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It's not "just because". You skipped school and lied about the reason. Now you have to deal with the consequences.

pretty much this, skipping school seemed cool at the time yeah?
this will be your lesson in taking consequences.
i like the song, just the drums need work, the snare isn't punchy enough to drive the song and the kick drum is too weak. Try getting better samples try, prime loops. Mabye try linking two drum kicks to the same pad for a punchier kick. Other than i like it just needs a wider mix to get the top and low end more.
cos drinking and skipping school is cool (y)

grow up, drop the angst, get a job
a new nut is difficult to install yourself. It requires specialist files.
no- stop, use common sense...if it hurts dont do it
Because they are trapped, they belittle it all to the point were actually trying to enjoy it would undermine the last few years of their efforts.

Anyone who says "every song thats [genre] sucks" is naive or just plain ignorant.

Most say things like this just on some social principle that hey are not proper "rock/metal fans" if they listen to other things. Or that they must dress/act/listen to the "right" things to be accepted in their social circle.

Luckily most of these people, myself included reach 20/21 and grow up a little, and start being a little more open minded and individual, Best thing i did. Sadly some don't and loose out on thousands of great bands and songs due to a childish conception that they will be seen in a negative light for liking something that personal to them.
Pretty much everything technique wise you can transfer to just the power chords, sliding, vibrato, legato is all fair game just power chord fingering.

Song wise, pop punk/rock tends to be power chord heavy, i started out playing these as they are just plain fun to play.

The Offspring
Good Charlotte
Blink 182
Bowling for Soup
Green Day

Any song can be transcribed into power chords but you will loose some of the fullness of a full chord. But it may give some interesting takes on songs for covers.

Personally i find playing songs such as these is a lot of fun, and as your are limited it allows you to still enjoy playing what you love.
Any American theatre of battle over the last 150 years. Stay out of other countries business rather, if you DO intervene, try to at least not kill Allied or civilian targets too much.
search on youtube for guitar positioning, but to answer some things briefly.

Callasuses form over time, not how hard you fret, you need only fret as hard as is needed to let the note sound clearly.
The 2 main methods of holding the neck is the thumb in the middle, your knuckles curled and the tips of the fingers on the strings, the 2nd method is a more blues/rock of resting the thumb over the neck and playing at more of an angle.

Forearm should always be straight with the wrist to prevent injury.
Right hand and forearm is down to comfort, just play were if feels "right".
In terms with how hard to play, depends on the sounds your aiming for. Don't over do it, it should be smooth and the pick shouldn't snag on the strings. Id suggest its better to be too gentle than too rough.

Best advice, get your brother to show you, check out some youtube tutorials and if your serious, get a good reputable teacher.
Firstly the cost of the strings is irrelevant. Any strings will either cause or not cause fret buzz, from my experience with cheaper guitars, most fret buzz comes from a poor set-up but on occasion i've seen it due to poorly crafted necks, frets or nuts.

Without seeing pictures its hard to diagnose, but the strings shouldn't be too tight or too lose, as they are tuned to pitch, so the tightness of the strings at standard tuning will be the same for any guitar of the same scale.

I would suggest either enquiring if any friends/family/colleagues have experience with guitars and they might take a quick look over. A half decent set-up shouldn't take much longer than 20 minutes, and i feel that a professional would charge more than its worth.

Either way a 7yr old may lack the understanding to set-up a guitar themselves so learning the basics of tuning, changing strings and setting up simply things such as action and intonation (although a cheaper guitar will be difficult to achieve good intonation) yourself will prove invaluable and save money in the long run.
no offence but tis very "meh" nothing special over the majority of similar sounding songs hundreds of people produce, nothing memberable. Sure its a nice song but i dont remember any of it and its instantly forgettable.
Christina Scabbia - Lacuna Coil, Shania Twai ia a good a call, Taylor Momsen?
seether - broken
@star0blaster well done sir, you answered exactly what he told you he already the damn post.

The wait time shouldn't be too much of a problem, just be careful as you bring back up to pitch for any bad sounding creaks, same applies to truss adjustments. You may a problem with the nut slots being too wide, but other than that switching them as you take others off, as long as you reset up, shouldn't be a problem.
DONT learn one style, sure you want to play death metal or whatever, which is all well and good when you have a solid skillset and technique, which can only be fully developed using different styles and techniques, by all means practice some songs you like and want to play, but don't focus just on them.
Drugs are for image, a poor image at that. Let your actual talent work, not **** your brain.
the passage IS fully fingerpicked, if youve never fingerpicked before i suggest starting with just basic scales until your fingers are used to it before learning a fairly difficult passage for a novice. Walk before you run grasshopper.
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Hey iv been playing guitar for about 6 years now and only started playing metal and shredding about a year and a bit ago. I can play speed picking pretty good standard i can play trivium / avenged solos with a bit of practice.

My mate who also plays said i hold the pick wrong does this matter if it is comfortable to me and i am making progress? Iv heard of good players holding it weird and being insane.

I bend my thumb back instead of in a circle shape with my index finger. Hard to really explain in words.

Any thoughts or advice?


Synyster Gates, holds it similar to how your describing, as long as there is no strain or painful motions it makes no difference what so ever on ability. It will slightly affect tone and sounds, but EVERYONE plays different and holds it differently, there is no "right" way to hold a pic. Just do what you feel comfortable doing.
Firstly, you have a terrible attitude towards learning, it takes dedication and time to learn and these is NO fast easy way. If you want a quick way to learn, just stop now.

Secondly id suggest your guitar "teacher" is garbage, as the picture you posted shows strange finger placement, incorrect fretting technique, and a poor thumb placement, all of which a competent teacher can point out.

Either dedicate the time, effort and patience and get a good teacher, or self teach with a strong sense of self-evaluation, which considering your approach would not be ideal. Enjoy the learning process.

Don't try shortcuts or quick ways or whatever, learn it right first time.
i thought this was some asshole hating on a band for stupid reasons. I still do. But that said this band is nothing special, generic and not that musically talented, although if they are getting gigs and making a good run of it, fair play to them.
but palm muting doesn't put any strain or abrasiveness on that area of your hand, and even constant playing i don't see causing damage...Jim Root also straps his fingers up
You realise that EVERY website in the world takes information from you and sells it, trades it freely between each other. Thats how the internet works....its not a breach of privacy as you have not signed up to a contract saying they wont. Using a 3rd party ad blocker that restricts the advertisement is down to the discretion of the website owner. Its his discretion what filters and white lists they use to allow users on. Plus i dont get any videos or big ads, this might be due to your computer having spyware or virus's, more likely if your not computer savvy and your easily misled. I have a clean system and i get banners and occasion adds, nothing like what your describing.
to the guy saying meat is a poor source of protein, your wrong, it may not be the highest amount but the structure of the protein is one that our bodies most readily accept and breakdown the best. Unless you are VERY careful a no-meat diet can be harmfull long term, its very hard to keep muscle definition and you wont recover from excercise as fast, even with protein from other sources.
your over thinking it, the headphones will have different outputs levels, so your master volume just levels them out. retro has best advice, play for 5 min, see how your ears feel. Adjust accordingly.
This guy has a terrible attitude to a band, hung up on image, slating emo genre of music. Ill be blunt, your close minded and have no respect for anything outside your interest areas. Id be interested to here you play to see if your any good.
A band is a group, not you dictating the style, the sound and the genre, either make a good go of it and hire musicians, or piss about with your friends.
Metal players who hate emo and pop, are just as bad as rap or pop fans hating metal.
you have everything aimed into the middle, near yourself this will make balancing the mix a problem. You need to angel speakers to all face in a general direction so you all hear the same mix, then if you need to hear yourself invest in some monitors to aim back at the players. Keep the two guitar amps and bass amp spaced out where possible to let the sound diffuse before combining. It helps keep the tones separate. Best plan is just trial and error with speaker placement and monitors.
stop over thinking, get off your pc, go to music shop, try them out...
decide based in experiance, we can tell you get whatever, you buy it and you dont like it.
try before your buy > million reviews