a few months later for a profit.

They're fairly cheap and awesome to drive as you said, rode in one during the last autocross event I went to and I loved it.
Love those Mini's. Congratz !
Yes it's my car on the picture! I took the 17x8.5 Rays GL57 from my WRX. They fit perfectly on that car.. Wrapped them in 245-40R17Potenza re760's for now. The stockers are sold with my WRX.

I'm a clean run man, no cones were harmed! Seriously though, that was my first event, the car is basically stock and I already did better than 2 years in my modded WRX. That thing is brilliant haha

You have my vote for the Fiesta ST. Those cars are stupid fun and cheap to run. 
New car

I have nothing to say about it that wasn't said before.

Except, it's not as slow as people make it to be and it is better than a 2015+ WRX.
L/100km don't say shit about actual fuel automomy. Especially when city driving it's just plain stupid.
Mercedes Simplex master race
So yeah.
I got a new daily driver.

Pictures incoming when there's less crap on the roads and I keep my white white.

I'll be selling the old girl WRX soon! 
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Hunting for snow..

Man this car screams FUN
Quote by JustRooster
What are you looking at?

Audi S4 / Tacoma V6 4x4 manual / BRZ
Today marks the day I took two shits. Both of them were at work.

I've been seriously shopping for a new car lately, chances are I'm buying mid-March or early April.
Most pickup trucks today are also couches. Just get a truck and 2 sports cars.
Yes, do not lower it and install uber massive wheels with the wrong offset wrapped in skinny ass tires ''to fill the arches''.Murder out all the windows and the tail lights too.

Obligatory type R badge on the trunk too!
Damn timeless E39.

Is it driveable as is right now ? 
Congratz man!

Send pictures at once!